EPT London High Roller: Level 19 updates

October 02, 2009


Live updates from day two and three, level 19 of the EPT London High Roller event brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 10,000-20,000 (2,000 ante)

2.45pm: Break time

Players are now taking a 15-minute break at the end of level 19. I’ll get their chip counts and stuff like that. Then, probably, a coffee. Why don’t you do the same and join us back here in a jiffy.

2.40pm: A long fold
Erik Cajelais, as is his wont, raises to 50,000 from early position. Leo Fernandez, as is his wont, sits back, takes a swig of coffee, eats a mint, shares his mints with Adolfo Vaeza and then Cajelais, and then folds. All in his own, sweet, Latin American time.

2.35pm: Small clash
Erik Cajelais raises to 50,000 pre-flop and his lone customer is Ilari Sahamies. They see a flop of A♠9♣4♦ and they check it all the way, through a turn J♥ and river 6♥. Cajelais, whatever he had, wins.

2.30pm: Down to seven
Shane Reihill, Ireland, out in eighth earning £45,000
Shane Reihill and Adolfo Vaeza get it all in pre-flop and it’s another one of those races. Reihill has A♥K♥ and Vaeza has Q♥Q♠ and says: “God save the queens” as they’re exposed. That endears him to the British crowd, and to the dealer. The board has two hearts on it, but the third doesn’t come and Reihill is out. Vaeza is now the chip leader with about 800,000.

2.30pm: Flattening
It’s all got very flat here, in terms of chip stacks I mean. Here they are as we approach the end of the day’s second level:

Eugene Katchalov: 700,500
Erik Cajelais: 646,500
Matt Glantz: 491,500
Shane Reihill: 436,000
Adolfo Vaeza: 421,000
Ilari Sahamies: 394,000
Leo Fernandez: 394,000
Dennis Phillips: 354,000

2.25pm: Vaeza bullies Reihill
Shane Reihill opens for 45,000 and Adolfo Vaeza makes it 100,000. Reihill doesn’t like it and folds.

2.20pm: A hand. Oh no. Not really
Erik Cajelais makes it 50,000 and Eugene Katchalov makes a reraise. They’ve been very rare here, but Katchalov bumps it to 126,000 and we all get very excited. Ilari Sahamies then goes deep into the tank, seemingly thinking about making a move and the excitement is ramped up a further notch. But the comedown is quick: Sahamies folds as does Cajelais and that’s that.

2.10pm: Phillips’ comeback gathers pace
Dennis Phillips has doubled up through Leo Fernandez. Phillips moves in pre-flop and Fernandez is the lone taker. Phillips shows 9♠9♣ and is racing against Fernandez’s A♥K♥. This time the smaller pair wins out on a dry board, and Phillips is back in this one with 348,000. Fernandez has 434,000 and has relinquished the chip lead to Erik Cajelais again, who is the only player with more than 700,000.

2.05pm: Cajelais wins one
It’s not been all going Erik Cajelais’ way today, but he has just won a small pot from Leo Fernandez. The Argentinian raises to 58,000 and Cajelais defends from the small blind. The flop comes K♦2♥K♣ and Cajelais fires 80,000 at it, which is enough to get Fernandez to fold, after his customary dwell.

2pm: Here’s how they stand

Erik Cajelais: 640,500
Leo Fernandez: 617,000
Eugene Katchalov: 560,500
Matt Glantz: 537,500
Shane Reihill: 484,000
Ilari Sahamies: 398,000
Adolfo Vaeza: 312,000
Dennis Phillips: 161,000

1.50pm: Phillips doubles
The new level begins with Dennis Phillips almost all in in the big blind of 20,000. Eugene Katchalov raises to 46,000 and it’s only Phillips who sees a flop with him, agreeing to under-call all in before he even looks at his hole cards. But he’s delighted to find 10♥10♣ when they’re exposed, and they stay good against Katchalov’s A♦8♦, even though a couple of diamonds on the board make him sweat. Phillips is back up to six big blinds now, although still a short stack.


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