EPT London High Roller: Level 14 updates

October 01, 2009


Live updates from day two, level 14 of the EPT London High Roller event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 3,000-6,000 (500 ante)

4.45pm: Break
That’s the end of the level and we’re taking 15 minutes until level 15 begins.

4.30pm: Crushing
Erik Cajelais is crushing this event now and is closing in on 800,000. The full counts for the remaining 12 are now on the chip counts page. Cajelais has about 780,000, ahead of Matt Glantz with 430,000 and Dennis Phillips with 410,000.


4.20pm: Katchalov catches
Ilari Sahamies brings new depths to the word emotionless. He barely blinked as his pocket kings were slain by Eugene Katchakov’s pocket nines, all in pre-flop. Joel Nordkvist raised pre-flop to 15,500, Katchalov shoved for about 140,000 more and Sahamies called. Nordkvist declined to come along. Sahamies showed K♦K♣; Katchalov showed 9♦9♥ but a 9♠ on the flop meant Nordkvist caught up. Sahamies simply turned his kings over, flicked them into the muck, and started counting out the chips. He’s down to about 250,000.

4.12pm: Dario’s day is done
Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri has had a characteristically colorful day. Soaring in chips one moment, losing them the next. He just busted in the fourth hand he had raised in a row. Erik Cajelais was the executioner…

Minieri raised to 17,000, Cajelais made it 50,000, Minieri moved all in for only 30,000 or so more, call:

Minieri: A♥Q♣
Cajelais: A♠K♠

Any hopes for the Italian were soon dashed as the dealer put out 10♥K♦7♣7♦9♥.

We’re now down to the last 12.

4.05pm: Smith straight to the slaughter
Justin Smith is out, and although it was a fairly standard elimination taken in isolation, the way it played out was pretty cruel. He shoved pre-flop for his last 50,000-odd and it was folded to Leo Fernandez in the big blind. Fernandez had plenty of chips to spare, so called with his 7♥9♥. Smith showed A♦6♦.

The window card of the flop was horrid for Smith — it was the 9♣. But the rest of the flop was the terrific A♠6♠, making a double-up seem hugely likely. The turn, though, swung it back the other way slightly: 8♥ and the river was an emphatic and tournament-ending 10♠, giving Fernadez the straight.

4.02pm: Marigliano goes home
Marcello Marigliano was busted by Ilari Sahamies in a classic race. 9♦9♣ for Sahamies, A♥Q♣ for the Italian and nothing changed on the board to save his skin. We’re down to 14 players.

3.56pm: Frisky Fernandez
Leo Fernandez, the Team PokerStars Pro from Argentina does not play many hands compared to some of the free spirits remaining, and that may explain how he got this one through.

He raised to 17,000 and got called by the ever-busy Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies to his immediate left. They saw a 2♣3♥7♠ flop and Fernandez checked. Sahamies bet 22,000. Call. The 10♣ turn saw Fernandez move all in for 95,000. Sahamies tanked a few minutes before folding, only to be shown A♦K♠ by the Argentine. Red-faced, the Fin tried to recall his hand from the muck, but it was too late.

Fernandez moves over 200,000.

3.45pm: Fifteen for it
William Thorson’s elimination was the last action of level 13 and the last 15 players are now trying to capture that final table spot. The payout structure, incidentally, is on the prizewinner’s page.

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William Thorson


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