EPT Loutraki: Day 1B, Level 3 & 4 updates (100-200, 25 ante)

November 16, 2011


4.37pm: MacPhee loses some back
Kevin MacPhee is down to around 54,000 after losing a pot to the dangerous Byron Kaverman who was moved to his right about an hour ago.

MacPhee raised from under-the-gun and was called in two spots, including Kaverman in the big blind. The flop fell 10♣9♣7♣ and Kaverman was the only caller to MacPhee’s 700 c-bet. Both players checked the 5♠ turn before Kaverman took the surprise line of check-raising MacPhee’s 2,200 bet up to 7,650. MacPhee called but mucked upon seeing Kaverman’s Q♣2♣ for a flopped flush. Kaverman is up to 52,000 chips. — MC

4.25pm: MacPhee chipping up
Kevin MacPhee is up to 68,000 after getting gifted a large chunk of chips in a four-bet pot. We caught up with him after it took place.

“It was very, very funny,” said MacPhee, all but rubbing his hands, “Under-the-gun made it 325, the small blind raised to 2,100 and I made it 5,750 from the big blind. He called.”

Not the under-the-gun raiser Rolands Norietis (who went deep at EPT Tallinn in August) but the small blind re-raiser Yaron Shtaigmann.

“The flop was a [t][8][5] rainbow, he check-calls 4,200. The turn is a [5] and he jams for the pot. I call with kings and he has ace-queen,” explained MacPhee with a smile.

It might not count as very, very funny at a regular comedy store, but as poker standup goes it’s a pretty entertaining way to dust off a stack. — RD

4.15pm: Guess who? Is it Diego Gonzales
It is nigh on impossible to know the names of even half the field in the early stages of tournaments like this, especially when we visit a new country and there are countless fresh faces. That is how come discussions in the press room can sometimes sound like a big game of “Guess Who?”. “Is that the bloke with the hat?” “Is that the woman with the glasses?” “Is that him with the skinhead/mole/third nipple/six ears?” Etc., etc.

Diego Gonzales, a PokerStars qualifier from Spain, would not be an especially difficult player to guess in a Guess Who? game. “Is that the bloke with the big curly hair?” Yes, he is. “Is that the bloke with the thick-rimmed glasses?” Yes, that’s him. “Is that the bloke with the red gingham shirt?” Yep. “Is that the guy with the big, floppy, striped bow-tie?” Improbably enough, yes that’s him as well.

Now, though, we can add this: “Is that the guy with about 50,000 chip?” Yes, that’s our Gonzales. He just knocked out Nikolaos Segredakis (older, grey hair, jumper) after raising to 600 pre-flop and then calling Segredakis’s all in shove of about 5,225. Segredakis had A♠10♦, Gonzales had A♦Q♥ and the board blanked.

Let’s hope Gonzales goes deep here. I want to see how many more images he has. — HS

4.11pm: The bad and the bad news from Twitter
Johnny Lodden Tweeted: “Raise with QQ then one really bad player on the table call. Flop: 4-7-2, turn:4 river:K. He have 7-4 off. But didn’t lose to much.”

Moments later his rage on the same player continued: “Later he raise 500,I call in BB with QQ.Flop: 6-6-4.I check raise his 600 to 1500.Turn-A.Ch,ch.River:10.I bet 2k call 6-5.. wp sir!” — MC

4.05pm: Time to go, Nananoko
Randy “Nananoko” Lew’s one table poker experiment has come to an end in a cold way.

Anastasios Kotsaris raised to 525 from early position and Lew three-bet to 1,325 from the button. Kotsaris then put in a four-bet to 3,000 and shoved when Lew five-bet to 5,500. Lew called all-in for around 21,000 and then saw the bad news.

Kotsaris: A♦A♣
Lew: K♠K♥

The board ran J♥5♦10♣Q♣6♠ to safely see the aces home. — MC


Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew

3.57pm: Manic Mattern
Arnaud Mattern doesn’t seem to be in the best of places at the moment. He’s down to his last 7,000, has Eugene Katchalov a couple of seats to his left and is laughing manically. All in all his tournament destiny doesn’t seem to be one bathed in a rosy glow.

“Eugene (Katchalov) opened under-the-gun for 500 and was called by this lady (Loykia Lyprajoy) and another kid. I had jacks and made it 2,450 from the button out of a 17,000 stack. Eugene folds but the lady calls. That’s what she does,” said Mattern, a grin spreading across his face.

“The flop came [j][6][7] rainbow and she leads 2,700 which means she has a strong hand or a draw. I call and the turn is the K♥ which brings a second heart. She checks and I bet 2,600. She calls and the worst card hits the river, the 10♥,” said Mattern.

Lyprajoy led a small 2,750 into the river. Mattern called and was shown an [8][9] straight to leave himself short.


Arnaud Mattern, with ‘edgy laughter spilling out across the table’

“I can come back. I can make it happen,” said Mattern, edgy laughter spilling out across the table. — RD

3.47pm: Lodden scores!
Nail-biting stuff at White Hart Lane with Tottenham Hotspur down 2-1 to Manchester United, but with Johnny Lodden at the reins he gets his team to perform. A last gasp attack sees the ball slide in at the near post bringing the score level with the very last kick of the match.

Lodden’s next challenge is to put his iPad down long enough to check his cards, muck them and click through to his next game. Goal. That said he’s well below his starting stack at the moment. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 100-200, 25

3.45pm: Call-muck from Lunkin
Vitaly Lunkin seemed to know he was beat by look of his face when faced with a river bet from Georgios Pittas, but he called anyway.

