EPT London High Roller: Level 16 updates

October 01, 2009


Live updates from day two, level 16 of the EPT London High Roller event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 5,000-10,000 (700 ante)

7.16pm: A flop, turn and well, that’s something
Eric Cajelais opened for 25,000 pre-flop from the cut off. Eugene Katchalov called on the button and suddenly we had a hand. On the flop Q♦7♣J♠ Cajelais checked the Katchalov who made it 35,000, called by Cajelais. On the 7♥ turn Cajelais checked again. Now 80,000 from Katchalov. Cajelais thought about it and counted chips but eventually folded.

7.05pm: Big bubble
No one wants to bust now and leave with nothing. It explains the slow down in action that to the casual onlooker might appear a tad tedious. But these guys are looking to stay in for one more place, ensuring they are guaranteed at least £45,000.

Just for the record, recent raise and takes have come from Leo Fernandez, Matt Glantz, Erik Cajelais and Ilari Sahamies. In fact, just about all of them have had a pop, meaning the chips are quite literally being passed around the table.

6.55pm: Reihill all-in
Opening for 22,000 Katchalov was re-rasied all-in by Irishman Shane Reihill for 170,000 total. Katchalov thought about it but passed. We play on.

6.50pm: Joel Nordkvist moved all-in
No takers.

6.40pm: Flicking hell
Ilari Sahamies opened for 26,000 pre-flop from mid position. Eric Cajelais called from the button for a 10♠6♣5♦ flop. Another 40,000 from Sahamies now but Cajelais upped to 100,000. That ended this one too. Sahamies flicked his cards away.

6.35pm: Nordkvist in action
Joel Nordkvist opened for 23,500 from the button. Eugene Katchalov asked how much and it was 155,000. He called from the big blind, ready to take on the short stack. The flop came 7♠K♠4♥. Katchalov checked while Nordkvist made it 25,000. Katchalov plonked a tower of yellows in worth 100,000. That ended it. Nordkvist down further to 120,000.

6.25pm: The state we’re in
One off the money and you can tell. Matthew Glantz opened for 26,000 and got no takers. He’d do the same again with the same results. The only hand to get further than pre-flop involved Dennis Phillips. He opened for 26,000. Ilari Sahamies folded so he could eat more egg sandwich and mushroom soup. It was called by Eric Cajelais for a A♣3♦J♦ flop. Phillips made it 61,000. Cajelais folded. The end.

6.15pm: Final nine
It’s a final table but it’s not a final table. After a short break, nine players have returned after a redraw. They are:

Seat 1: Eugene Katchalov – 440,000
Seat 2: Shane Reihill – 225,000
Seat 3: Matt Glantz – 370,000
Seat 4: Dennis Phillips – 355,000
Seat 5: Ilari Sahamies – 300,000
Seat 6: Leo Fernandez – 305,000
Seat 7 – Adolfo Vaeza – 470,000
Seat 8 – Joel Nordkvist – 180,000
Seat 9 – Erik Cajelais – 960,000

This is the bubble.

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