EPT Monte Carlo: Day 1B Coverage Index

March 09, 2006

Included here: All coverage from Day 1B, the $10,000 Sit and Go, and news about the likely Battleship tournament that will break out today

Day 2 is juat one and a half hours away from starting. It is shaping up to be a big day in Monte Carlo. Below you will find links to all the coverage from Day 1B.

Beginning Day 2 Chip Counts
Day 1A Coverage Index–All the coverage from Day 1A
Day 1B Begins–A photo gallery of notable players
Action in Action–Joe Hachem’s action table, a story of a true-to-life mugging, and PokerStars’ remianing Day1A qualifiers
Joe Hachem eliminated
EPT Monte Carlo Payouts
Thrills, Agony, and Numbers–An update on Kristian Ulriksen, Surinder Sunar, and Brian Wilson
Cast in the Mold of a Poker Player–What happened to Theo Jorgensen?
Table of Cannibals–Some stories on Greg Raymer, Lee Nelson, ElkY, and Dustin Dirksen
Late Night Brief
Breaking Side Game News

PokerStars Qualifiers left in the field

WILLIAMS, JEFF 52925 (Cash qualifier)
DIRKSEN, DUSTIN 49775 (Cash qualifier)
LOMAS, DANE 35925 (Cash Qualifier)
KARAM, MARC 34425 (Cash qualifier)
HART, DANIEL 33075 (Cash qualifier)
MERCIER, ISABELLE 32825 (Team PokerStars)
DAVEY, MATTHEW 32300 (FPP Qualifier)
ASHBY, RICHARD 32125 (Cash qualifier)
YOUNG, SIMON 30050 (Team PokerStars)
HAAKENSON, ERIK 29875 (FPP Qualifier)
CREASY, ARDEN 26950 (FPP qualifier)
ROPER, PAUL 24100 (Cash qualifier)
HOLLINK, ROB 23150 (FPP qualifier)
WITTENDORFF, KIM DARLING 23150 (Cash Qualifier)
GLOIER, MATTHEW 22475 (Cash Qualifier)
LANGE, KELLY 22325 (FPP Qualifier)
TORBEY, SAMI 22250 (FPP Qualifier)
SHTRAX, RICHARD 22125 (Cash qualifier)
MAZZA, BRUCE STANTON 21625 (Cash Qualifier)
PAGANO, LUCA 21325 (Team PokerStars)
GRISHCHUK, ALEXANDER 19750 (Cash qualifier)
NELSON, LEE 19425 (Team PokerStars)
ZATZEK, DEREK 18450 (Cash Qualifier)
KRETSCHMER, THOMAS 18250 (Cash qualifier)
KAKOUN, HAIM 17775 (Cash qualifier)
BUTAN, RADU 16625 (Cash qualifier)
MARTON, JENO 16175 (Cash qualifier)
SRIQUI, BENJAMIN 16100 (Cash qualifier)
DELANEY, PETER 14775 (Cash qualifier)
KANE, RICHARD 14525 (Cash qualifier)
PALMIERI, MICHEL 13000 (Cash Qualifier)
RAYMER, GREG 7325 (Team PokerStars)
HUSSAIN, ARSHAD 7000 (FPP qualifier)
MARTINSSON, TOMAS 6800 (Cash Qualifier)
NOWAK, ALEXANDRE 6500 (Cash qualifier)
HOLDEN, ANTHONY 5250 (Team PokerStars)
HROUDA-RASMUSSEN, CLAUS 3275 (Cash Qualifier)

Battleship anyone?

Registration is underway for the first-ever European Battleship tournament. We PokerStars folks are in the process of registering players for an event that should go off this afternoon. We’ll post more of the details on how you can watch a little later.

The Big Side Game Action

There has been a tremendous amount of interest in the $10,000 Sit and Go that stretched into the early morning hours. Here was my final dispatch of the morning.

Just before 4:30am, 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem got heads up with online stalwart MrSmokey1 in the richest Sit&Go in EPT history, a record $10,000 per player. In the the first of the two biggest hands of heads up play, MrSmokey1 got his money in with AT versus Hachem’s KQ. A queen on the river doubled Hachem up. Ultimately, MrSmokey1 picked the wrong time to make a move and pushed in his stack with 62o. Hachem looked down to see pocket aces. The bullets held up and Hachem took home the lion’s share of the money. While the exact financial terms are between the players, it appeared to be a 70/30 split, which is to say, neither man walked away without some thick wads in his pocket. As I type, they are all going out for breakfast together…Hachem is buying.

The $10K Sit and Go in its early stages. MySmokey1 is on the far left in the black NY Yankees cap and white shirt

Hachem sizes up his competition on his way to winning the first $10,000 Sit and Go of the EPT

As Noah Boeken walked out this morning, he looked at Joe and said, “We’ll play more tomorrow, yes?” Rumors abound about what may happen today. Tens of thousands of dollars were changing hands in the side games last night, most of it in the Chinese Poker game that reportedly kicked the stakes up to $4000 a point by the end of the night. Ram Vaswani is rumored to have benn the big winner of the night.


One hour remains until Day 2 starts up. Team Blog is caffeinating itself and preparing for another 14-hour run.


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