EPT Monte Carlo: Danzer rolls on

April 30, 2009

The PokerStars ShootingStar George Danzer is motoring along nicely with about 240,000 at the last break while being railed by Jan Heitmann. Heitmann said of his friend: “Of all the players who have consistently played the EPTs George has probably run among the worst. The only person who runs as bad is Johannes Steiner, have you heard of him?”

“No,” I replied.

“That’s because he runs that bad,” said Heitmann.

Danzer meanwhile spoke of a “gift” he received over the most recent level, raising to 5,000 with K♣K♦ and finding the big blind re-raising to 15,000. Danzer set his opponent in for about 60,000 who called off his stack with a dominated Q♥J♥. A flopped set for the German managed to fade a turned flush draw and increased his chip lead on the table.

_MG_5699_Neil Stoddart.jpg

George Danzer

With many of the ShootingStars still in the tournament, including Naujoks, Ruthenberg and Strassmann, one of them might just yet capture the biggest prize of all.


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