EPT Monte Carlo: Drip, dripping away

April 29, 2009

We’ve entered the final level of the day and the tournament information screen shows that 333 players remain. By the time I finish writing this sentence, I’m expecting it to be about 331, and by the end of the paragraph, it’ll probably be about 325.

Yes, it’s getting towards double up or go home time at the Grand Final with the latest to join the latter camp the Team PokerStars Pro Ylon Schwartz. No details are immediately forthcoming, but Schwartz’s debut in Monte Carlo is over.

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Ylon Schwartz

At the other end of the leaderboard, we have three monstrous stacks developing in front of France’s Steeve Berdah (160,000) and Alain Roy (170,000) and Canada’s Ami Barer (180,000 approx). Our French blogger Henri Frey went to find out some details about Berdah, and came back with the information that he’s “A really nice guy.” Sometimes that’s more interesting than bland details about home-town, age or poker history.

We know little more about Barer, apart from the fact that he eliminated Lex Veldhuis from this tournament. Barer had pocket aces, including the ace of diamonds, on a board containing four other diamonds. The nut flush, in other words. Veldhuis called all in on the river, then mucked his hand, presumably containing the king of diamonds.

As for Roy, he is better known. He won a million euros in a tournament a few miles from here, in Cannes in September last year. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of him on the EPT and he cashed for the first time in London. He’s angling for an even bigger score here.

And, at the end of all that, the number now says 322. The wise money is on about 310 by day’s end.


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