EPT Monte Carlo: Christoph Vogelsang leads last six into €100K Super High Roller finale

April 27, 2018

A fast Day 2 in the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo©Casino EPT €100K Super High Roller saw the money bubble burst and the field chopped to just six players. Several enjoyed the chip lead today, but in the end everyone left trailed behind leader Christoph Vogelsang. Like his scarf.

Christoph Vogelsang, and all those chips he’s scarfed up so far

With two last-minute entries — Orpen Kisacikoglu joining for the first time, Daniel Dvoress for the fourth — the total turnout for this event became 46 entries (with 16 re-entries), making for a €4,462,920 prize pool with the top six finishing in the money and a €1,520,000 first prize.

There were 24 players still with a chance at being one of those six, with Mikita Badziakouski the start-of-day leader. But a swift series of knockouts early on (Kisacikoglu and Dvoress among them) chopped that field in half within the first four one-hour levels. Badziakouski continued to thrive, though as noted several took turns atop the counts before Vogelsang jumped ahead of everyone to be the first over 2 million.

That Vogelsang surge was helped in part by his knockout of Dominik Nitsche in 12th (jacks over sixes). Then Sam Greenwood felled Matthias Eibinger in 11th (queens over ace-queen), and a half-hour later Julian Thomas was out in 10th after running ace-ten into Ali Reza Fatehi’s pocket aces.

The final nine recombined with Vogelsang still ahead and Jan-Eric Schwippert and Greenwood his nearest competitors, with Isaac Haxton and Nick Petrangelo the short stacks. But both Haxton and Petrangelo soon doubled while Ali Reza Fatehi and Sam Greenwood each took turns in the top spot.

Suddenly a still-short Petrangelo was ousted by Haxton, then a not-so-short Badziakouski was knocked out by Vogelsang and the bubble had arrived with Vogelsang back in front. It took a little longer, but Jan-Eric Schwippert was the unfortunate last-to-bust shy of the cash after Ali Reza Fatehi took him out with a rivered flush (see the story — and everything else that happened today — just below).

With Vogelsang on top, here’s how the counts will look when play resumes tomorrow:

Name Country Chip Count BBs
Christoph Vogelsang Germany 3,020,000 121
Sam Greenwood Canada 2,065,000 83
Isaac Haxton USA 1,680,000 67
Ali Reza Fatehi Iran 1,840,000 74
Ole Schemion Germany 1,490,000 60
Justin Bonomo USA 1,405,000 56

The final day kicks off tomorrow at 12 noon, so join us back here then and we’ll find out together how that €4,462,920 will get divided and who among these left will be the next EPT Super High Roller champion. And don’t forget, the Main Event gets underway tomorrow at noon as well, and we’ll be here for that, too, from the very start.

Until then, bonsoir! –MH

• PLAYERS: 6 of 46 entries (incl. 16 re-entries)
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8:25pm: Schwippert slips on the bubble, final table set
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Jan-Eric Schwippert survived as long as he could, but Ali Reza Fatehi was one obstacle he couldn’t overcome.

Schwippert called from the small blind and Fatehi checked in the big, bringing the 10♠10♦9♥ flop. Schwippert let his shot clock run out before leading for 30,000 and Fatehi quickly called. Schwippert waited another 30 seconds after the 6♥ turn and then bet another 115,000, and Fatehi called quickly again.

Schwippert then bet 250,000 after the J♥ river, leaving himself just 50,000 behind, and this time Fatehi raised. Schwippert stared at the board and finally called off his final chips, but he mucked his hand when Fatehi turned over 4♥2♥ for the rivered baby flush.

With that, Day 2 is officially in the books. We’ll have a Day 2 recap with full counts for you momentarily. –JK

Schwippert struck down in seventh

8:10pm: Bonomo bumps a bit off Haxton
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

The bustout frenzy slowed down a bit, which isn’t surprising considering we’re on a €313,000 bubble.

Jan-Eric Schwippert is the short stack with 650,000 while Bonomo was second-shortest with 1.1 million. Bonomo has since relinquished that title after he won a bit off Isaac Haxton. Haxton raised to 55,000 from the button that hand and Bonomo called from the big blind.

Bonomo then check-called a bet of 35,000 on the 6♦K♠4♣ flop. Haxton upped the bet to 155,000 after the 7♦ came on the turn and Bonomo called again. An 8♦ completed the board and this time Bonomo came out firing, betting 400,000. Haxton folded and dipped to 1.68 million while Bonomo’s stack rose to 1.43 million. –AV

8pm: One more down, one more to go as Badziakouski busts
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Just after Nick Petrangelo’s bustout, we have another player down — and it was quite the hand, too.

On the very next hand, Christoph Vogelsang opened for 55,000 in the cutoff and the action folded to Mikita Badziakouski in the big blind. He thought for a brief moment and then announced himself all-in, and Vogelsang called even more quickly.

Vogelsang: A♣K♣
Badziakouski: A♥10♠

The board ran out 3♥3♣K♠10♦Q♥, kings topped tens, and Badziakouski was suddenly gone from the table before we could even get a count on his bet, though we know it was in the range of a bit more than a million.

With that pot Christoph Vogelsang leapfrogs the field into first place with an even 3 million chips. With seven left and six spots paying, they are officially on the money bubble! –JK

The end of the road for start-of-day leader Badziakouski

7:55pm: Haxton hacks Petrangelo, 8 left
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Action folded around to Isaac Haxton on the small blind and he went for the smooth-call. The only player left to act was the short stack, Nick Petrangelo, who was down to just 360,000. Petrangelo put it all-in and Haxton snap-called.

Haxton turned over 9♠9♥ while Petrangelo showed A♦2♥ and needed to improve to preserve his tournament life.

Petrangelo did hit an ace on the flop, but Haxton got a set on the 4♠9♣A♥10♣Q♥ board. Petrangelo hit the rail while Haxton chipped up to 1.8 million. –AV

Petrangelo sends chips over to Haxton

7:45pm: Greenwood go!
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

We’re back underway here at Salle Des Etoiles and Sam Greenwood is putting his chip lead to good use. He opened for 55,000 in the hijack moments ago and only Ole Schemion, in the big blind, made the call.

Schemion then check-called 105,000 on the 10♥8♠2♦ flop, but wouldn’t come along for another 160,000 after the 8♥ came on the turn. Greenwood is now at 2.19 million and climbing. –JK

7:40pm: Play resumes, 9 remain
Level 15 – Blinds 10,000/25,000 (BB ante 25,000)

Players are back from their 20-minute break. They return with Sam Greenwood still the chip leader. Take a look at the fresh chip counts below. –MH

Name Country Chip Count BBs
Sam Greenwood Canada 2,030,000 81
Christoph Vogelsang Germany 1,905,000 76
Ali Reza Fatehi Iran 1,780,000 71
Ole Schemion Germany 1,330,000 53
Isaac Haxton USA 1,265,000 51
Justin Bonomo USA 1,140,000 46
Mikita Badziakouski Belarus 1,115,000 45
Jan-Eric Schwippert Germany 650,000 26
Nick Petrangelo USA 385,000 15

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7:20pm: Break battle
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

In hand that extended well into the reduced dinner break (or extended snack break), Mikita Badziakouski raised to 50,000 from the cutoff.

“How much?” Jan-Eric Schwippert asked him from the big blind. Badziakouski said he had about 860,000 and Schwippert called. Badziakouski bet another 50,000 on the Q♦J♥K♥ flop and Schwippert called again.

The 7♦ on the turn then brought a 125,000 bet from Badziakouski. Schwippert called once more and the 2♥ completed the board. There was another check from Schwippert and Badziakouski used up a time bank card before betting 300,000. Schwippert was done calling, though, and let his hand go.

