EPT Monte Carlo: Fish goes for a swim

April 29, 2009


Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliot has been eliminated. Stuart Rutter and Phil Laak, who had been sitting either side of him, provided the details.

Having just lost a decent sized pot to Will Kassouf (who had successfully value-bet A-9 on a Q-9-6-5-5 board vs Ulliot’s 9-8) he then saw a three-way flop of 9♥8♥3♣ with Dag Palovic and Rory Matthews. It was checked to the latter who bet, Palovic raised and Ulliot pushed. Matthews moved out of the way and Palovic called with J♥10♥ against Ulliot’s dominating K♥Q♥. The turn was a brick 3♦ but the river was a J♣ to eliminate the former WPT winner.

Laak was soon involved in another big pot with Rory Matthews. Matthews had reraised pre-flop from the big blind against the button raise from ‘The Unabomber’ who just smooth called. Matthews checked the J♠8♠4♣ board but called a 4,000 bet before checking once more on the 2♣ turn. This time Laak was more serious, betting 10,000 and with a wry smile. Matthews folded this time.

“Give me €25 and I’ll show you my hand,” said Laak, raking in the pot.

“You’ll just show me and no-one else?” asked the Scot.

“No, I’ll have to show everyone.”

Despite this restriction, Matthews hastily took out the €25 from his wallet and passed it to Laak who flipped over Q♠Q♦ telling everyone, “You see, you all pay €10,600 to play in this tournament and I only pay €10,575!”

We’ll keep an eye out to see if Laak auctions off more of his cards…


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