EPT Monte Carlo: ShootingStars on the rampage

April 30, 2009

My colleague, Chris Hall, had just written the post below about George Danzer flying up the leaderboard. But just before he hit publish, we got wind of another hand, featuring Danzer’s fellow ShootingStar, that simply had to take priority.

Here we go:

Johannes Strassmann has just won a monster pot, possibly putting him into the chip lead with 550,000. A player under the gun limped and to his left, Strassmann made it 10,500. It was folded to the big blind, who made it 31,200; both others called.

The flop came 4♣6♦3♥ and after the big blind checked, it got nasty. The under-the-gun player bet 30,000, Strassmann made it 120,000, the big blind folded and the under-the-gun player moved all in. Call. Of course.

Strassmann had 6-5 for top pair and open-ended straight draw. His opponent had pocket jacks. The seven on the turn was one of Strassmann’s outs and he shot into the chip lead.


And now back to Chris:

After a couple of hours solid grinding PokerStars ShootingStar George Danzer has managed to move into overdrive hitting with A-K against Asa Smith’s kings before having an even bigger hand shortly afterwards. Danzer fired out a pot bet on a A♥J♠K♠ flop which his opponent just called, on the 4♣ turn, Danzer set his opponent in and was instantly called, the German’s jaw dropped and said, “Wow,” flipping A♠J♣ yet expecting to be behind.

The other player carefully put his chips in the middle before finally turning over a dominating A♦K♣ and standing up. But the poker gods had other ideas about the hand and dealt out the J♦ on the river, at once Danzer jumped out of his chair in sheer shock of the outdraw given the pot was almost 200,000 at this point.

Afterwards, Danzer explained the hand had some history: “Earlier he called a big bet on the turn of a A-T-T-8 board with K-J and hit a gutshot on the river. I just bet pot on the flop and pot on the turn to set him in, there was little else I could do.”

As a result, Danzer now is on a chunky 350,000.


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