Badziakouski chipped up to 1.15 million while Schwippert went on break with 650,000. –AV

7:15pm: Jacks are good, Greenwood leads
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Mikita Badziakouski called in the small blind and Sam Greenwood checked to see a 3♠A♥7♣ flop. Badziakouski bet 20,000 there and another 60,000 on the 8♦ turn, both bets that Greenwood called. Both checked the A♦ river and Badziakouski showed down J♣J♦ — plenty good since Greenwood mucked.

Greenwood’s sitting on 2 million now and is now in first position in the counts, while Badziakouski is on 850,000. –JK

Sam I am (chip leader, that is)

7:05pm: Haxton takes time, then takes pot
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Isaac Haxton raised to 48,000 from under the gun and Ali Reza Fatehi was the only customer, calling from the button.

The flop came 7♥J♥10♣. Haxton checked, Fatehi bet 148,000, and Haxton called. A 9♥ came on the turn and Haxton checked again. This time Fatehi checked behind, then the Q♥ completed the board.

Haxton went for the old time bank check and then Fatehi quickly checked behind. Haxton turned over K♠J♠ for a straight and took down the pot. Haxton chipped up to 1.39 million while Fatehi dipped to 1.67 million. –AV

6:55pm: Birthday surprise for Platinum Pass winning Miguel Montoya
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

If you missed it, a Platinium Pass was won earlier today here in Monaco. In fact, the winner kinda sorta missed it himself.

Miguel Montoya of Chile showed up a little late for Day 2 of the EPT Monte Carlo National today, during which time a Platinum Pass was awarded to the winner of a sequence of “flip outs” among everyone still in the event. The hands dealt to Montoya’s seat won every time, earning him the PCA package worth $30,000.

But Montoya wasn’t physically here yet, which meant when he did enter, everyone in the tournament area knew he was the winner before he did. In other words, once he did arrive, it was kind of like a surprise party for Montoya — all the more uncanny since today is his birthday!

Watch the moment of realization unfold below, then click over to read Brad Willis’s account of Montoya’s wild, winning day. –MH

6:45pm: Petrangelo doubles through Schemion
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Old Schemion opened for 45,000 from UTG+1 and called after Nick Petrangelo moved in for a slight 159,000 in the hijack.

Petrangelo: 6♣6♥
Schemion: A♣8♣

The board fell 2♠10♦9♠5♥9♣ and the pair held up to double Petrangelo to 368,000. Schemion is still at 1.15 million. –JK

The all-in triangle appears, and Petrangelo survives

6:35pm: Haxton doubles through Vogelsang
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Isaac Haxton just made a call for his life against Christoph Vogelsang and came out the better for it.

Vogelsang limped in from the small blind and called when Haxton raised to 45,000 in the big, bringing us to the A♥7♥6♠ flop. Vogelsang check-raised Haxton’s 30,000-chip bet to 90,000 and Haxton called, and the 9♦ came on the turn. Vogelsang let the clock tick down almost all the way and then kept up the aggression with a bet of 155,000. Haxton called.

The river was the J♠. Vogelsang attacked one more time, betting enough to set Haxton in. Haxton considered his options and finally made the call for his last 288,000.

Vogelsang flipped over A♦Q♦, but he was outkicked by Haxton’s A♠K♥, and the latter won the pot.

Haxton is now up to 1.17 million, while Vogelsang slips to 1.68 million to make Ali Reza Fatehi the current chip leader among the final nine. –JK

6:25pm: Fatehi calls all-in to double on the river
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Ali Reza Fatehi just scored a huge double-up against Mikita Badziakouski.

Fatehi started the hand off with a raise to 36,000 from early position and Badziakouski three-bet to 115,000 from button. Fatehi called the reraise, and it looked like things would stay fairly tame after they both checked the 4♠10♥7♥ flop. But action started picking up on the 5♣ turn. Fatehi bet 111,000 and Badziakouski called.

A J♣ completed the board and really ratcheted things up. Fatehi bet 133,000 and Badziakouski moved all-in. Fatehi quickly called and showed A♦J♠ for a pair of jacks while Badziakouski showed ace-high with A♥K♣.

Fatehi doubled to 1.92 million while Badziakouski dipped to 765,000. –AV

Fatehi calls and collects a big one

6:20pm: Level up
Level 14 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (BB ante 20,000)

Bigger blinds now, and a bigger big blind ante, too, natch. A reminder — after this level they’ll be taking just a 20-minute break and not a full dinner break. The plan is to get down to six tonight. –MH

The price of poker going up

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6:15pm: Unsuited = unsuitable
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

After winning the previous pot against three opponents, Mikita Badziakouski opened the action with a raise to 33,000 under the gun. Everyone folded around to the big blind, where Nick Petrangelo jammed for 256,000.

Badziakouski took a few moments, saying, “If they’re suited, I call.” But they must not have been, as he didn’t, and Petrangelo won the pot. –JK

6:10pm: Chipping away at the leader
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

In one of the first hands at the final table, Justin Bonomo raised to 35,000 from the hijack and the table leader, Christoph Vogelsang, called from the big blind. Bonomo bet another 35,000 on the 8♥3♣Q♦ flop and Vogelsang called. Both players then checked the 5♦ on the turn and a 10♣ completed the board.

Vogelsang hit this street swinging and bet 115,000. Bonomo called with Q♠J♠ and took down the pot after Vogelsang showed K♦9♦.

Vogelsang is still in the lead with 2.24 million while Bonomo is closing in on 1 million. –AV

6pm: Final 9 redraw
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

We’re at our last table, but three more players need to be eliminated before it’s down to the money, the final six and the end of the day. Here’s how they stand at the moment.

Last table at the Super High Roller

1. Jan-Eric Schwippert – 1.93 million
2. Ali Reza Fatehi – 830,000
3. Ole Schemion – 1.55 million
4. Christoph Vogelsang – 2.42 million
5. Isaac Haxton – 575,000
6. Nick Petrangelo – 277,000
7. Mikita Badziakouski – 1.58 million
8. Sam Greenwood – 1.72 million
9. Justin Bonomo – 810,000

Christoph Vogelsang: Chip leader

We’ve also learned that they have decided to scrap the dinner break and take a 20-minute break at the end of Level 14 instead. That should get us pretty close to the money as it is.–MC

5:53pm: Thomas thwarted by Fatehi
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

We’re down to an unnofficial final table after a short-stacked Julian Thomas ran into Ali Reza Fatehi’s pocket aces.

Fatehi raised to 39,000 from the cutoff and Thomas moved all-in from the button. Fatehi snap-called and Thomas let out a laugh when Fatehi turned over A♠A♦. Thomas was drawing slim with A♣10♥ and couldn’t improve on the 3♠K♠7♦6♠5♠ board.

Julian Thomas: Just aces?

Thomas was out in 10th while Fatehi is closing in on 1 million. We’re now redrawing to a table of nine. –AV

5:50pm: Lucky river for Badziakouski?
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Jan-Eric Schwippert opted to limp on the button with no action in front of him, and that enticed Sam Greenwood to come along from the small blind. Mikita Badzikouski then ruined the limp party, raising it up to 80,000 from the big blind.

Schwippert chose to stick around though, while Greenwood made his excuses and left. Heads up to a flop, it fell 3♣2♦2♣ and Badziakouski continued for 65,000 when checked to. Call.

The turn was the 7♦ and Badziakouski waited for 30 seconds before he checked. Schwippert led for 175,000, and Badziakouski would match it.

They saw the J♣ complete the board and both checked pretty quickly. Badziakouski showed the A♥J♥ for a rivered top pair, and Schwippert mucked with a sigh.

“Looks like I didn’t have the best hand on the turn, huh?” said Badziakouski, as he stacked up 1.72 million.

