EPT Madrid High Roller: Day 2, level 9, 10, 11 and 12 updates (1,200-2,400, 300 ante)

May 06, 2011


4.25pm: Quick break
That’s the end of the level. Players are now on a 15-minute break.

4.25pm: Dwan bluff goes badly wrong
Tobias Reinkemeier fans, sit up and enjoy this. Tom ‘Durrr’ Dwan opened the betting with a raise to 5,800. It was folded around to the young German–winner of the Grand Final high roller last year–who re-raised to 13,100. Back to Dwan, who now put out a tower of yellow chips, effectively putting Reinkemeier all-in.

Reinkemeier thought for a few moments, and may as well have shrugged his shoulders as he announced: “Call!”. He was all-in for 81,000 total, and delighted to see his A♦Q♠ was well ahead of Dwan’s complete bluff… he held 7♠10♦.

The board ran a harmless 3♦8♦4♠Q♥9♦ and Reinkemeier shot up to 150,000, leaving Dwan on around 50,000.

4.20pm: Blom rebuilding
After the setback earlier when he doubled up Vanessa Rousso, Viktor Blom is rebuilding as best he can – through sheer aggression. First, when facing an opening raise of 4,700 from Rousso and a call from Peter Jetten, Blom called. On the 7♣6♦5♠ flop, it was checked to him and his 12,500 bet was good enough to take the pot.

Soon after David Sands opened with a 5,600 bet and Blom three-bet him to 14,800 to take the pot.

4.10pm: Schwartz vs Dwan again
Luke Schwartz and Tom Dwan saw a 9♥10♣J♠ flop and both checked. Schwartz looked pretty disgusted to be in a pot with Dwan, looking around angrily, whereas Dwan just stared at his English opponent. On the Q♦ turn. Schwartz checked then folded when Dwan bet 9,000.

4pm: Brenes busts
Humberto Brenes, who was unlucky to lose a significant pot against ElkY earlier – see 3.25pm) is now out, losing a race against this year’s PCA main event winner Galen Hall. ElkY had opened the pot with a raise to 5,200 before Hall made it 13,200. Now it was on Brenes, who made his familiar thumbs-up sign to the dealer to signify he was going to raise. He made it 44,000.

ElkY got out of the way, but Hall announced he was all-in, getting a call from the man from Costa Rica. A♥K♣ for Hall, and pocket queens for Brenes and it was a coin flip. The board ran 2♣A♦7♦6♠J♣ sending Brenes to the rail.

“Good luck,” he told everyone as he wandered off.

3.45pm: Rousso doubles through Blom
They may have been all sweetness when chatting to each other a little earlier, but it soon turned deadly serious. Vanessa Rousso raised it pre-flop and Viktor Blom three-bet from the small blind to 15,300. Rousso moved all-in, for 76,500 total, and Blom snap-called:

Rousso: K♣K♥
Blom: J♠J♣

It was a great spot for Rousso, and she stayed ahead on the 9♥9♣Q♣2♠5♠ board. She’s up to 160,000 now, while Blom slips to 150,000 and back among the chasing pack.

We’re now down to 24 players and three tables. Getting down to the final eight still seems a long way off.

Remember, the chip count page link is at the top right of this page.

3.25pm: ElkY seizes lead
We have a new chip leader, and it’s someone nobody wanted to see there. Team PokerStars Pro ElkY, thanks to two big hands, has overtaken Viktor Blom at the top of the counts.

First ElkY rivered Humberto Brenes. The board was 9♦A♠Q♠4♣K♣ and, with around 60,000 in the pot already, ElkY put in another 44,400. Brenes counted out his options and called, only to be shown the Frenchman’s K♥K♠ for the rivered set.

Brenes was furious, throwing his A♦Q♣ for flopped two pair face-up on the table. That put ElkY up to around 200,000 and Brenes down to about 40,000.

