EPT Monte Carlo: A breath of fresh air

April 30, 2009


Vicky Coren put up with her fair share of bad luck yesterday, spotted several times heading for the smoking area to inhale some relief and dull the pain of cracked aces. Today though the plan looks to be different. A change of frock, a change of scenery and a plastic nicotine inhaler can work wonders for the soul and already the Team PokerStars Pro is up on the 50,000 she started the day with.

Coren made it 8,000 from the cut off before Umberto Cianfanelli shoved all-in for 20,000. That might have left a tricky decision whether to call or fold, but the the 100K raise from Pier Paolo Fabretti in seat one left no doubt.

_MG_6387_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Vicky Coren

“That’s a raise” she said. “That’s definitely a raise. It’s either a great opportunity to get a lot of chips or to get knocked out.” she said, opting to play safe by folding her ace-king.

That, it turned out, was the hand Cianfanelli shoved with, getting called by Fabretti with pocket queens. That left just the make or break board to come. Cianfanelli hung on tight…


He’s not a young man but Cianfanelli let out a child-like noise of joy as the river card bailed him out. Pure relief for the Italian bu a fate not shared by some notable others…

Team PokerStars Pros Dario Minieri and Peter Eastgate for instance. Minieri was spotted first, carrying the poker paraphernalia of iPod and headphones with him from the tournament room. Eyewitnesses then saw Eastgate doing the same. Just 402 players remain.

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Peter Eastgate


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