EPT Monte Carlo: Chain reaction

April 29, 2009

EPT“Accidents do happen” goes the saying, and one such occurred to Jan-Peter Jachtmann just now. He called Ilari Sahamies’ late position raise from the big blind before both players checked the A♥K♥2♥ flop. On the 6♠ turn, Jachtmann moved all-in, or rather set Sahamies all-in but when Sahamies heard he was clearly a little shocked and said quietly, “Oh.” However the dealer thought she heard, “Call,” and announced as such which immediately provoked a reaction for Jachtmann that the German did not want to be called.

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Ilari Sahamies

Both Will Fry and Benjamin Kang both said they definitely heard a noise but could not ascertain if it was a call or not. One of the tournament directors came over and of course, given Jachtmann’s reaction there was no way Sahamies was going to fold his hand now, and made the call with K♦J♦. A disgruntled Jachtmann was forced to flip 7♦7♣. The dealer dealt the 3♥ river and Sahamies doubled up to almost 40,000.

As Jachtmann muttered misgivings in German and stacked his remaining 20,000, Sahamies offered some consolation saying, “I probably would call you anyway.”

Other news is that the WSOPE champion, John Juanda is out of the tournament and will now have to brave the outside world in his swine flu mask.

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