EPT Monte Carlo: Day 1B, level 9 updates (500-1,000, 100 ante)

April 27, 2010


11.35pm: Over
That’s that, day is done. Thiago Nishijima, with 264,200, is the leader of today and of both day ones in fact. The full official count will be available here soon and a wrap of the day’s events will be up soon too.

Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson exited in the last hand of the night. He pushed for less than 10,000 with king-nine and was looked up by an opponent with ace-ten. An ace on the turn ended it for him.

Dario Minieri also busted in a frantic last few hands. But there’s still a massive number of players left here. — HS

11.25pm: Clock stopped
The clock has stopped with 15 minutes of the last level still to play. They will play four more hands and then call it a night. — HS

11.20pm: Thew out as Coren doubles to 100k
It was a super cold deck. Alessandro Licci three-bet with A♦K♦ from the cut-off and was shoved on for 22,000 by Julian Thew. Vicky Coren in the big blind didn’t want to miss the party and put her 50,000 stack across the line as well. Licci called.

Licci: A♦K♦
Thew: Q♣Q♦
Coren: K♠K♣

What a cooler. The board ran out a blank 4♥6♠2♣2♥4♠ and Licci was left with 8,000 while Coren leapt past the 100,000 mark. — RD

11.12pm: Roberto meet Melanie, Melanie beat Roberto
Roberto Romanello has only recently moved table and has found himself on the right of John Tabatabai and two to the left of Melanie Weisner and Sami Kalopuro. The American raised from her button to 2,600 and was three-bet by Romanello to 8,700. Weisner requested a count and then laid out a four-bet of some 17,400. Romanello mucked his hand without much ado. — RD

11.10pm: Hachem and his Poker Star
Here’s Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem with Amanda de Cesare, winner of his Australian TV series The Poker Star…

11.05pm: Nasty stuff
Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari will not have happy memories from this particular trip to Monte Carlo. He has just been eliminated in very harsh circumstances. The details are a little vague but when Akkari got his chips he had a set of nines and was ahead. When the hand finished though his opponent had a set of queens and had re-taken the lead. However you want to dress it up it sounds pretty nasty. –MC

11pm: Dosh
Full details of the prize pool are on the way, but here’s a sneak peak. The winner will be getting €1,700,000 of a total pool of €8,480,000, which will pay 128 players. Yeah, I’d take it. — HS

11pm: Thorel Missy
Martin Vallo just took a pot from an all-firing Jean Noel Thorel who bet every street – on the flop 7♦Q♦6♣, the turn 7♣ and river A♦. Each time the bets had got bigger and each time Vallo had called. The result, K♣10♣ for Thorel but a winning Q♠K♦ for Vallo. — SB

10.55pm: Veldhuis doubles up
Lex Veldhuis has doubled up to 40,000. Not long ago the Team PokerStars Pro had just 8,000 chips to his name. — RD

10.50pm: Phillips taking some risks to stack up
Carter Phillips didn’t win EPT Barcelona by playing tight trappy poker and he’s got no intention of doing the same here. Starting the hand with 39,000 Phillips three-bet an early position raiser to 5,800 from the hijack. The ensuing all-in was quick and the fold from Carter was just as fast. Phillips has 33,000 left. — RD

10.40pm: One more time
The break is over and the 287 remaining players are back for the last level of the day. Blinds are now 500-1,000 with a 100 ante.

Several big stacks are now emerging throughout the room, including Thiago Decano from Brazil (184,000) and Mark Ioli (175,000). Those not returning after busting in the last level include Daniel Negreanu, Sandra Naujoks, Sebastian Ruthenberg and Viktor Blom. — SY


Viktor Blom

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of money left in wallets): Rick Dacey (€340 – and yet to buy the beer), Marc Convey (€50), Howard Swains (€25), Simon Young (€20), Stephen Bartley (€0 – owes everyone else money).


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