EPT London: Picture a room full of poker tables…

October 02, 2009

Take a look around. What do you see? Well, wipe the sleep from your eyes and you’ll find a couple of interesting match ups to focus on for a while. Shaun Deeb and Andrew Chen; Teddy Sheringham and Marcel Luske; Carter Phillips and Erik Seidel; even Michael Greco, Florian Langmann and Barny Boatman. There are just three people at Sebastian Ruthenberg’s table. There’s no one next to him.

We’ve already had drama. Set over set has pretty much ruined Ben Wilinofski’s day, his sixes thrashed to the ground by nines. “I’ve won every pot,” he joked to Shaun Deeb, he just happened to lose one very big one. Chin up lad, as we say around here. Well some might.

Then there’s the Marc Goodwin table, a shoe-in for the feature spot had that not been taken by the EPT London High Roller final currently being shown on EPTLive. In order it’s Goodwin, Luca Falaschi, Mark Teltscher, two guys I’m sure we’ll know soon, Johnny Lodden, newest member of Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern, and another guy with a chance to make a name for himself.


Marc Goodwin, with book, back in Barcelona

Goodwin looks like he’s been playing non-stop since his heads up Barcelona encounter with Carter Phillips. He still wears the short-brimmed trilby and stripy shirt. He looks fresh. But then so does everyone. This being the first level clothes are still recently pressed, hair recently lacquered, Ed Hardy recently shined. As yet there are no effects from the coffee, cheese sandwiches and cigarette breaks still to come that will crack the clean living veneer. To adopt the poker player lifestyle one must adopt these standards, forgoing vegetables, daylight and current affairs.

For Goodwin the latter is the Stu Unger biography he’s still reading, having thumbed through it during his EPT Barcelona campaign.

“So you don’t read between tournaments?” I asked.
“This is the only time I’m really bored in my life – I have to read!” he replied, adding the astute point that it keeps him from playing too many pots.

Two in a row for the Englishman? Home field advantage has helped before.


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