EPT Loutraki: Toni Judet sticks to his task and hits the top of the Blog

November 17, 2011


For long stages towards the end of yesterday’s play, the Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet was sitting with close to 150,000 chips and at the very summit of the early leader board. As we prepared to celebrate his exceptional performance with a photo at the top of our day-end wrap, Mario Puccini won a big pot with kings and stole that coveted spot.

But here’s the thing about PokerStars Blog: it really is the place to be. So much so that Judet returned to Club Hotel Loutraki today alongside 230 other hopefuls and bludgeoned his way back to the top of the pops.

Of the even-100 players who will return for day three, Judet is out in front. He bagged up 288,200 chips tonight and gets his picture right here. Ladies and gentlemen, our chip leader, Toni Judet:


Toni Judet, day two chip leader in Loutraki

Judet again did most of his best work away from our immediate gaze. When he was spotted playing some poker, he was raking in a succession of small pots. At one point he moved beyond 300,000, but even though he suffered a couple of setbacks late in the day, he’s going to be very happy with a job well done.

Bunched in the chasing pack are the following: the Team PokerStars Pros Jude Ainsworth (117,200), Johnny Lodden (115,100) and Ana Marquez (69,000); the well-stacked Grudi Grudev (251,600), Zimnan Ziyard (238,900), Fahredin Mustafov (225,200), Robert Cezarescu (221,900), Jacques Torbey (219,000) and Pim Van Riet (192,700); and the former EPT champions Kevin MacPhee (130,100), Rupert Elder (118,300), Roberto Romanello (112,500) and David Vamplew (67,600).


Ana Marquez: another day three for the new Spanish Team Pro

Of those, Ainsworth, Romanello and McLean Karr deserve special mention as the three of them provided most of the best action of the day. They spent the best part of the last three levels on the same table and were mixing it up with all kinds of holdings, their stacks rising and falling as you might expect.


Jude Ainsworth and McLean Karr: two of the all-star show

Take a look through our level-by-level coverage (links below) to see how some of these pots went down.

The full counts of remaining players is over on the chip-count page, and you’ll see that we still have a healthy home contingent, a smattering of top level pros, and some potential future superstars involved.

Among today’s departed are the former champions Kent Lundmark, Nicolas Chouity and Mats Gavatin, the Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov, and also the EPT regulars Andrew Teng, Jeff Sarwer, Chris Moorman and Jan Bendik. (We also lost the empty chair of Tom Marchese.)


Mats Gavatin, perished on day two

Levels 8-9 updates
Levels 10-12 updates

Chip counts are on the chip count page. German is on the German page. And Greek is on the Greek page.

It’s the PokerStars party tonight. I’ll say no more. Ta ta.


A photo of a photo of Kevin MacPhee’s chips

All photos on PokerStars Blog from EPT Loutraki © Neil Stoddart


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