EPT London: Nikolai Senninger surges into day-end lead

October 04, 2009


It was London, there were a bunch of poker players, some were good, others not so much, they played some poker and some got knocked out. The end.

If ever we’ve been tempted to publish our much loved “econo-wrap”, today was the day. The attempt to distill the nine levels of play we have just seen into a shot-sized, downable measure is one that might just be beyond us. There were 426 players who lined up, building this field into a record-breaking 730. And at every corner there was a superstar: simply too many to track across the galaxy.

_MG_3388_Neil Stoddart.jpg

If our late night telescopes were adequately focused, though, the brightest-burning sun at day’s end is Nikolai Senninger, a young German player who won a 300,000+ pot in the final four hands and rocketed into the chip lead. He blazed past Jeff Lisandro (236,600) and Andreas Johansson (184,000) right at the death, but those three will all be in and around the lead on tomorrow’s consolidated day two.

_MG_4511_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Nikolai Senninger

_MG_4166_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Jeff Lisandro

For the purposes of brevity, though, let’s continue this analogy and play a little television game-show-style exercise called “SUPERNOVA OR GAME OVER”, which should give an overview of how some of these folk fared today. You’re not going to need an astrophysics degree to understand the rules, so let’s crack right on.

(The top prize here, by the way, is £850,000, and the full list of payouts are here.)

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier? The correct answer, Bob, is GAME OVER, late in level eight. Team PokerStars Asia Pro Raymond Wu? SUPERNOVA! Wu had a terrific first day on the European Poker Tour and bagged up 130,000.

_MG_4273_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Raymond Wu

Let’s pick up the pace: Dario Minieri? GAME OVER. Barry Shulman? SUPERNOVA: 142,500. Quicker: Brenes, Raymer, Hachem, Gomes, Mercier, Maceiras, Strassmann, Alvarado, Salles, Akenhead, Thew, Mizzi, Vaswani, Hansen, Dwan and Becker. All GAME OVERS, I’m afraid.

_MG_4487_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Barry Schulman

But have some more SUPERNOVAS: Annette Obrestad, JC Tran, Dave Ulliot, JP Kelly, Antoine Saout. They’ll all be coming back tomorrow. Follow this blinking thing to the approximate counts for now, which will magically become official overnight.


If you want a more considered run through of all this, take a leisurely perusal through our complete coverage of the day. It’s all brilliant.

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It’s all also available in German, Italian and Swedish, if that gets you off. And there are plenty of video blogs at PokerStars.tv.

Static photos come (c) Neil Stoddart. That’s it from us: night night!


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