EPT Loutraki: Day 4, level 23 and 24 updates (12,000-24,000, 3,000)

November 19, 2011


8.48pm: David Elyashar, out in 9th (€20,100)
Hauke Heseding opened the pot to 50,000 and David Elyashar shoved his last 454,000 from the hijack. Zimnan Ziyard made the call from the small blind.

Ziyard: 9♦9♣
Elyashar: A♠J♣

The board ran out 6♥7♥8♥4♦2♣ to send Elyashar to the rail. The eight remaining players are all guaranteed a minimum €27,000.


Final table bubble boy David Elyashar

Full wrap of the day’s action to come along with confirmed chip counts. — RD

8.35pm: We’re down to eight!
That’s the end of the day, and the end of David Elyashar’s tournament. Full details to follow, but the all-conquering Zimnan Ziyard has accounted for David Elyashar. Pocket nines out-raced ace-queen. — HS

8.20pm: The final nine
The table draw has taken place and the players line up as follows:

1. John Taramas – 1,800,000
2. Charalampos Kapernopoulos – 700,000
3. Pierre Mothes – 1,200,000
4. Hauke Heseding – 1,700,000
5. Florian Schleps – 800,000
6. David Elyashar – 400,000
7. Mario Puccini – 1,900,000
8. Andras Kovacs – 260,000
9. Zimnan Ziyard – 2,200,000

Not exactly an all-star cast but we will crown a new champion and it might be a domestic champion: both Kapernopoulos and Taramas are Greek. — RD

8.15pm: Sergey Serafimov eliminated in 10th (€20,100)
Sergey Serafimov’s long short-stack battle has come to an end. He raised to 50,000 and called off the remaining 100,000 when Ioannis Taramas set him all-in from the big blind. Of course it took Taramas about five minutes to decide on his move.

Taramas: A♣4♣
Serafimov: A♥6♥

The board ran a Greek angled 8♣4♠9♠10♠9♦ to make Taramas two-pair.


Serafimov imagining what could have been

The remaining nine players will be drawn onto one table until we lose one more player. — MC

8pm: A text from the tournament floor
Rick “Rolling” Dacey has just fired a text message up to the press room from the tournament floor. “ZZ is running the show and up to 2.7m,” he writes, which I take to mean that Zimnan Ziyard’s dominance continues. — HS

7.50pm: Grigoropoylos goes, ten remain
Georgios Grigoropoylos has bust in 11th for €14,800 after shoving 300,000 from early position and finding a re-shove from Hauke Heseding.

Grigoropoylos: 10♠10♥
Hesesding: Q♠Q♣

The board blanked out t chip the young German up to 1,650,000 – drawing for second place in chips. We’ll break to one table after the next player busts, then play on for one more elimination before play ends for the day. — RD


Georgis Grigoropoulos chipoulous

7.40pm: Play resumes

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000, ANTE 3,000

7.25pm: Break time
The final 11 players are on a 15 minute break.

7.15pm: Taramas’ games
Whatever you think about Ioannis Taramas he does make life interesting at the table. He was just involved in a funny hand against the short stacked Sergey Serafimov.

Taramas raised to 42,000 from early position and Serafimov was the only caller from the button. The flop came down 4♦10♣K♥ and the Greek asked his opponent, “How much do you have?” He found out it was 86,000 and continued, “Thirty should do” and hovered this amount over the line.

Serafimov snap shoved and Taramas said,”I didn’t put the chips in!” To say this went down badly was an understatement and he was quickly ordered to put in the 30,000 by the TD. Everyone expected him to call off the rest but he folded to gasps from all those witnessing the events. — MC

7.12pm: The insides of Richard Toth
Grab a hammer and crack open Richard Toth’s head with us. Not literally.

7pm: Taramas scores another blackjack
Ioannis “John” Taramas, as he is apparently known to all, just can’t stop getting chips. And he doesn’t even seem to need to do much to get them; people keep shoving them in his direction.

This time, his benefactor was the television commentator Vasileios Chantzaras, whose run at EPT Loutraki has ended in 12th.

The hand played out like this: Taramas opened the button, making it 40,000. Chantzaras three bet from the small blind, making it 115,000, and Taramas called. The flop came 3♥7♠8♥ and Chantzaras led for 140,000. Taramas couldn’t have called quicker.

The turn was 5♥ and Chantzaras announced that he was all in. This was about 850,000 total. Taramas wasn’t quite so instantaneous now, and said to the dealer: “I just need to check.” He peeked down at his cards and then called, tabling A♥J♥ for the stone cold nuts.

Chantzaras was furious with the turn of events as he rolled over 9♦9♠ and was drawing dead. He stormed off into the night as Taramas all but booked his place at the final table with more than two million. — HS

6.55pm: Blindly going all-in
The action folded around to a tilted looking Charalampos Kapernopoulos on the button and he raised to 50,000. Andras Kovacs was in the small blind and three-bet all-in only to see Mario Puccini do the same from the big blind. The doctor shook his head and folded.