We guess not. Schwippert is down to 1.1 million now. –JS

5:47pm: Two little ducks cost Fatehi
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Ali Reza Fatehi has fallen to 585,000 after pocket deuces fared badly against Ole Schemion’s pocket sevens.

Schemion opened from under the gun and was only called by his Iranian opponent in the small blind. The flop came 8♣8♦Q♣ and Schemion saw his 28,000 c-bet checked-raised to 77,000 by Fatehi. Call.

The turn was the 5♠ and Fatehi checked again but just called that time when faced with a 55,000 bet. The 9♥ completed the board and both players checked. Fatehi opened 2♥2♠ sending the pot to Schemion after he tabled his 7♦7♣. –MC

5:45pm: Schwippert swipes some off Bonomo
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Justin Bonomo has slipped below 1 million and Jan-Eric Schwippert is now up to 1.5 million.

It was a battle of the blinds, with Bonomo kicking things off with a raise to 70,000 from the small blind. Schwippert called from the big and the blinds went to a Q♦7♦9♣ flop. They both checked that, but then Schwippert bet 110,000 after the 7♣ came on the turn. A 4♥ completed the board and Schwippert fired again, this time for 275,000.

Bonomo thought for a while, called and then mucked after Schwippert showed K♦Q♣. Bonomo dipped to 940,000 while Schwippert rose to 1.5 million. –AV

5:35pm: Tense times on Table 2
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

We’re on down to just 10 players spread across two tables, and two of the shortest remaining stacks — those belonging to Nick Petrangelo and Julian Thomas — are on Table 2. That’s leading to a lot of small wins and very few community cards. Four hands in a row just now were taken down without a fight before the flop. The only one that got that far was checked through the A♠J♣8♠ flop and taken down by Christoph Vogelsang with a minimum bet after the 8♥ turn when Petrangelo, holding just 280,000 chips behind, declined to go any further. –JK

5:30pm: Bonomo over Haxton
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Justin Bonomo opened from 36,000 from under the gun and got one caller in Isaac Haxton playing from the big blind. The flop came 9♠6♦10♣, and Haxton check-called Bonomo’s continuation bet of 60,000. Both players then checked the 5♦ turn.

The river was the A♠. Haxton, wearing a t-shirt with a stop watch on the front, took his time, in fact using up a time bank card before finally deciding to bet 36,000. Bonomo took about 15 seconds himself, then set out a raise to 200,000. Haxton nodded at the sight of the raise, and decided it was time to get out and folded his hand.

Bonomo is up to 1.38 million now, a little better than twice Haxton’s 655,000. –MH

5:25pm: The rich get richer
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Christoph Vogelsang has added even more to his stack, moving up to 2.27 million after getting river value with an under-repped hand.

He opened to 35,000 from the cutoff and was only called by Ali Reza Fatehi in the small blind. It looked as if the action was done as they checked all the way down the 4♥7♠9♥10♣2♣ board until the river where Vogelsang bombed for 90,000.

Fatehi check-called and shook his head while mucking when Vogelsang opened Q♠9♦. Fatehi dropped to 830,000. –MC

5:20pm: Eibinger eliminated
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Another one bites the dust.

It was a short return from the break for Matthias Eibinger. Action had folded to him on the button and he made it 35,000 to go. Over to Sam Greenwood in the big blind, he three-bet it up to 135,000, before Eibinger shoved. Greenwood snap-called.

Eibinger – A♦Q♠
Greenwood – Q♣Q♦

Matthias Eibinger: All in

Eibinger would need an ace, but the 4♣J♠6♦5♦J♣ board was pure for Greenwood. The stacks were pretty close but Greenwood had Eibinger’s 800,000 covered for the KO.

…and all out

He’s up to 1.72 million now. –JS

5:18pm: Haxton siphons some with big slick
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

Isaac Haxton started the level off by winning a small pot off Justin Bonomo.

Haxton raised to 38,000 from the cutoff shortly after the level started and Bonomo, who was sitting to his left, peered over at Haxton’s stack.

“About 650,” Haxton said when asked for a count. But Bonomo just called and the blinds released. The flop came K♥4♣J♥ and Haxton bet 29,000. Bonomo called and a 3♥ came on the turn. Both players checked and a 7♣ completed the board.

Haxton put out another bet, this one worth 52,000, and Bonomo called. Haxton turned over A♠K♠ and took down the pot after Bonomo mucked. The pot bumped Haxton up to 770,000 while Bonomo is still above average with 1.25 million. –AV

5:15pm: Nitsche exits after clash with leader Vogelsang
Level 13 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (BB ante 16,000)

In the first hand back from the break, it folded around to chip leader Christoph Vogelsang on the button who raised to 32,000. Dominik Nitsche — 11th of 12 in the counts with 338,000 to begin the level — was next to act in the small blind and he announced he was reraising all in. The action returned to Vogelsang who called right away.

“Pair,” said Nitsche as he tabled his 6♣6♥. Then he saw Vogelsang’s J♦J♥.

“Better pair,” said Nitsche, earning a few chuckles.

Dominik Nitsche: Pair no good

The flop came 9♥10♣8♥, earning Nitsche a gutshot draw as well. But the 3♠ turn and 2♥ river were of no use to him and he was eliminated.

That boosts Vogelsang up to about 2.15 million, helping him extend his lead. — MH

5:10pm: Back at it
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

The 12 players have returned and they’ll now play two more levels before a 75-minute dinner break. — HS

4:56pm: Haxton tested into the break
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

As the break clock ticked down, Isaac Haxton and Matthias Eibinger were still battling away in a healthy pot.

Haxton opened to 26,000 on the button before being three-bet to 132,000 by Eibinger in the big blind. Haxton made the call to see a 4♠7♥8♣ flop, but Eibinger opted not to c-bet and both checked.

They also both checked the 10♠ turn, taking them to the Q♣ river. After a full 30 seconds, Eibinger now led for 140,000. This put Haxton in a pickle, as he clearly had a tough decision. He used two time bank cards, and his decision was ultimately to fold.

Ike Haxton in a pickle

Players are now on break, with full chip counts coming. –JS

4:54pm: A bit for Schemion before break
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Ole Schemion picked up a chunk off Dominik Nitsche just before break.

Julian Thomas started that hand off with a raise to 25,000 from the cufoff and Schemion called from the button. Nitsche did the same from the big blind and the flop came 3♠7♣6♠. Nitsche bet 40,000 when checked to, Thomas let it go and Schemion raised to 115,000. Nitsche called anda Q♥ came on the turn.

Schemion bet 125,000 when checked to and Nitsche called, bringing a 2♣ on the river. Nitsche checked again and Schemion bet 650,000. The tournament clock ticked into the break and Nitsche’s action clock started ticking down.

Nitsche folded and went to the break with 338,000 while Schemion chipped up to 1.49 million. — AV

4:53pm: Wise check back from Thomas
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Christoph Vogelsang and Julian Thomas burst out laughing on showdown after the latter wisely checked back on the river.

Thomas had opened to 28,000 off the button and Vogelsang defended his big blind before check-calling a 35,000 c-bet on the 5♥J♥7♠ flop. The 3♠ turn and 8♣ river were checked through.

Vogelsang was obviously hoping his opponent would bet the river as he opened 10♠9♠ for a rivered straight, but Thomas had showdown value by the that point with his A♣8♥.

Thomas dropped to 220,000 and Vogelsang rose to the dizzying heights of 1.7 million–MC

4:51pm: Haxton stackin’
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Isaac Haxton has been on the short side for a bit but he just picked up a few chips before the end of the level.

