EPT Monte Carlo: Cast in the mold of a poker player

March 09, 2006

Trying to talk to an American like me about football is likely to draw you into a conversation about the game-altering effects a quarterback vs. wide receiver pesonality clash. However, here in the empire of soccer (er…football), my ramblings don’t draw much interest.

Much more interesting, however, is the story of Theo Jorgensen, another of the great Danes. Fresh off a final table performance in Deauville, Jorgensen is here in his trademark brown knit cap. In fact, he’s sitting at the feature table as the action is called by none other than PokerStars Card Room Manager Lee Jones.

Theo Jorgensen

Lee Jones, calling the action at the featured table

Jorgensen fans, though, will notice that something is different about his play. He’s not shuffling his chips. He looks at his hole cards in a different way. Why? The picture might explain a little bit of it.

Theo Jorgensen is a broken man. Recently, Jorgensen got caught up in a game of indoor football (I can only assume he meant soccer…). As he was running, his hand got got in another player’s jersey. Snap, snap, his fingers didn’t feel right anymore. Now, Jorgensen is battling through this tougher-than-tough poker field with one major handicap–no chip shuffling.

Nonetheless, he is holding his own in this event (but with his right hand, as the left isn’t suited for holding anything).

Elsewhere in the room, 109 players remain with two and a half levels left to play before Day 1B finishes for the night. Noah Boeken has joined the list of notables who have left the tournament area. Kristian Ulriksen and Edgar “Ragde” Skjervold seem to be the top two chip-stackers at the moment.

Finally, here are a couple of pictures from the last trip around the room.

Vicky Coren

Andy Black


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