Kovacs: K♥Q♦
Puccini: A♦K♦

The board ran 4♠2♥4♣5♦4♦. Kovcac had to hand over 436,000 chips to his neigbour and figure out what he has to do with his remaining 250,000 moving forward. — MC

6.40pm: Ziyard scalps Elder, claims 1.7m chip lead
Zimnan Ziyard is up to 1,700,000 taking him to the top of the chip counts after knocking out fellow Brit Rupert Elder in what was a terrible run of play for the San Remo champ.

Elder had been three-bet shoved on a 10♣9♥6♥ flop by Florian Schleps to drop to a little less than 700,000 before scooping the blinds the very next hand. The other after that was to be his last. Elder had opened to 40,000 from the cut-off and was three-bet by Ziyard to (what I believe was) 102,000. Elder moved in for 730,000 and Ziyard quickly made the call.

Ziyard: Q♥Q♣
Elder: K♥J♥

The 10♠4♣10♦ flop wasn’t great for Elder, the Q♠ turn even less so. By the time the J♦ river dropped Elder was on his feet shaking Ziyard’s hand.

“I’ve got mixed, you know that,” said Ziyard to a disappointed Elder.

The EPT San Remo walked away from the table and with him the chance of a first EPT double winner leaving Ziyard to stack up a huge amount of chips, more than double the 775,000 average.

“Yum yum,” said Pierre Mothes, sat on the left of Ziyard, before realising that he didn’t look as thrilled to be chip leader as most people would, “You not happy?”

“He’s a friend,” said Ziyard.

As we all know there are no friends in this game, you wouldn’t four-bet jam king-high if there was. — RD

loutraki_day 4_zimnan ziyard.jpg

Ship the chips to Zimnan Ziyard

6.25pm: Kapernopoulos hitting only the table
It seems a bit reductive to bring it all down to this, but Charalampos Kapernopoulos has stopped hitting cards. And that’s meant that he’s begun hitting the table with his fist, which can be dangerous with mountains of other chips surrounding him.

The latest reason for his outburst was the following hand, in which he doubled up the human yo-yo (and self-styled 15th best blackjack player of all time) Ioannis Taramas, whose stack is now close to a million.

Taramas opened to 47,000 and Kapernopoulos called from late position. It was just those two looking at a flop of 4♥5♠10♠ and Kapernopoulos checked. Taramas bet 165,000 and Kapernopoulos moved all in, covering the blackjack player.

But the guy can play poker too, and announced the call. He tabled K♦K♥, an overpair to the board, but he had to fade Kapernopoulos’s flush draw. The former chip leader showed Q♠J♠.

Yesterday this would have been a no-brainer. The flush draw would have hit. But not today. The turn and river came 4♣2♣ and Kapernopoulos’s fist hit the felt.

He is down to about 400,000 now. — HS

6.15pm: Elder doubles through Mpinas, who busts soon after
Rupert Elder’s day had been a lot more tame compared to his swings of yesterday. Saying that he has just doubled-up to around 950,000 chips, and a top-five stack. Dimitris Mpinas opened to 40,000 from mid-position and tank-called when the former EPT San Remo champion moved all-in for 448,000 from the next seat.

Elder: A♦Q♠
Mpinas: 8♦8♥

The board ran 9♥K♦3♦K♦J♥. Elder breathed a sigh of relief and was congratulated by a couple of his table mates.

A couple of hands later Mpinas three-bet all-in from the big blind with A♦5♦. David Elyashar called from the button with K♠10♠ after making the opening raise and made a straight by the turn. — MC

6.10pm: Hauke Heseding is das chip kapitaen
Hauke Heseding is up to 1,381,000 swiping the chip lead away from Charalampos Kapernopoulos as we go into level 23.

Hauke Heseding, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 1,381,000
Zimnan Ziyard, UK, PokerStars qualifier, 1,126,000

David Elyashar, Israel, 1,085,000
Charalampos Kapernopoulos, Greece, 1,015,000
Vasileios Chantzaras, Greece, 881,000
Pierre Mothes, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 801,000
Florian Schleps, Austria, PokerStars qualifier, 712,000

Ioannis Taramas, Greece, 619,000
Dimitris Mpinas, Greece, 561,000
Mario Puccini, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, 482,000
Rupert Elder, UK, 470,000
Andras Kovacs, Hungary, 453,000
Sergey Serafimov, Bulgaria, 370,000
Georgios Grigoropoulos, Greece, 179,000

Five domestic players remain keeping the hope alive of an inaugural Greek champion. — RD

loutraki_day 4_hauke heseding.jpg

Hauke Heseding

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Loutraki: Marc ‘Feta’ Convey, Rick ‘Gyros’ Dacey and Howard ‘Moussaka’ Swains. Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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