EPT London: Late Night Poker

October 01, 2005

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Card protector given to the event’s participants

In the land of televised poker, there is the oft-referenced Feature Table. Many folks speak of it with a hushed reverence, as though an appearance there somehow bestows upon the seated some sort of poker legend. To be fair, most folks playing at this level has some legendary quality inside them, even if it hasn’t yet been realized. Nonetheless, until the feature table becomes the final table, in most cases, those appearing on TV just happen to be seated with someone or multiple someones who the TV producers find interesting.

The second feature table of the tournament

After an afternoon and early evening in which 2004 WSOP champ Greg Raymer rolled over his featured table, the producers were ready for a change. They found a table that the TV viewers in the UK might remember from the old days of cult-favorite “Late Night Poker.” Currently sitting undder the TV lights are El Blondie Dave Colclough and Simon “Aces” Trumper, two British stalwarts.

Simon “Aces” Trumper

The “Late Night Poker” boys’ return to televison has relegated Greg Raymer to a corner table in a second-floor tourney room. It hasn’t seemed to slow his progress. The relection from his WSOP bracelet is lighting the room nicely as he rakes the pots.

2004 WSOP champion Greg Raymer

At around 10pm local time, the field had been thinned to about half its starting size. As the bustouts are happening on a fairly regular basis, it’s hard to say at this momenthow many are left. Of some, however, I am sure.

David Clayton, Season 1 EPT Vienna final table finisher

Kirill Gerasimov, Russian heads-up champ, and WPT final table finisher

Anders Berg, PokerStars World Cup of Poker runner up Team Norway member

It’s now just after 11pm and the evening promises another five hours of play. The bar glasses are tinkling with Guinness cheer. Myself, I’m sticking to the Diet Cokes in anticipation of a late, late night of poker.


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