EPT London High Roller: Level 20 updates

October 02, 2009


Live updates from day two and three, level 20 of the EPT London High Roller event brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 15,000-30,000 (3,000 ante)

3.57pm: Sahamies doubles
Ilari Sahamies moves all in pre-flop for his last 200,000 and Leo Fernandez insta-calls, which can only be bad news for Ziigmund. So it seems: Sahamies has A♦3♥ and Fernandez has 8♦8♠. The A♣ on the flop though is great for Sahamies and he’s now got something to play with.

3.56pm: Cajelais all in
And no one calls.

3.55pm: Katchalov takes chip lead
Erik Cajelais and Eugene Katchalov get it all in pre-flop in another “classic race situation”. Cajelais has A♥Q♠ and Katchalov has 10♣10♥ and on the board of 2♣2♦2♠5♦3♣, Katchalov wins the 900,000-odd pot.

Cajelais is down to about 200,000.

3.50pm: Chips
This is entering crap-shoot territory with the blinds eating through these stacks:

Leo Fernandez: 854,000
Adolfo Vaeza: 784,000
Matt Glantz: 726,500
Erik Cajelais: 706,500
Eugene Katchalov: 498,500
Ilari Sahamies: 195,000

3.45pm: All in. No call.
It’s all about all ins at the moment with the blinds gobbling up even the big stacks. Eugene Katchalov raises 85,000 pre-flop and Matt Glantz re-raises all in for 335,000 more. Ilari Sahamies looks like he’s about to come along, but folds, and Katchalov also gets out the way.

3.40pm: I go to the bathroom
I’m sorry, but I did. Nothing notable happened at the poker table in my absence, I am reliably informed, and we continue on.

3.30pm: Fernandez fires
Erik Cajelais raises pre-flop to 70,000 and Leo Fernandez moves all in for 609,000. That seems to confuse Cajelais and he thinks for a long time before folding. But it he felt confused then, heaven knows what he thought when Fernandez flashed him a 3♦. Hmmm.

3.25pm: Ace high good
In an unraised pot, Matt Glantz and Ilari Sahamies check it all the way on a board of K♣10♠8♣J♥4♦. Glantz’s ace high wins it.

3.20pm: Sahamies all in
Ilari Sahamies moves all in from first position pre-flop. It’s about 240,000 and he has five others to get through. You know what? He does.

3.13pm: Phillips runs into Fernandez; busts
Dennis Phillips, USA, out in sixth, earning £60,000
The Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips has just run headlong into his colleague Leo Fernandez and is out of this tournament. Phillips shoved pre-flop for his last 240,000-odd and Fernandez took a good while to call, but made it.

Phillips had A♣3♥ and Fernandez had J♥10♦. The flop brought something for both: 3♠8♣9♦ and although the 5♠ was a blank, the Q♥ on the river filled Fernandez’s straight. Phillips is no more.

3.10pm: Glantz
Matt Glantz has been one of the less active players and has, as a result, consolidated a pretty good stack. Just recently he put in a pre-flop raise from the button — to 80,000 — and it was good.

3pm: Return
Players have returned to level 20. They’re sitting behind these stacks:

Adolfo Vaeza: 832,000
Eugene Katchalov: 740,500
Erik Cajelais: 740,500
Matt Glantz: 443,500
Leo Fernandez: 429,000
Ilari Sahamies: 318,000
Dennis Phillips: 261,000

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