EPT Monte Carlo: All the way from Evansville, Indiana…

April 28, 2009

EPTIn a room full of poker players, more than 400 at last count, it’s pretty easy to blend into quiet anonymity amid dozens of tables. But PokerStars SuperNova Elite Daniel Wallace from Evansville Indiana has a few stories of his own to bring him to the front of the crowd.

At the break Wallace is on 42,000 after a solid start. The first hand he showed down was a king-six, helping to create a loose image on a table that includes heavyweights such as Team PokerStars Pros Dennis Phillips and Alex Gomes as well as Andrew Chen.

But it’s an environment Wallace can handle well, having had a little experience playing in high pressure situations. You may have seen the video…

“I play 40 tables at the same time” said Wallace. “I trained myself to play that many tables to get the points and when I did some people heard about it and asked me to make a video.”

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Daniel Wallace

It’s not just bragging rights. The points he made playing on PokerStars helped Wallace out in other ways, like paying for his wedding and honeymoon when he married his wife Mary last year.

“The PokerStars concierge service paid for it all, and the honeymoon to Galapagos. It was great.”

That’s a lot of points, even for a “small” wedding for 70 guests in the house he grew up in, and what sounded like a pretty good pineapple upside down cake. His proud Dad Joe is travelling with him while Mary is at home looking after their baby daughter Sophie.

But now it’s back to the poker.

“It’s a really tough table” said Wallace. “There are two Team Pros and a guy on my left I’ve seen online. But I’m running pretty good.

That was then. Coming back from the break revealed a new arrival. As if the table wasn’t tough enough Patrick Antonius just took his seat, two hours late, on the immediate left of Wallace.

We’ll be keeping tabs.


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