EPT Monte Carlo: Champions fall

March 29, 2007

Within the span on 90 minutes–one level here at the European Poker Tour Grand Final–we lost both 2005 World Series of Poker champion Joe Hachem and 2006 EPT Grand Final champion Jeff Williams. Perhaps not surprisingly, both players had their aces cracked on their way to the door. As we wrote in a flash just a bit ago…

Joe Hachem has been eliminated from the EPT Grand Final. He raised to 300 pre-flop and was re-raised by Jonathan Little to 1000. Hachem called. The flop came out QsQc2c. Hachem bet out, was raised by Little, Hachem three-bet, Little pushed, and Hachem called. He quickly flipped up his aces. Little flipped up AQo. No miracle case ace on the turn and river and Hachem is gone.

Toward the end of Level 2, Jeff Williams had been chipped down to around 6,000 when he picked up pocket aces. A KT4 flop did him in against an opponent who held KT.

In the same level, Phil Ivey also fell victim to Patrick Antonius. Apparently Ivey had made two pair by the turn on a 3-5-6-T board with two diamonds. Ivey pushed in the rest of his 6,500 in chips. Antonius called with 7-9 of diamonds, hit his flush on the river, and sent Ivey packing.

All I can say is that I’m happy Isabelle has been running okay. Or, perhaps it better to say, it’s nice Isabelle’s aces haven’t been cracked.

Now, at the beginning of Level 3 (EPT Monte Carlo chip counts now updated), the room seems just as full as it did when we started.

There are a lot of fun tables here, but Shaniac and Keith “The Camel” Hawkins seem to be keeping most folks at their table pretty entertained. They’ve been quoting lines from The Simpsons for quite a while.

Isabelle Mercier laughs at Shaniac

Note: I’ve also lost a bet which requires the following words. There is an ongoing Battleship Poker game running in the media area of the Grand Final. Lee Jones and his staff are running it smoothly for all who want to play. Some clever folks in marketing thought it would be a fine idea for me to face of against uber-blogger Simon Young in a heads-up death match for all to see. It was quite a show. Lasting for a full 45 minutes, Young and I battled back and forth. There were times I had him more than 2-1. There were times when he had me more than 2-1. It was an epic match that forced Lee Jones to remark several times, “You guys are still playing?” Unlike many of the other matches going on here, this one involved no money. Only pride was on the line. Well, that and the loser had to blog about the game. I suspect, if you have followed it this far, it’s pretty clear who emerged with the victory. I’d like to say something ugly about Simon right now, but I can’t come up with anything clever that wouldn’t also make me sound like a sore loser. So, yeah, I lost. And Simon played well. And…yeah, I’m the big loser. Damn it, I would’ve rather lost 100 euros.

…EDIT from Simon Young: Erm, I’m sure we were playing for €100? Unlucky, old chap. ENDS EDIT…

Back to the floor. Carefully.


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