Just a few hands later, ElkY called a player’s 60,000 all-in, finding his pocket queens were nicely ahead of his opponent’s pocket tens, where they stayed.

After that happy ten-minute spell, ElkY is now up to 330,000. Blom is behind now with 290,000. Other stacks of note include Johnny Lodden on 190,000, Benny Spindler on 180,000 and David Sonelin on 170,000.


Up: ElkY…


… down: Humberto Brenes

3.20pm: Schwartz and Dwan
These two have had a few scraps in the online genre, and there appears to be little love lost here either. Schwartz has 130,000 to Dwan’s 110,000 and I am fully expecting a head-on collision very soon.


Best of enemies: Luke Scwartz and Tom Dwan

3.15pm: What about the Germans?
In response to comments in the, er, comments box, here’s a quick look at how the Germans are getting on. Best of the lot is Benny Spindler with around 180,000, although Philipp Gruissem is going along nicely on 150,000. Tobias Reinkemeier has around 75,000 but, alas, Alexander Luber is on life-support, down to around 30,000 after a clash with Viktor Blom.

3.05pm: Romanello gone
Roberto Romanello, victim of Tom Dwan’s quads earlier in the day, is now out. And it was quite ugly. David Sands had open-raised from the button to 4,300 and Romanello pushed for his last 31,000. Sands called quickly:

Romanello: A♣K♥
Sands: A♦8♥

A sweet spot for Romanello, no? No. The board ran J♠3♣2♥8♦5♣ and he was shown the way to the exit.


Roberto Romanello

2.55pm: Spindler’s pot
On a 4♠5♣5♦ flop Benny Spindler check-called Juha Helppi’s 5,500 bet. Both then slowed down to a check on the 9♥ turn, but on the 2♠ river Spindler led out with a 10,200 bet and that was good for the pot.

2.45pm: Isildur1 vs. Rousso
The flop was 5♦10♥8♥ and Viktor Blom had bet 7,500 into a resurgent Vanessa Rousso. She gave it a good dwell and then mucked.

“I would have pushed if you had raised,” said Blom, showing the A♥.
“I had one of those, too,” said Rousso.
“Ah, but I had the flush draw.”
“It was a wimpy fold by me, but sometimes you get a gut feeling,” Rousso explained, obviously having folded the better hand.


Vanessa Rousso

2.35pm: Kelopuro woe
Sami Kelopuro is having a tough time of it with his neighbour. First he doubled him up, flopping top pair but walking into the pocket aces of his foe. Soon after Kelopuro raised again with K♥Q♥ but then folded to the same player’s three-bet, presumably has he had a tight reputation. Sure enough, Kelopuro was shown pocket queens.

2.25pm: Katchalov catch-up
The new Team PokerStars Pro went out in the last level when his shove with K♣7♣ ran into A♣2♠ and the board ran Q♦9♠7♠A♥A♠.

2.20pm: Have your say
Remember you can leave a comment/ask a question at the bottom of this post. I’m working solo here but will try my best to answer what I can.

2.15pm: Level ends
That’s the end of level 10. The remaining 29 players are now on a 15-minute break.

2.10pm: Rousso recovering
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso is now up to 80,000 as the end of the level approaches.

2.05pm: Schwartz vs. Dwan
Luke Schwartz made it 3,500 from under the gun before Tom Dwan made it 9,300 from the next seat. It was folded back around to Schwartz, and he then bumped it up again, this time to 18,000. Dwan gave it some thought and elected to call.

The flop was 10♠7♣5♠ and both checked. They then did the same on the 6♦ turn and the 10♣ river. Schwartz turned over J♦7♦ and the paired seven was good for the pot.

1.50pm: The Bord walk
James Bord is out, busted by Peter Jetten. On a K-Q-X flop, Bord had K-J and got all-in, only to walk into the set of queens for Canadian Jetten. Thanks to snapper Neil Stoddart for that bit of info.