Jan-Eric Schwippert opened the action for 27,000 in the hijack and called after Haxton re-raised to 100,000 from the small blind. Both players checked the 6♥10♠7♦ flop and Haxton checked again on the 9♣ turn, prompting a bet of 65,000 from Schwippert.

Haxton took most of his shot clock before making the call. Both men then checked the 7♣ turn and Schwippert mucked when Haxton showed A♠K♦ for the best kicker to the pair of sevens on the board.

Haxton is back to 770,000 now, Schwippert at 1.26 million. –JK

4:50pm: More for Nitsche, Thomas short
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Things have quieted a bit at Dominik Nitsche’s table after he earned that double-up just now through Nick Petrangelo. Nitsche has added a few more, though, in a small one versus Julian Thomas.

After Nitsche raised to 27,000 from the cutoff, Thomas called from the big blind and the two Germans saw a flop come a coordinated 7♥6♣8♣. Thomas check-called Nitsche’s continuation bet of 30,000, but after the J♥ turn Thomas check-folded when Nitsche fired again for 70,000.

Julian Thomas: Short stack

Nitsche chips up to 610,000, while Thomas is now the shortest of the 12 players with just 335,000 (just a bit below Petrangelo). –MH

4:45pm: Petrangelo doubles Nitsche
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Dominik Nitsche has stopped the recent rot with a blind battle double up through Nick Petrangelo.

Nitsche bet 20,000 on a 3♣J♣5♦ flop, 80,000 on the A♦ turn and moved all-in for 152,000 on the 3♠ river. Petrangelo snapped him off on the river and Nitsche feared the worst when he tabled A♠Q♠.

Hit for Nick Petrangelo

But all was good for him as Petrangelo held A♣8♣ and dropped to 355,000. Nitsche is up to 535,000. –MC

4:40pm: Like dull scissors through sheet metal
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

“It’s not so easy to get one through with you,” Ole Schemion said to Ali Reza Fatehi.

There’d been a few pots settled without a showdown and then Schemion finally got a pot of his own. Schemion had just won a small, but hard-fought pot off of Fatehi. Fatehi raised to 27,000 from the button and Schemion called from the big blind. The flop came 6♥Q♦4♠ and Schemion checked. Fatehi bet 38,000 and then Schemion responded with a raise to 105,000.

Fatehi folded though and Schemion got his pot.

“A hot knife through butter, that’s Ole,” Julian Thomas added after Schemion mentioned how hard the table’s been. “But this table…this table isn’t.”

Chances are you’ll never get an easy table draw in a Super High Roller, but when you have Ole Schemion and Julian Thomas talking about how tough the table is, you know things are rough.

Instead of a hot knife through butter, winning this tournament will be like cutting through yards of sheet metal with dull scissors. –AV

4:35pm: Another two in a row for Bonomo
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Justin Bonomo’s stack has surged after these last two pots. First Sam Greenwood opened to 30,000 from the hijack, which Bonomo then three-bet to 125,000 out of the small blind. Greenwood called to see the 2♦J♦7♦ flop, but folded to a 75,000 c-bet.

Bonomo was back in action the next hand, raising the button to 28,000. Jan-Eric Schwippert defended his big blind, and then check-called a 25,000 c-bet on the J♠2♦A♥ flop.

Justin Bonomo: Two in a row

It was the 3♠ turn where things got interesting. You might not think it would be an action card, but now when Schwippert checked Bonomo went for 150,000, a big overbet to the pot. Schwippert called though.

The 8♠ river landed and it checked to Bonomo a final time. He used up a time bank before continuing for 200,000, and now it was Schwippert’s turn to think. He peeked back at his cards, and we saw his first 30 seconds tick away.

With a time bank card now in front of him, he took another 15 seconds before having a second peek at his holding. Another 13 seconds passed, and with two left on the clock he slid his cards into the muck.

Schwippert’s stack slides down to a still very healthy 1.41 million, while Bonomo is up to roughly 1.3 million. –JS

4:30pm: Pickin’ on Mik
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Mikita Badziakouski just had a rough couple of hands to drop a quarter of his stack without ever seeing a card.

On the first, the action folded to the small blind, where Sam Greenwood limped in. Badziakouski raised to 50,000 in the big blind but quickly folded when Greenwood came back in for a re-raise to 175,000.

On the next hand Justin Bonomo opened the betting for 27,000 under the gun. Matthias Eibinger called in the hijack, as did Jan-Eric Schwippert in the cutoff, before Badziakouski bumped the bet to 185,000 in the small blind. Bonomo used about half his shot clock before announcing himself all-in for 716,000 chips total. That cleared out the mid-posiiton callers and left Badziakouski with a tough decision. He didn’t look happy about it, but he finally folded as his shot clock ran out.

Badziakouski drops to 1.16 million with those losses, while Bonomo climbs to 950,000. –JK

4:25pm: More for Schwippert
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Justin Bonomo opened the button to 28,000 and got one caller in Jan-Eric Schwippert in the big blind. The flop came Q♠K♣3♥ and it checked to Bonomo, who opted to continue for 60,000 into the 74,000 pot. The large sizing didn’t deter Schwippert from calling though.

The turn came the K♦ and now both checked through to the 2♠ river. No more chips went into the pot, and Schwippert tabled the Q♦6♦ for second pair (to go with the kings on board) and the win, as Bonomo mucked.

Schwippert is up to 1.62 million now, while Bonomo sits with 700,000. –JS

4:22pm: Nitsche lets one go to Petrangelo
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

After a barn-storming first couple of levels, Dominik Nitsche has been fighting against a slide. He folded to Nick Petrangelo shove just now to drop to 315,000.

The action was three-way to an 8♣9♦6♦ flop and Nitsche led out for 40,000 from the big blind and called after Petrangelo raised to 96,000 from under the gun. Ali Reza Fatehi was the third player in the hand and folded.

Dominik Nitsche: Low point

The turn was the 4♥ and Nitsche checked to face an all-in worth 262,000 from Petrangelo. Nitsche folded. Petrangelo up to 550,000. –MC

4:20pm: Ike hits the like button
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Sam Greenwood raised from the hijack seat to 30,000 and got two callers — Isaac Haxton (button) and Matthias Eibinger (big blind). Following the K♥5♦8♠ flop it checked around to Haxton who bet 32,000, then Eibinger check-raised to 88,000 which cleared Greenwood. Haxton called, though, and the pair watched the K♠ turn pair the board.

Eibinger checked, then Haxton (uncharacteristically) took some time before acting. Finally he decided he liked the situation well enough to push out a bet of 71,000, and without hesitation, Eibinger slid his cards away.

Haxton has about 610,000 now, Eibinger 725,000. –MH

4:15pm: Vogelsang vs. Fatehi
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Christoph Vogelsang and Ali Reza Fatehi, both well-stacked, are running into each other with increasing frequency.

Fatehi opened for 28,000 from the cutoff on one hand and Vogelsang called in the big blind. Vogelsang check-folded to a smallish bet on the 9♣8♣3♣ flop — not particularly itneresting, but a setup for the next hand when Fatehi raised again, this time to 27,000 in the hijack. Vogelsang called, this time in the small blind, and Dominik Nitsche came along as well in the big blind.

Both blinds checked the A♣9♦6♣ flop, prompting a bet of 53,000 by Fatehi. Only Vogelsang came along for the 2♣ turn, which both players checked. The river was the 9♥ and this time Vogelsang led for 163,000. Fatehi thought for about 10 seconds before making the call, but he mucked when Vogelsang flipped over J♣10♣ for the turned flush.

Vogelsang is riding high at 1.9 million, while Fatehi is still in the mix with 1.2 million. –JK

4:10pm: Adams flushed out on the river
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Timothy Adams is out of the running.

