EPT Monte Carlo: Bye bye Barbosa

April 30, 2009


Most stories about Joao Barbosa feature a recap of the Portuguese’s seven cashes this season and of his EPT Warsaw title. Let’s skip that this time, for Barbosa won’t be making it eight. He’s out, and it looks like we might have a new chip leader…

Barbosa had been playing a lean stack for some time. At one point today he was up to more than 70,000, then slumped to 35,000 before rallying slightly to 52,000. Finding pocket deuces in the cut off Barbosa shoved.

Vadim Shlez was right next to him on the button. He paused, then asked for a count. Barbosa’s stack was spread out and counted as Shlez looked on. After another minute Shlez announced call, his hulk of a stack dwarfing that of Barbosa which was now laying exposed in the middle. It would look even worse when Shlez turned over A♦A♣.

Shlez hit a third ace on the flop and a fourth on the river, but by then his season was all over. Barbosa stood still for a second, looking back at the board before leaving. No number eight, but seven cashes in one season may take some beating.

That left Shlez adding even more to his stack, a Goliath that now measures more than 420,000. The New Yorker is the likely chip leader now but other names are emerging, including that of PokerStars qualifier Leonardo Patacconi, in pursuit with 320,000.


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