EPT Monte Carlo: Chow not downed

April 30, 2009

The PokerStars qualifier Stephen Chow is sitting on almost 300,000 now but had a spot of bother earlier. He was looking to push anyway and picked up A-T, but then thought the dealer had asked him to give back his cards because of a misdeal. He accidentally ended up showed the ace which meant he got dealt a new card and then got another ten for pocket tens instead. Improving his hand was a bonus but running into pocket jacks was not, and of course, the ace came down meaning if he’d kept his original cards he would’ve won.

Despite this setback, he has recovered well to put him as the chip leader on the table that also features John Shipley, Andreas Hoivold and Marcel Luske, two former EPT champions and the Flying Dutchman.

Luske was recently entertaining the table with an anecdote of how he asked for all mirrors in his hotel room to be removed other than one for shaving as Luske does not like to look at himself. Better than his singing?


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