EPT Monte Carlo: Fernandez on a high

April 30, 2009


Leo Fernandez is one of the newest members of Team PokerStars Pro and two levels in to day two has shown a remarkable sense of timing. The former semi-pro chess player is known to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie away from the tables and today he’s played in the same wa. Starting today Fernandez had just 4,000. His first hand was spent folding the big blind, leaving him 2,800. But then he took off on a double up spree to reach 72,000. It makes his last minute decision to jet in and play the Grand Final an inspired one.


Leo Fernandez

Sitting next to him is Lance Funston who a few moments ago signed up for what could have been the shortest massage in EPT history, getting into position for his shoulders to be bent in all sorts of directions just as he moved all-in for 50,000. He got some interest but eventually the potential challengers folded. Funston showed pocket kings. The massage goes on.


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