The two players were heads-up to a 6♣4♦A♥ flop and Lunkin called a c-bet from Pittas. Both players checked the 2♣ turn before the Greek led for 1,250 on the 3♠ river. Lunkin made the call but had to wait a good ten seconds before Pittas tabled A♣10♦. He mucked to drop to 18,000 chips. — MC

3.40pm: Calling big stacks…where are you?
Today’s early play has been slightly less manic than yesterday and there have only been four eliminations (from a bigger field) in the opening two-and-a-half levels. That means that we also haven’t yet seen any huge dominating stacks, with most wealth spread quite wide.

Panagiotis Roxanis is one player who had built up something like 45,000 in these early stages, so it seemed worthwhile watching him for a bit to see if he could add to it. It only took one hand from the observation tower to determine his style, but this one didn’t go in his favour.

Salman Behbehani got it under way, making it 525 from early position. Marvin Rettenmaier called from the hijack, Roxanis called from the button and Georges Yazbeck came along too from the big blind.

That meant there were four of them to a flop: A♣7♣10♥ and all of them checked it. The 5♦ turned and after Yazbeck and Behbehani checked, Rettenmaier bet 1,325. Roxanis called, as did Yazbeck, but Behbehani let his hand go.

So, down to three and a river of 2♦. Yazbeck checked but Rettenmaier bet 3,825. Roxanis didn’t take long before raising to 8,000 and Yazbeck got out the way. Rettenmaier, however, made the call and Roxanis said: “Seven” before turning over K♣7♦.

Rettenmaier flipped his A♥5♥ and that was more than enough. Roxanis still has plenty but is now pulled back into the pack. — HS

3.30pm: Hairabedian chronicles
Speech play doesn’t work on everyone, and the one nationality of player I wouldn’t try it on are Russians. Roger Hairabedian might be thinking the same thing after a recent small pot.

He made a 5x raise to 1,000 from early position and was called in one spot before the action reached Mikhail Korotkikh in the big blind. As the Russian was thinking, Hairabedian piped up with, “If you don’t want to raise only use one chip.”


Roger Hairabedian

Korotkikh looked at him and then grabbed three blue 5,000 chips and threw them in as part of a three-bet to 16,000. Hairabedian folded to drop to 13,000, and the other player folded as well. — MC

3.18pm: Graydon growing pains
Mick Graydon did not get off to a great start here in Loutraki, he was down to 7,000 in the first level. A successful flip has just seen him double up to 18,000 after getting it in and holding with pocket queens to the A♥K♣ of Paul Knebel.

An under-the-gun limp of 200 had picked up one caller before Graydon raised to 1,000 and Kenbel re-raised to 2,450 from the button. The Irishman opted to come back over the top for 8,600 all-in and was quickly called. All fairly standard stuff but should Graydon make it through the day it will mark quite some comeback.

Graydon finished 24th at EPT Tallinn for €7,700 earlier this season after losing with kings to ace-king all-in pre-flop against Ronny Kasier for a chip leading stack. — RD

3.14pm: Gods, goddesses and donkeys
If you could be a Greek god or goddess, which one would you be?

3.10pm: Call, call, call Collado
Jan Collado is fighting back against the might of Theo Jorgensen and Jude Ainsworth and has just taken a sizable chunk out of the Danish Team Pro’s stack. This one said a lot about both the players involved: the relentless pressure Jorgensen is prepared to apply and the solid, gutsy defensive play of the young German.

Collado opened the pot to 450 from mid-position and Jorgensen three bet to 1,100 from the cut off. Collado called and they were heads up to a flop of Q♣2♦5♣. Collado checked, Jorgensen bet 1,700, Collado called. The turn was 4♥. Collado checked, Jorgensen bet 4,000, Collado called. (Anyone see the pattern?)

The river was 2♥ and again Collado checked. Sure enough, again Jorgensen bet, this time making it 11,000 from a stack of about 30,000. Collado, who had about 17,000 in his was faced with a huge decision.

After a good few minutes — an eternity in the lives of these kind of players — Collado threw out one of those calls that said: “I think this is right, but I can’t really be sure.” But it was indeed right. Jorgensen tabled 8♥9♥ and Collado’s 8♣8♠ was good.

Collado thus moves up beyond 35,000 while Jorgensen is down to about 19,000.


Jan Collado

Oh, and don’t expect our near-enough blanket coverage of that particular table to end. They have now recently been joined by Mohsin Charania there, a fourth top level pro around one slab of felt.– HS

3.05pm: Does Lodden have bouncebackability?
Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden ate the super-food at the buffet, or so it seems. He just Tweeted:

“Bam! 5 hands in a row and back to 32k!” — MC

2.55pm: Players are flying out of the door
This title is not exactly accurate. Ognjen Sekularac was just eliminated and he is only the second player, after Filip Verboven, to bust so far today.

Verboven committed his last 12,000 chips on a 5♠2♥8♥ flop with 10♣10♣ but his opponent, Lukasz Grabowski, was sat behind with K♠K♣. The board ran out 9♣7♣ and he wished everyone at his table luck and made his exit. — MC

2.37pm: Post lunch play begins
We’re back after a quick three-course lunch. It’s amazing how much food one can shove down in a 15-minute period. I’m sure we’ll be suffering when that food reaches our stomachs.

Today’s schedule is exactly the same as yesterday’s. We have played two levels and will play five more, meaning a total of seven for today. There will be no dinner break so play will finish at a respectable time. Just in time for the dinner buffet actually. What a marvelous coincidence.


The winner’s trophy and Shamballa bracelet on display

Drinking the ambrosia on the summit of Olympus: Marc Convey, Rick Dacey and Howard Swains.


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