1.40pm: Dwan pressure
After a flop of 8♠7♣K♣, Marcelo Bonanata bet 5,800 only for Luke Schwartz to make it 11,600. However, in the next seat Tom Dwan woke up and raised it once more to 27,800. The other two quickly mucked.

1.30pm: Rousso happy
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso is looking happy again, and her new 50,000-plus stack explains why. Somewhere in the last 20 minutes she has managed a key double up.

Meanwhile Will Molson is down to the felt with around 20,000 left.

1.25pm: Kenney moving
Bryn Kenney has around 50,000 chips and is trying to make things happen. First he got involved in an oddity with Fernando Brito. ElkY had raised to 3,500 and Kenney made it 9,000. Brito called but ElkY got out of the way. The flop was 7♦6♦8♣ and Kenney moved all-in, getting a call from Brito who was out-chipped:

Brito: K♠K♣ for the overpair
Kenney: K♦5♥ for the straight draw

The turn was 10♣ keeping Brito in the lead – but when he saw the 9♠ river he thought Kenney had made the straight for the win. Kenney had made a straight, but so too had Brito… it was a straightened board for a chop.

Kenney lost a some chips a few hands later to Sami Kelopuro. He had raised from under the gun to get a call from Kelopuro from the button and ElkY in the big blind. The flop was K♦6♦3♥, ElkY checked, Kenney bet 6,500 and Kelopuro called. ElkY mucked. The turn was 4♣ and Kenney checked, calling Kelopuro’s 13,300 bet. Both then checked the Q♣ river and Kelopuro’s K♥J♥ was good.

1.15pm: Down to four
That’s tables, not players, of course. With 32 left the tournament is neatly tucked away in the far corner of the Casino Gran Madrid ‘Francesa’, that’s French Room to you and me.

The table that broke was the one occupied by Tom Dwan, and he’s now moved to the immediate left of Luke ‘FullFlush’ Schwartz. Should be interesting!

1.10pm: Level up
That’s the end of the first level of the day. We move into level 10 where blinds will be 800-1,600 with a 200 ante.

1.05pm: Dwan hits quads!
Tom ‘Durrr’ Dwan made quads to win a massive pot off Roberto Romanello and move up to more than 140,000, confirming a sensational start to the day when he first sat with little more than 16,000.

We did not catch the hand, but we’re told Durrr made a huge bet on the river of a board paired with sevens, which was called by EPT Prague champion Romanello, who mucked when shown the monster.


Tom Dwan

1pm: Schwartz doubles
Luke Schwartz got in a pre-flop raising war with Marcelo Bonanata of Uruguay, managing to get it all-in with Q♠Q♦ against A♠K♣. Brit Schwartz flopped a set with 8♥10♠Q♥ but had to dodge a jack. The turn and river were the harmless 6♠ and 2♥.

Schwartz was straight on the phone to text someone or other the good news. He’s up to 120,000.

12.50pm: Another gone
We’re down to 33 as Sandor Demjan is out. He pushed with A♥2♥ but James Bord’s Q♠9♠ overtook him on the 5♠4♣8♦9♦Q♥ board.

Masa Kagawa also seems to be sitting on the sidelines, presumed out.

12.45pm: More for Dwan
Tom Dwan is up to more than 50,000 – a nifty start since he started with just 16,000. Eugene Katchalov started this hand with a raise to 2,400 which was called by Dwan and Alexander Luber in the big blind.

The flop was 3♦2♥5♦ and Luber bet 3,800 getting a call only from Dwan. Both then slowed to a check on the 9♣ turn, but on the J♠ river Luber checked only for Dwan to move all in. Luber shook his head, and took what seemed like an age to fold A♣3♣ face-up.

12.40pm: Repik at the double
Alexey Repik from Russia was down to around 25,000 and in desperate need of a double up. That came courtesy of getting A♣K♦ and getting a call from Kristijonas Andrulis who had K♣Q♣.

