EPT London High Roller: Level 18 updates

October 02, 2009


Live updates from day two and three, level 18 of the EPT London High Roller event brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 8,000-16,000 (1,500 ante)

1.50pm: Double-up for Ziigmund
Ilari Sahamies reraised Dennis Phillips’ opener, moving all in for his last 195,000. Phillips insta-called and it was queens for Phillips against Sahamies’ A♥K♠. The “classic race situation”. This time Ziigmund won out, when a king flopped and another turned, crippling Phillips and putting Sahamies right back in it.

1.45pm: Again? Again. Wow, big hand
For the fourth time in this orbit, Shane Reihill moves all in pre-flop for 239,000. This time, Adolpho Vaeza fancies it and asks for a count. With two players still to act behind him, Vaeza calls, but they go to the flop heads up. They both have genuine hands: A♦K♥ for Reihill, but he’s behind Vaeza’s K♣K♠. An ace on the turn though is Reihill’s magic card and he doubles through.

Vaeza is now down to about 236,000; Reihill has close to 500,000 and is right back in it.

1.41pm: Three-on-the-spin
Shane Reihill moves all in pre-flop again. Once again, he wins. He is now the second-short stack, with Ilari Sahamies adopting that dubious honour.

1.40pm: Reihill moves in II
As with the previous update, Shane Reihill moves all in pre-flop, this time a total of 163,000. It’s folded to the chip leader Leo Fernandez who goes deep into the tank. I’ve seen him do this all week: he’s been taking his time about these big decisions, but usually coming up with the right answer. Once he made a mathematically-accurate call with 9♥7♥ and it was good. Anyhow, this time he folds so we’ll never know. Reihill takes another small one.

1.35pm: Reihill moves in
Shane Reihill’s last 128,500 magically finds its way into the middle pre-flop, from the cut off. And then they’re slid back, picking up blinds and antes, after everyone folds.

Have a photo:

th_MG_3095_Neil Stoddart.jpg

A photo. Today.

1.30pm: Phillips out-muscles Cajelais
Erik Cajelais makes it 40,000 pre-flop and Dennis Phillips shoves all in over the top, a total of 209,500. Cajelais folds and Phillips is “up” to 270,000.

1.25pm: Tight
If you were listening to James Hartigan and Nick Wealthall in the EPT Live commentary box, you’d know that the pair of them are whinging on about how tight this final table has been so far. You know what? They’re right. It’s incredibly tight.

Four players are vying for the chip lead: Leo Fernandez, Erik Cajelais, Matt Glantz and Eugene Katchalov. The other four are all short-stacked.

1.20pm: Short-stacks go to war
Two of the shorter-stacked gentlemen (no, not like that) Shane Reihill and Adolfo Vaeza get involved. Reihill makes it 37,000 pre-flop and Vaeza re-raises to 100,000 and Reihill folds.

1.15pm: The worst walk
The short-stacked Ilari Sahamies gets a walk in the big blind but doesn’t particularly want it: he looks down at ace-king. Hilarity ensues.

Something that isn’t funny is the chip count page. But it’s just been updated. So click through. Please.


1.10pm: Katchalov catches Cajelais at it
In a battle of the blinds – Cajelais making up Eugene Katchakov’s big blind – the flop comes 4♣A♥6♠. Both players check. The turn is 2♠ and Cajelais bets 22,000, which Katchalov calls. The river is 8♣ and Cajelais bets 50,000, which Katchalov also calls. Cajelais shows J-8 for a pair of eights; Katchalov has A-7 for top pair.

On the next hand, Dennis Phillips moves his short stack in pre-flop and takes the blinds and antes.

1.06pm: Glantz tries it on, wins
Matt Glantz raises to 42,000 pre-flop and Erik Cajelais calls from the big blind. The flop comes 6♦3♠8♥ and a continuation bet of 61,000 from Glantz, into the other big stack, gets through.

Cajelais is down to 689,000 now, and is third in chips behind Glantz and Leo Fernandez, who have taken pots from him this afternoon.

1.05pm: Reihill moves
Shane Reihill made a pre-flop raise and took it down. And my computer lasted the last five minutes. All great news.

Here are the final table players:


1pm: Two reasons…
…for the lack of updates so far. First: the poker has been remarkably sedate with nary a three-bet in sight. Second: my computer collapsed and spent 15 minutes with its back off, its battery out and a bemused, fuming owner peering at it perplexed. That seemed to work.

12.45pm: Fernandez flies out the blocks
It’s been a terrific start for Leo Fernandez, who won the first three hands in a row. First up, he re-raised Ilari Sahamies’ pre-flop raise and took that one down. The second hand, Fernandez button-raised and Erik Cajelais called 48,000. The flop was J♦3♠5♦ and Cajelais bet 120,000. Fernandez reraised all in for 473,000 and Cajelais folded.

On the third hand, Fernandez stabbed at a flop of 7♦2♥2♠ and won.

12.30pm: Play due to start; players missing
Play is due to begin, although a couple of players are missing. One of them – at least for 10 minutes – was Ilari Sahamies, although he’s back now. Woo!

_MG_1325_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ilari Sahamies


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