Adams raised to 27,000 from the cutoff on his last hand and Greenwood three-bet to 75,000 from the button. Action folded back around to Adams and he called. The flop came down K♦4♠9♦ Greenwood bet 40,000 when checked to. Adams raised to 155,000 and Greenwood used up a time bank card before moving all-in. Adams quickly called and showed K♠10♠ for top pair while Greenwood showed a flush draw with 10♦8♦.

Timothy Adams: Hit the road

A 6♣ on the turn kept Adams in the lead, but then a Q♦ landed on the river to give Greenwood the flush. Adams hit the rail while Greenwood rose to about 1.1 million. –AV

4:05pm: Fatehi’s on a roll
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Make that two consecutive pots for Ali Reza Fatehi.

First he made it 29,000 to go from the small blind with no action in front of him, and Julian Thomas defended the big. After the 6♣K♥Q♦ flop was dealt, both tapped the table to see the 10♠ turn. Fatehi made a delayed c-bet for 53,000, and that took it down.

In the next hand it folded to Fatehi again. He made it 28,000 on the button and Ole Schemion came along from the big blind to see thw 7♣8♥J♠ flop. It checked to the 10♠ turn, putting four to a straight on board. Schemion now led out for 27,000, and Fatehi went nowhere.

The 7♥ river paired the board. Schemion fired again, this time with a large sizing of 100,000. Fatehi called quickly, and Schemion flashed what looked like the 3♦4♠ as he mucked. Fatehi had the Q♥10♥, and his pair of tens to go with the on-board sevens was the winner.

He’s up to 1.4 million now, while Schemion dips to 1.05 million. –JS

4pm: Check-raise works for Adams
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Picking up things on a 6♦J♣2♦ flop, Timothy Adams checked from the big blind and watched Mikita Badziakouski make a bet of 22,000 from early position. That’s when Adams woke up to check-raise to 64,000, and after a short pause Badziakouski called.

Timothy Adams: Check-raiser

The turn brought the 5♥, and this time Adams led for 113,000. Badziakouski rechecked his cards, indulging in a last moment with them before the inevitable, then did what he had to do and let them go.

Badziakouski still has 1.56 million chips to keep him company, while Adams chips up a little to 525,000. –MH

3:55pm: Blinds up
Level 12 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (BB ante 12,000)

Blinds are up. We’re into Level 12.

3:51pm: Blind-versus-blind party
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

There’s not been much action from the players in position on Table 1, but that doesn’t mean the players in the blinds aren’t taking a few swings, particularly Matthias Eibinger.

Eibinger checked in the big blind on the first hand after Justin Bonomo limped in from the small blind. The flop was 5♦7♥4♠ and Eibinger called Bonomo’s 10,000-chip bet, bringing the 7♣ on the turn. This time Bonomo check-called 25,000 from Eibinger. Both players checked the 2♠ river and Eibinger won with 4♣3♦ for a pair of fours.

On the next hand Eibinger was the one to limp from the small blind. Jan-Eric Schwippert was having none of that and raised to 36,000 in the big blind, a bet Eibinger called to see a J♣J♦10♣ flop. Eibinger check-called 27,000 there and, after using his full shot clock, another 80,000 on the 6♥ turn. Both players checked the K♥ river and Schwippert rolled over Q♦Q♠. Eibinger flashed the A♣ as he folded.

Schwippert is now up to 1.2 million, Eibinger down to 810,000. –JK

3:50pm: Vogelsang fills up
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Christoph Vogelsang filled up and took a big chunk out of Dominik Nitsche.

Vogelsang raised to 23,000 from the cutoff that hand and Nitsche called from the button. Ali Reza Fatehi went along from the big blind and the three players saw the following three cards: J♦Q♥4♥. Vogelsang bet 35,000 and only Nitsche paid to see the turn. Nitsche then called an 80,000 bet after the 9♣ came on the turn and a 4♣ completed the board. Vogelsang bet 425,000 and Nitsche used a pair of time bank cards while making his decision.

Christoph Vogelsang: Chip lead

Nitsche finally threw in a single chip for a call and mucked after Vogelsang tabled Q♠4♠ for a full house. The hand left Nitsche with 470,000 while Vogelsang jumped into the lead with 1.6 million. –AV

3:45pm: Three in a row for Bonomo
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Justin Bonomo is pushing the action currently at his table. He just opened three straight hands with raises, and each of the three ended with small pots being swept his way.

In the first he was in the cutoff, raising to 23,000 and winning the blinds and antes. He chose that same bet size to open the next one from the hijack, and this time Sam Greenwood called him from the big blind. The flop fell A♠J♦K♥, when checked to Bonomo bet 45,000, and Greenwood got out.

Justin Bonomo: Three for him

On the third hand Bonomo made it 23,000 from middle position and got one customer in Mikita Badziakouski in the big blind. But a K♦2♦2♣ flop wasn’t too interesting to Badziakouski who checked and then folded to Bonomo’s bet of 20,000.

Put Bonomo on about 975,000 now. –MH

3:40pm: Four-betting Badziakouski
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Well, that escalated quickly.

Mikita Badziakouski had opened from the hijack (he had a 25,000 chip in front of him, but it might not necessarily have been a 25,000 bet. We didn’t find out the exact amount, because of what happened next.)

It then folded to Matthias Eibinger in the small blind, and he three-bet it to 110,000. Back to Badziakouski, he wasn’t done yet. He came in with a four-bet to 270,000, and Eibinger made the call.

The flop fell 7♥8♠5♠ and Eibinger checked. Badziakouski announced a bet, but we never saw how much it was for and Eibinger quickly folded.

Mikita Badziakouski: In four-betting mood

Badziakouski now sits with 1.585 million, while Eibinger drops to 850,000. –JS

3:35pm: Kicker battle
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Dominik Nitsche raised to 22,000 under the gun and Christoph Vogelsang was the lone caller in the big blind. Vogelsang checked the 8♠6♠K♣ flop, then called Nitsche’s 25,000-chip bet to take us to the K♦ turn.

Vogelsang used about half his shot clock before checking again. This time Nitsche bet 65,000 and Vogelsang called one more time. Then they both checked the 10♣ river quickly and showed down the same two pair, A♣8♣ for Nitsche and the outkicked 8♦5♥ for Vogelsang.

Christoph Vogelsang: Outkicked

That shift in stacks brings the two players closer together – Vogelsang still has about 950,000, Nitsche about 850,000. –JK

3:30pm: Haxton gives up on the turn
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

It’s been an up and down day for Isaac Haxton. He’s lost a bunch, won a bunch and just lost a little one.

Timothy Adams opened to 22,000 from the cutoff and was called by Haxton in the big blind. The flop spread 7♠Q♠A♣ and Haxton check-called 45,000. Adams bet the K♥ turn for 90,000 and that was enough to scare off his opponent and he rose to 395,000.

Isaac Haxton: Up and down day

Haxton is down to 620,000.–MC

3:25pm: Sontheimer free to enjoy the sunshine
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Steffen Sontheimer is out, losing the last of his chips to Christoph Vogelsang in what was close to being a three-way German orgy. They ended up keeping it just between the two of them after Julian Thomas, who opened the pot, folded.

Thomas made it 20,000 and Vogelsang called two seats along. Sontheimer then moved all-in for 127,000 and after a moment’s pause, Thomas folded.

Vogelsang now went into the tank and Sontheimer began a monologue. “That bad, huh?” Sontheimer said as Vogelsang thought. “I hope I’m not giving too much away with my body language,” Sontheimer continued. “Because it’s really nice weather out there and I may want to go outside.”

Steffen Sontheimer: Busto

Vogelsang called and showed K♥10♥, which was behind Sontheimer’s A♦J♦. But the dealer put the 9♥3♣7♠K♠7♣ board out there and that was the end of that.

