EPT LONDON: The Updated Beginning

October 01, 2005

Updated below

Indeed, folks, it appears we have a connection from the home of the European Poker Tour in London. After several hours of running around and sweating, it appears we will not only have a tournament here, but also some tournament coverage. Keep your eyes here. Once things get rolling, I’ll get everything updated and let you know what’s going on.

At the moment, there are a couple of hundred sweaty folks standing in a line to find out whether they’ll be playing today’s flight or Saturday’s.

Back with some real reporting in a bit.


The fight here is not so much about the players’ choice in footwear, the lack of a wireless connection, or the gross influx of players who arrived at 2:30pm sharp for the flight draw. While those issues have all been points of contention, the biggest issue now is, indeed, getting this shindig underway. In the interim, however, I’ve scrounged up some numbers and matters of protocol that may be of some interest to the folks reading at home.

While the final number of players is still a matter of question, there is little doubt we’ll hit very close to the 256-player maximum. Those players are currently being split into two flights, one of which is scheduled to begin today at 4:00pm. The second flight of players will play tomorrow at 3pm.

As it currently stands, both flights will play until either 4am or until the flight is winnowed down to 12 players. Given that we reach 12 players each day (I’ll concede to having my doubts), the final 24 players will begin Sunday at 2:30pm and play until there is a winner. The final table is scheduled be eight-players strong.

Each player will begin with 10,000 in chips. The blinds will begin at 25/50 and go up every hour or so. It appears at this point that the top 24 players here will be making the money.

Among the familiar faces I’ve seen so far: Baard Dahl, Luca Pagano, Isabelle Mercier, Chris Moneymaker, Greg Raymer, Xanthos Bambos, Noah “Exclusive” Boeken, Mike Lacey of Antes Up, John Caldwell of PokerNews, Tony G., among many other well-known online players who I’ve yet to determine their superhero identies.

It appears we may be getting close to an actual “shuffle up and deal” moment. With that, I suspect, the real fun, and hence, real reporting should begin.

Back in a bit.


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