EPT Monte Carlo: Boom booms everywhere

April 29, 2009


The flop was already dealt when we caught up with a hand featuring Peter Hedlund. J♣9♠3♦. The small blind checked to Hedlund in the big blind who quickly made it 600 to go. A Frenchman going by the name of Conte called in seat nine and the small blind called for an 8♦ on the turn. Again the action was checked to Hedlund who made it 1,100. Conte called but the small blind stepped aside before the Q♠ river card.

Now Hedlund checked as Conte looked again. Satisfied Conte made it 4,000 to play, sending Hedlund into a spell of deep thought. “Queen-jack? Queen-nine?” Then no noise, just headphone unplugged. A few hand gestures followed, like he was giving directions to someone in the street, before WHAM, his hand came down onto the table a second before his cards hit the muck, then WHAM again. Peter Hedlund not happy.

Others are experiencing better fortune. Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso has doubled up. All in pre-flop holding pocket kings, Rousso was up against ace-ten before the flop. The board ran out 4-4-T-6-J.


Boris Becker

Before that Boris Becker moved in. Boom Boom pushed on a 6♦6♣6♥ flop and waited for the player in seat one to make up his mind whether or not to call. He didn’t. Becker turned over pocket kings and raked in the pot, up to 35,000.


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