“Enjoy the sunshine,” Ole Schemion dead-panned.

Sontheimer leaves in 14th. — HS

3:20pm: Schwippert and Badziakouski tangle
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Two of the bigger stacks in the tournament, belonging to Mikita Badziakouski and Jan-Eric Schwippert, just collided in a pot.

The smaller stack of Sam Greenwood got things going though, with an under-the-gun open to 24,000. Badziakouski came along from the hijack, and Schwippert defended his big blind. The dealer then spread a 6♣4♦8♣ flop, and it checked to Badziakouski. He took control with a 32,000 lead, but Schwippert had a plan.

He check-raised to 118,000, which was enough to move Greenwood out the pot. Badziakouski would make the call though, taking them to a turn card: 7♦. Both checked.

The 3♦ landed on fifth street and Schwippert took his time. After 30 seconds went by (costing him a time bank card) he let another ten or so count down before placing out a bet of 180,000. Badziakouski didn’t take too long before folding.

Jan-Eric Schwippert: Big stack

Schwippert now overtakes Badziakouski in the counts, as well as everyone else for that matter, with 1.55 million to 1.3 million respectively. –JS

3:05pm: Fatehi back in business
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

There’s a new name has crept up to today’s chip lead, and it’s one that spent much of yesterday in that position. Ali Reza Fatehi has well and truly recovered from the aces vs. kings skirmish that cut him down to size and now sits with about 1.5 million. The seat next to him, formerly occupied by his countryman Behzad Ahadpour, is empty.

Ali Reza Fatehi: Building back

Before we get to Ahadpour’s last hand, Fatehi featured in another interesting pot. In that, Dominik Nitsche opened to 22,000 from under the gun, Fatehi three-bet to 57,000 and then Ole Schemion four-bet the button to 140,000.

Nitsche folded, but Fatehi moved all-in for around 900,000. Schemion folded. “Bluffy, bluffy, Ole?” the table said. Fatehi said that he had jacks.

On the very next hand, Fatehi opened. He put 22,000 over the line. Ahadpour quickly said that he was all-in and action folded back to Fatehi. He asked for a count and, learning that it was 402,000, Fatehi called.

It was bleak for Ahadpour, as he had 8♦8♥ to Fatehi’s 9♣9♥. The dealer gave him a large dose of hope when the flop fell 7♣6♠8♠, but it was snuffed out by the 5♥ turn. The 4♥ river didn’t help him.

“Wow,” Ahadpour said. “Bye guys.”

Behzad Ahadpour: Busts

Fatehi is now back with a massive stack. — HS

3pm: No friends on the felt
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Ali Reza Fatehi and Behzad Ahadpour are two Iranian businessmen who travel together to play these Super High Rollers. Unsurprisingly, they’re also pretty good friends. However, when the hands dictate it, the friendship goes on pause.

Fatehi had opened the cutoff to 23,000, only for Ahadpour to three-bet it to 50,000 on the button. Back to Fatehi, he’d come along to see a 3♣10♦Q♠ flop, on which Ahadpour continued for 40,000 when checked to. Call.

That took them to the 8♦ turn, but there was no more betting on this street. The 6♣ river completed things and now Fatehi saw an opening. He led out for 55,000, and that bet forced his friend to fold.

With that, Ahadpour is down to 392,000, while Fatehi is up to 760,000. –JS

2:55pm: Back in the room
Level 11 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (BB ante 10,000)

Off they go again into Level 11. They’re pretty close at the top, with Ole Schemion having a marginal lead over Mikita Badziakouski.

Ole Schemion: The 2016 winner ahead again

2:40pm: Level over
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

That’s the end of Level 10 and they’re taking the first 15-minute break of the day. We’ll have full counts for the 15 remaining players momentarily. — HS

2:35pm: Greenwood refuses to be bullied
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Matthias Eibinger is wielding the biggest stack on Table 1, but Sam Greenwood isn’t scared. In a recent pot, Greenwood opened from early position and watched Ike Haxton call in the cutoff. Eibinger then squeezed to 100,000 from the big blind, prompting Greenwood to move all-in for around 500,000. Haxton and Eibinger quickly let him have it. — HS

Sam Greenwood: No bullies

2:30pm: The old check, check, check, raise
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Sam Greenwood opened his button to 20,000 and Isaac Haxton defended the big blind. That’s about all the significant action until the river, as the two checked down the 5♠Q♦J♦6♦Q♠ board until then.

Haxton would check it here too, before Greenwood put in a super-delayed c-bet of 26,000. Haxton took his time before announcing a raise to 128,000, and Greenwood was forced to fold with a smile.

Haxton’s up to 550,000 now, while Greenwood sits with 485,000. –JS

2:25pm: Cold deck costs Peters
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

A cooler of a hand has cost David Peters his tournament life, and added more chips to Dominik Nitsche’s stack, who moved up to 825,000.

Steffen Sontheimer raised off the button before Nitsche three-bet to 70,000 and Peters four-bet all-in for 213,000. Nitsche called after Sontheimer folded.

Nitsche: Q♣Q♦
Peters: J♠J♥

David Peters departs

The board ran 3♥8♥4♥Q♠6♥ to make the German star a set and send Peters home. –MC

2:15pm: Last two tables
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Here’s how the last 16 line up in this one. Ten more eliminations and we’re in the money. “Good to get another final two tables in the books,” Steffen Sontheimer said. “I’m running hot.” The comment was met with the chuckles it was intended to generate.

Table 1

1 – Ike Haxton, 520,000
2 – Justin Bonomo, 880,000
3 – Julian Thomas, 440,000
4 – Matthias Eibinger, 1.45 million
5 – Jan-Eric Schwippert, 975,000
6 – Timothy Adams, 440,000
7 – Sam Greenwood, 510,000
8 – Mikita Badziakouski, 1.3 million

Table 2

1 – Steffen Sontheimer, 270,000
2 – Dominik Nitsche, 485,000
3 – David Peters, 228,000
4 – Nick Petrangelo, 370,000
5 – Ali Reza Fatehi, 545,000
6 – Behzad Ahadpour, 490,000
7 – Ole Schemion, 1.5 million
8 – Christoph Vogelsang, 900,000

2:08pm: Redraw time
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

With just 16 players remaining, we’re down to two tables. We’ll have the redraw for you shortly. Action has resumed. –JS

2:05pm: OOO: Orpen ousted by Ole
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

A two table redraw is taking place after Orpen Kisacikoglu was eliminated in 17th.

Ole Schemion opened to 13,000 from the cutoff and was three-bet by Sam Greenwood on the button before Kisacikoglu four-bet jammed for 160,000 out of the small blind. Greenwood folded after Schemion made a quick move all-in.

Kisacikoglu: A♣J♥
Schemion: K♠K♦

Orpen Kisacikoglu hits the rail

The board ran a German flavoured 6♣2♥K♥5♣8♦ and Schemion moved up to 1.48million. –MC

1:57pm: Nasty flop kills Kenney
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Julian Thomas had opened to 18,000 from the hijack only for Bryn Kenney to move all-in on the button for his last 130,000. Thomas would make the call with his K♣Q♦, which was flipping against Kenney’s J♣J♥.

The 9♣J♦10♠ flop was pretty juicy. It gave Kenney top set, but that was trailing as Thomas flopped the nuts with a straight. Kenney would need the board to pair to survive, but it bricked out with the 5♦ and 3♦.

Bryn Kenney busto

The defending champion is out. Thomas now has 480,000. –JS

1:53pm: Big bird, big chip stack
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

In his yellow sweater, yesterday Steve O’Dwyer joked that Christoph Vogelsang resembled Sesame Street’s Big Bird. Well, today he’s in red. The bird resemblance may have disappeared, but Vogelsang’s chip stack is certainly big, especially after this latest pot.

