EPT London High Roller: Level 21 updates

October 02, 2009


Live updates from day two and three, level 21 of the EPT London High Roller event brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 20,000-40,000 (4,000 ante)

5.12pm: Vaeza vanquished
Adolfo Vaeza, Uruguay, out in fourth, earning £141,000
Our super-amiable Uruguayan Adolfo Vaeza has now departed, and we’ll all be sorry to see him go. It looked like a min-raise pre-flop, called by Erik Cajelais, and the flop came 9♣10♦9♦. Vaeza bet 100,000 and Cajelais called. Then Vaeza insta-moved all in on the turn of 10♣. Cajelais couldn’t call quick enough and showed 9♥Q♣. Vaeza has A♣6♣ for the flush draw. It didn’t hit though and Vazea left the building.

5.10pm: Back
Players have returned and Eugene Katchalov is the daddy.

Eugene Katchalov, USA, 1,842,000
Matt Glantz, USA, 675,000
Erik Cajelais, Canada, 630,000
Adolfo Vaeza, Uruguay, 617,000

4.50pm: Break
There was less than 10 minutes remaining in the level so the players asked to take the break early. Their wish was granted. We’ll be back in 15.

4.46pm: Fernadez gone
Leo Fernandez, Argentina, out in fifth, earning £104,000
The final Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez is out. Eugene Katchalov raises to 100,000 and Leo Fernandez moves all in. Katchalov calls! Fernandez has Q♣10♣ and is behind Katchalov’s K♣Q♥. The flop gives Fernandez a draw — J♥9♠7♦ — but the turn is emphatically against him. It comes 10♥ filling Katchalov’s straight and sending Fernandez to the rail.

4.45pm: Glantz and Katchalov
The two chip leaders get to a cheap flop. It comes 7♦K♥J♦. They both check it, then the turn comes K♦ and a bet of 60,000 from Katchalov wins.

4.40pm: Pause
There’s a brief pause for televisual reasons, I think – ie, some gadget or another has expired. Hold tight.

4.30pm: Chips
These are the five-handed chip counts:

Eugene Katchalov, USA, 1,157,000
Erik Cajelais, Canada, 764,000
Adolfo Vaeza, Uruguay, 701,000
Matt Glantz, USA, 649,500
Leo Fernandez, Argentina, Team PokerStars Pro, 493,000

4.20pm: Sahamies slain
Ilari Sahamies, Finland, out in sixth, earning £74,000

It’s all fairly standard: Eugene Katchakov and Ilari Sahamies get it all in pre-flop. Sahamies has A♣10♥ and Katchakov has J♦J♣ and the board runs out dry. Sahamies is gone taking one average buy in £74,000.

4.15pm: Hmmmm
Matt Glantz opens for 100,000 and Ilari Sahamies moves all in for his last 130,000. Leo Fernandez dwells and then shoves all in himself, for 600,000 total. Glantz is befuddled and folds and the hands are shown. The befuddlement only increases: Fernandez has 8♣3♣ (!!!!) and Sahamies has 6♣4♥. What the..?

The flop has a six on it and Sahamies doubles in a bonkers, bonkers hand.

4.10pm: Cajelais doubles
Erik Cajelais just doubled through Ilari Sahamies, leaving Ziigmund in peril. Cajelais moves in pre-flop, Sahamies calls and the hands are exposed. Sahamies is ahead at the start with his A♦2♥ versus Cajelais’ Q♠8♥ but two eights on the flop give Cajelais the win. He’s back.

4.05pm: Another level
This is getting expensive. The six remaining players are now posting blinds of 20,000-40,000 before a card is even dealt. A few all ins are imminent I fancy.

th_MG_2157_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ilari Sahamies and Leo Fernandez


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