EPT London: You know you make me Antoine Saout!

October 04, 2009

In this job you soon discover many ways in which to humiliate yourself. Falling over a drinks tables for instance or missing a big elimination. I find the easiest way is to ask someone their name. I did this yesterday, following a hand to the finish then asking the winner, a serious looking French guy, what his name was.

“Antoine…” I said Antoine out loud as I wrote the name down. “Saout…” Saout I said. Then I realised I’d just asked a November Nine WSOP main event finalist who he was. I heard the whispers. Who is this guy who didn’t recognise Antoine Saout?

Now bright red I realised I’d never be able to return to that part of the tournament room ever again and I’ve been racked with a crippling fear of asking names ever since, each time running the risk of further trauma as the young guy in sunglasses with all the chips turns out to be the 20 year old killing it online.

There are a few players out there on day two, anonymous to those who don’t know, but held aloft as kings by those who do. Here’s a short list of some of them for me the uninitiated. We lost a lot of good men to shame getting this information…

Petter Petersson


My first introduction to Petter Petersson is one hard to forget. Before I put a name to the face he was just the guy I once saw having a conversation in the doorway of his Dortmund hotel room wearing nothing but his underpants. Now, thankfully, he’s “Slaktarn”, winner of a massive events online, and of course fifth place finisher in Copenhagen last season.

James Obst

_MG_4874_Neil Stoddart.jpg

To me some he’s the young guy in the green hoodie now up to more than 200,000. But to those familiar with his cashes online, not to mention his WCOOP bracelet, he’s “Andy McLEOD”, among other aliases, a name likely to one day become a verb: to dominate.

Chris Moorman

_MG_4902_Neil Stoddart.jpg

More than just a man from Woking, “Moorman” is consistently one of the top ten online players, Obsting tournaments and cash games having never deposited more than $10, down in part to a hyper-aggressive fearlessness when it comes to getting his chips in.

Christian Harder

_MG_4928_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Won a WCOOP event and came second in a $200 second chance tournament on the same school night. His conversion to live poker has been powered with a similar divine wind, reaching the PCA final table 18 months ago – his first major live tournament. His winnings of the live kind now exceed $1.2 million.


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