It started with an 18,000 under-the-gun open from Jan-Eric Schwippert which was immediately three-bet to 42,000 by Behzad Ahadpour (UTG+1). Vogelsang would make the call on the button, and Schwippert matched it too, bringing a 7♥7♠10♠ flop.

It checked to Ahadpour, and he continued small for just 15,000. Vogelsang then bumped that up to 53,000, which got rid of Schwippert. Ahadpour stuck around though, counting out a call but waiting to use a time bank before he placed the chips in.

The river was the 6♠ and Ahadpour checked it. Vogelsang put out 95,000 and Ahadpour motioned like he was going to call. It was all for show though, as he actually made a quick fold.

He’s down to 346,000 now, while Vogelsang climbs to 920,000. –JS

1:47pm: The bank of Haxton stays open
Level 10 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (BB ante 8,000)

Isaac Haxton’s rate of withdrawals is not sustainable. David Peters has become the latest player to double through one of the start off day big stacks.

The action was three-way to a 6♣10♦8♣ flop where Haxton led for 30,000. Peters was the only caller in the cutoff and the two players headed to a Q♣ turn where Haxton jammed. Peters called all-in for 94,000 with Q♠J♣ that had jumped ahead of Haxton’s A♦10♣. The river was the 8♠. –MC

David Peters on the double

1:42pm: Schemion chips up
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Orpen Kisacikoglu was the only new entry today who didn’t put in a grind on yesterday’s Day 1. That meant he started with a 250,000 stack, which has now dipped to 205,000 after this pot.

Ole Schemion had opened to 14,000 under the gun, which Kisacikoglu then three-bet to 41,000 from the cutoff. Schemion would make the call when it folded back to him, and he’d check the 4♥6♦6♥ to the raiser. Kisacikoglu continued for 42,000, and Schemion called.

There would be no more action on the 5♠ turn or 4♠ river though, producing a double-paired board with plenty of straight possibilities. Schemion rolled over the A♥Q♣ for ace-high to go with the sixes and fours, and that was best as Kisacikoglu mucked.

Schemion climbs to 1.3 million. –JS

1:38pm: It is not always coming seven
Level 9: Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Koray Aldemir’s vigil with a short stack is over. He got his last 70,000 in as a three-bet shove over Nick Petrangelo’s 13,000 under-the-gun open. Action folded back to Petrangelo and he snap called.

Koray Aldemir: Last action

This was the second time today it was pocket sevens against pocket kings (it was 7♦7♣ for Aldemir versus Petrangelo’s K♣K♠) but in contrast to Ali Reza Fatehi’s come-from-behind double up earlier, the kings held up this time.

The board ran J♣5♦6♠4♦2♥ and Aldemir is out. Petrangelo has around 440,000 now. — HS

1:35pm: Haxton bluff fails aids Eibinger double
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Isaac Haxton did his best to oust Matthias Eibinger off second pair but his attempt failed and he dropped to 750,000.

The latter had raised to 10,000 from the button and Haxton peeled to see a J♥6♥Q♣ flop. Eibinger continued for 13,000 and called after he was check-raised to 50,000. Haxton had the bit between his teeth though as he bet 200,000 on the 2♦ turn and set Eibinger all-in for 486,000 on the 5♦ river. Eibinger time back called the turn and then flicked in a single chip to call on the river with A♣J♦ to beat out Haxton’s 10♠9♠. –MC

Matthias Eibinger flicking in that chip

1:30pm: Sontheimer’s rollercoaster on a drop
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

“Hey Ali,” called Steffen Sontheimer, over to Ali Reza Fatehi on another table. “How’s your rollercoaster today? Going up?”

He was referring to Fatehi’s up-and-down Day 1, which saw him become a massive chip leader early winning aces versus kings, before seeing his stack plummet when losing with kings against aces later in the day.

“Yes, up!” replied Fatehi, who sits with around 500,000 right now. Meanwhile, Sontheimer himself was trying to ascend, calling a 13,000 under-the-gun open from Jan-Eric Schwippert from the big blind.

The two went to a 5♦4♦10♥ flop, and Sontheimer check-called an 18,000 c-bet to see the J♠ turn. Check check.

Just as the dealer put down the 7♣ river, Fatehi was moved to the same table so he got to watch the action. Sontheimer opted to lead out for 62,000, but after 30 seconds of thinking Schwippert set him all-in. A shocked look overcame Sontheimer’s face; he was not expecting that, and subsequently made a quick laydown.

His own rollercoaster sees him ride with 191,000 for now, while Schwippert’s riding high with 1.12 million. –JS

1:25pm: Chidwick downed by the Dom
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Dominik Nitsche’s storming start to the day has continued with his elimination of Stephen Chidwick. The hand moved up him to 540,000.

The hand started with an under the gun raise from Steffen Sontheimer and a three-bet from Nitsche in the next seat. Nitsche then was the only caller after Chidwick jammed for 123,000 from the small blind.

Chidwick: A♠Q♦
Nitsche: A♥K♥

The board ran A♦K♠5♠8♣10♥ to make Nitsche two pair. –MC

Stephen Chidwick half out of his seat

1:19pm: Bonomo applies pressure to Aldemir
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

With a 9♥7♥J♠ flop in the middle, Justin Bonomo checked from the big blind seat and Koray Aldemir checked it back from the button. Bonomo then led for 15,000 on the J♥ turn, which Aldemir matched to see a river.

It came the 7♣ and now Bonomo bet big – 125,000. Thing is, Aldemir only had 80,000 behind so it was essentially an all-in. Aldemir clearly had a decision as he used one of his time bank cards. He ultimately decided on a fold though, leaving himself with 13 big blinds.

Bonomo has more than ten times that, sitting with 840,000 now. –JS

1:15pm: Two millionaires
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Tournament staff have announced the official prize pool for this event. There were 46 entries, including 16 re-entries, and a prize pool of €4.46 million. Six players will be paid, according to the following schedule:

Position Name Country Prize
1     €1,520,000
2     €1,046,000
3     €669,920
4     €513,000
5     €401,000
6     €313,000

1:12pm: Kempe canned by Vogelsang
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Christoph Vogelsang has moved back up to around 900,000 after he eliminated Rainer Kempe.

Rainer Kempe: No more

We missed the action but Kempe got unlucky as his pocket queens failed to match up to Vogelsang’s king-jack after a king appeared on the flop. Down to 20 players remaining in quick fashion. –MC

1:10pm: Haxton downs Dvoress
Level 9: Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Daniel Dvoress re-entered at the start of play today, but his Day 2 was brief. His friend and fellow high stakes conspirator Isaac Haxton took his chips in a straight race.

Haxton raised the cutoff to 14,000 and Dvoress three-bet to 52,000. Haxton then moved all-in, comfortably covering Dvoress’s 250,000-ish. Dvoress snap-called.

Dvoress: Q♦Q♥
Haxton: A♥K♣

This one swung in Haxton’s favour after the 2♣K♥3♣ flop. The 2♠ turn changed nothing and the K♦ river sealed the deal.

Daniel Dvoress departs

Dvoress departs, leaving us with 21. Haxton pushes up to around 1.3 million.– HS

1:08pm: Kurganov KO’d
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

We’ve lost the sole representative for Team PokerStars Pro from this Super High Roller field.

We arrived late to the action, but it seemed like all of Igor Kurganov’s chips went in on a 9♥7♣3♥ flop. He had the 10♣8♣ for an open-ender, against Ole Schemion’s A♠9♠ for top pair. The 3♣ and 2♠ completed the board, failing to improve Kurganov’s hand.