12.35pm: Thorson out
The Swede William Thorson is out, busted by Roberto Romanello. They got to see a 5♥4♦6♦ flop and Romanello bet 21,600. Thorson moved all-in… call!

Romanello: 10♦J♦ for the overs and flush draw
Thorson: 4♥8♥ for bottom pair and gutshot draw

The 10♥ turn paired up Romanello to give him the lead, but it also added a flush draw for Thorson. But the K♠ river was a brick and he’s out.


William Thorson

12.30pm: Nice timing
Masa Kagawa, who lost a significant amount of his chips to Philipp Gruissem (see 12.10pm), has now doubled up again, finding pocket aces and getting a call from David Sonelin who had A♦Q♥. The board ran a bullets-friendly 5♠4♣10♦8♥K♦ and Kagawa is back up to 80,000.

12.27pm: Isi-who?
Will Molson won the PCA High Roller this year, having come runner-up in the same event 12 months earlier. He’s not one to fear any player. So when Viktor Blom raised it to 2,400, Molson thought nothing of three-betting to 6,200 from the small blind.

“How much are you playing?” asked Blom.

It was about 50,000 and Blom called.

The flop was A♥K♥4♦ and Molson bet 7,000. A quick check back on his cards from Blom confirmed he had very little of that, and he folded.

12.25pm: Watch the Lodden
It’s always fun watching Johnny Lodden, a man not prone to sitting around doing very little. As I passed this table Sami Kelopuro had raised from under the gun to 2,800 getting calls from Lodden, Fernando Brito and Humberto Brenes from the big blind. The flop was K♥4♣9♣ and when Kelopuro checked, Lodden bet 6,700 to force folds all round.

12.20pm: Wahlbeck all-in
The early action is predictably fast and furious as the short-stacks look for the double-up. Team PokerStars Pro Ville Wahlbeck just tried, pushing for 23,500 on a 5♥J♥8♦ flop, but Benny Spindler did not want to give him the action.


Ville Wahlbeck

12.15pm: Bondar doubles
Andrey Bondar from Russia got all-in pre-flop with K♦K♠ getting a call from Alexander Luber with 10♥10♠. The flop was like a dagger to the heart for Bondar, coming Q♦9♣10♦ to give Luber the set. The J♥ gave him a handy recover, however, giving him a straight. The A♦ river mattered not.

He’s up to 45,000, while Luber slips to 100,000.

12.10pm: Kagawa takes early hit
The Japanese high stakes player Masa Kagawa has lost a significant chunk of his stack to Philipp Gruissem from Germany. On a Q♥J♦6♦ flop Gruissem bet 7,000 and Kagawa called. The process was repeated on the 2♦ turn, with Kagawa calling 15,700 this time. Finally, on the 5♥ river the German put out 47,000 and yet again Kagawa called, only to muck in disgust when shown Gruissem’s K♦7♦ for the flush.

12.05pm: We’re off
Tournament boss Thomas Kremser likes to play little tricks on me – he just got today’s play under way just about on time. He is a little devil sometimes.

11.45am: Viktor Blom’s working day
The young Swede has had a number of high-profile good days at the office, but today could be a defining one.

As 36 players return for Day 2 of the €25,000 EPT Madrid High Roller, it’s Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom who is leading the way with 225,800 chips. Today’s mission for the online poker tearaway is to craft a safe passage through to tomorrow’s final table of eight players.

If he can, then he’ll be in great shape to bag the €525,000 first prize and seal his progression from online phenom to live shark.

But his safe passage will be littered with icebergs and other submerged nastiness in the shape of a chasing pack led by Benny Spindler with 208,200.

Play is due to begin at noon. But you know the score by now – it will almost certainly be a few minutes late. Don’t sit around around twiddling your thumbs, however, have a look at the seat draw here.


Viktor Blom

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of blogging duties today): Er, Simon Young


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