Igor Kurganov: The end of the road

He’s out, while Schemion stacks up 1,124,000 now. –JS

1:05pm: O’Dwyer downed by kings
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Second time all-in unlucky for Steve O”Dwyer. He found a great spot to get his stack in, his timing was just bad.

Steve O’Dwyer: Bad timing this time

Jan-Eric Schwippert opened to 14,000 from the cutoff and was called by Behzad Ahadpour in the next seat before O’Dwyer squeezed all-in for 140,000 from one more seat along. Schwippert called and that scared off Ahadpour who open-folded pocket sixes.

Schwippert: K♠K♥
O’Dwyer: 4♦4♣

The board ran 8♣J♦A♦9♠K♣ to make the German pro a set. He moved up to 1.12 million as O’Dwyer wandered off. –MC

1pm: Holding pattern
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

Déjà vu is quite common when covering poker tournaments, as the same situations play out time and time again. Perhaps it’s more noticeable when you’re covering the best players in the game though, as you know their strategies are the at the forefront of poker thinking.

On one table, Mikita Badziakouski opened to 13,000 from early position (or UTG+3 if you like). It folded around to Matthias Eibinger in the big blind and he defended to see a 2♠9♣K♣ flop. Eibinger would check it, letting Badziakouski continue for 11,000. Call.

The turn then came the K♦, and when it checked to Badziakouski again he waited for his full 30-second shot clock before announcing a bet of 40,000. Eibinger quickly folded.

On another table, it was Déjà vu. Stephen Chidwick was the one opening from the UTG+3 seat, and it folded to Jan-Eric Schwippert in the big. He made the call, bringing another king-high flop: K♣8♥3♦. Schwippert checked, and Chidwick continued for 11,000 – identical to Badziakouski’s play. Call.

In this hand the turn was the A♦, and it checked to Chidwick again. He didn’t take as long to bet as Badziakouski did, but he would continuation bet to 35,000. To make things different, Schwippert called.

That brought a 4♥ river card and now it checked through. Schwippert showed the Q♦8♦ for just a pair of eights, but in this situation that was good, with Chidwick mucking. –JS

12:55pm: Fatehi and Badziakouski
Level 9: Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

No further major skirmishes in the past five minutes or so, although a clear pattern is emerging on two of the tables. Mikita Badziakouski is the most active player on one, while Ali Reza Fatehi is getting his chips in most regularly on the another.

Fatehi has won small pots with c-bets on the flop. He took calling chips from Bryn Kenney and Ole Schemion after each of them defended their big blind, then gave up.

However, Badziakouski may have won a small pot from Isaac Haxton, but he couldn’t beat Daniel Dvoress. Dvoress bet about 100,000 into a similar sized pot looking at the 10♠9♥4♣8♣K♦ (they checked it all the way after Dvoress three-bet pre-flop and Badziakouski called). Badziakouski folded. — HS

12:50pm: Double Dom with twist of Nitsche
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

What’s it like to flop the nuts versus as over pair in a three-bet pot?

We reached the table after a 7♦10♠6♥ flop had been dealt. Christophe Vogelsang led for 43,000 from the small blind and Dominik Nitsche called from early position. The sizing and positioning indicated that Vogelsang had three-bet his countryman preflop.

The turn was the 7♣ and Nitsche snap called all-in for 105,000 when he was asked the question. Vogelsang opened Q♠Q♦ but he was crushed by Nitsche’s flopped straight with 8♦9♦. The river bricked and Vogelsang dropped to just over 700,000. –MC

12:45pm: “Good morning!”
Level 9: Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

The early stages of yesterday were all about Ali Reza Fatehi, but it was looking exceptionally bleak for the Iranian player on the first hand of Day 2. He was involved in a pot against Timothy Adams that had all the makings of a very early elimination, until…

Rewind: Adams opened to 14,000 from a 540,000 stack on the first hand of the day and Fatehi three-bet to 46,000 from one seat to his left. Fatehi had 190,000. Adams paused then moved all-in and Fatehi quickly called.

Adams: K♥K♣
Fatehi: 7♥7♦

This might have been the end of Fatehi, but there was the 7♣ in the window. After the rest of the board ran A♠8♠9♣5♦ that was the double for Fatehi and keeps him fighting with 400,000. Adams is now looking to rebuild.

Ali Reza Fatehi and Tim Adams: Switcheroo

“Good morning!” Adams said, possibly wishing he’d showed up a little late. — HS

12:40pm: O’Dwyer happy to chop
Level 9 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

After Steve O’Dwyer got lucky to chop versus Steffen Sontheimer, he just sat there looking at his German opponent with a satisfied look upon his face.

Sontheimer opened to 14,000 and then snap called all-in after O’Dywer had shoved for about 150,000.

Sontheimer: A♦K♠
O’Dwyer: A♠Q♠

The board ran 7♠7♦J♦2♦2♣ for a chop. As you were, gents. –MC

12:35pm: Cards in the air
Level 9: Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

With just the two new entries, that meant we had to break a table before play kicked off. Cards are now officially in the air, with 24 players in the hunt. –JS

12:32pm: Ready for action?
Level 9: Blinds 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)

The players have arrived and we’re almost ready for things to kick off. Orpen Kisacikoglu is the only new entry, while Daniel Dvoress has re-entered. –JS

10:30am: Day 2 in sunny Monte Carlo

Bonjour mes amis! It’s our second day here in Monaco for the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo©Casino EPT, and it seems the sun is shining a bit brighter this morning than it was yesterday.

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet

It’s also Day 2 of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo©Casino EPT €100K Super High Roller, and today will see the sun set on at least 16 of the 22 players returning at 12:30pm CET, as we play our way down to a six-handed final table.

Yesterday saw a total of 44 entries including 15 re-entries, and that was perhaps bigger than expected. For you see, the players unanimously voted for this tournament to be changed from a single re-entry (as advertised) to an unlimited re-entry (as per years prior), meaning everyone now had countless attempts to throw €100K at this proverbial wall and see if they could make anything stick.

Not a bad day for Badziakouski

The man who was the stickiest after eight 60-minute levels was Mikita Badziakouski, who on one bullet managed to turn his 250,000 starting stack into 1,381,000. The closest player to him is Isaac Haxton with 1,033,000, and he arguably benefited the most from the rule change. He’d already busted twice before the decision was made, so someone sent him a text, told him he could enter again, and his third bullet proved to be the best one.

We imagine everyone who busted yesterday will return today (catch up on our live coverage here), as well as some new faces we didn’t see on Day 1. In the meantime though, here are the top 10 stacks at the start of play:

Name Country Chip Count
Mikita Badziakouski Belarus 1,381,000
Isaac Haxton USA 1,033,000
Ole Schemion Germany 949,000
Justin Bonomo USA 930,000
Christoph Vogelsang Germany 890,000
Jan-Eric Schwippert Germany 880,000
Matthias Eibinger Austria 760,000
Sam Greenwood Canada 616,000
Timothy Adams Canada 536,000
Behzad Ahadpour Iran 479,000

Join us at 12:30pm CET as we report on the best of the best. –JS

Today’s action:

Super High Roller – Day 2
Buy-in: €100,000 (inc. €2,000 fee)
Re-entry: Unlimited on Day 1, available until start of Day 2
Registration: Entry open until 12:30pm Friday (start Day 2)
Starting stack: 250,000 for new entries
Starting blinds: 3,000/6,000 (BB ante 6,000)
Schedule of play: Down to a six-handed final table
Shot-clock: 30-second shot clock; six 30-second timebank cards per person
Defending champion: Bryn Kenney

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PokerStars Blog reporting team on the €100,000 Super High Roller: Marc Convey, Jason Kirk, Martin Harris, Jack Stanton, Howard Swains and Alex Villegas. Photography by Joe Giron/PokerPhotoArchive.


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