EPT London High Roller: Level 13 updates

October 01, 2009


Live updates from day two, level 13 of the EPT London High Roller event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 2,500-5,000 (500 ante)

3.40pm: Thorson downed
William “William” Thorson is out “out” out. He limped from early position, setting off a domino-limping effect. Five players saw the flop of 9♥5♥2♠. After it was checked to him, Thorson bet 15,000 and all got out of the way except Matt Glantz in the big blind, who made it 34,000. Call from Thorson and they were heads up. The turn came Q♣ and Glantz shoved all in, easily covering Thorson. The Swede called and showed A♣9♣ for top pair, top kicker. But Glantz’s 9-5 was better and the river blanked to end Thorson’s day.

3.34pm: Sahamies up again
Ilari Sahamies is back in the thick of it, winning a race against Justin Smith. Sahamies opened for 14,000, then Joel Nordkvist on his left re-popped to 45,000. But it didn’t end there – Smith pushed all in for around 140,000.

Sahamies called and his tournament was now at risk, Nordkvist folded, and they were on their backs:

Sahamies: Q♠Q♣
Smith: A♦K♠

The board ran 2♣4♥8♣10♣4♣ giving the Fin a flush and a double up to around 260,000. Smith is in the danger zone, down to 40,000.

3.30pm: Some pictures
It’s been very frantic today, what with technical gremlins and all, and we’ve not had much chance to upload many pictures. But here’s a quick attempt to redress that. These four are all still in and going strong:

_MG_1459_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Matt Glantz

_MG_1340_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Leo Fernandez

_MG_1422_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Dennis Phillips

_MG_1380_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Dario Minieri

3.15pm: Redraw and chips
Tournament officials have made a redraw and the line up of the two remaining tables is as follows:

1 – Dario Minieri – 260,000
2 – William Thorson – 140,000
3 – Andrew Feldman – 120,000
4 – Vicky Coren – 85,000
5 – Adolpho Vaeza – 330,000
6 – Will Molson – 240,000
7 – Erik Cajelais – 560,000
8 – Matt Glantz – 370,000

1 – Marcello Marigliano – 90,000
2 – Eugene Katchalov – 240,000
3 – Shane Reihill – 395,000
4 – Leo Fernandez – 130,000
5 – Ilari Sahamies – 140,000
6 – Joel Nordkvist – 230,000
7 – Justin Smith – 190,000
8 – Dennis Phillips – 430,000

3.10pm: Down to 16

There are now 16 players left on two tables. Full counts on the way, but the clear leader is now Erik Cajelais, who has 560,000. Dennis Phillips has also had a remarkable day and is on 430,000.

3pm: Cajelais catches queens; bad news for Ziigmund
Ilari Sahamies has just lost a monster pot to Erik Cajelais, which effectively swaps their position in the chip ladder. Cajelais is up to 400,000 and Ziigmund down to about 120,000. It was sixes against queens, all in pre-flop, and the better hand, Cajelais’, stood up.

Meanwhile William Thorson just doubled up through Eugene Katchalov with A-Q against A-J all in pre-flop. Thorson has about 90,000.

2.59pm: Chip counts
Our chip counts page is having a right one this afternoon, so we’re going to give it the silent treatment until it starts behaving and show the counts here for now. This is what we’ve got:

Table 1
Ilari Sahamies 410,000
Erik Cajelais 240,000
Shane Reihill 350,000
Justin Smith 135,000
Vicky Coren 110,000
Joel Nordkvist 220,000

Table 2
Will Molson 200,000
Matt Glantz 310,000
Michael Tureniec 180,000
Leo Fernandez 85,000
Dario Minieri 190,000

Table 3
Adolpho Vaeza 380,000
Andrew Feldman 90,000
Marcello Marigliano 25,000
Dennis Phillips 360,000
William Thorson 60,000
Eugene Katchalov 210,000
Juha Helppi 105,000

2.55: Phillips on a charge
Team PokerStars Pro Dennis Phillips is sitting behind a monster 400,000 stack. We did not see any crucial double ups for the former WSOP Main Event final table player, but he must surely have had one at some stage this morning.

Nevertheless, he’s using his big stack aggressively, and is now raising and taking on a table that still includes the warring William Thorson, Andrew Feldman and Juha Helppi.

2.52: Bloom withers
Tony Bloom is out, busted in a classic race against Shane Reihill. Reihill had raised on the button and Bloom wasted no time in moving all in for his last 125,000 from the big blind with Q♠Q♦. Reihill agonised over a call, but eventually did so, showing A♠K♣. Things looked bright for Bloom as the board ran J♠7♦5♥10♣, but the river was the killer K♦.

Irishman Reihill, who just before took a nice pot pre-flop from Ilari Sahamies, is now up to 350,000.

2.45pm: Missing
A chill wind has blown through this tournament in the past hour or so, taking with it Mike McDonald, Masaaki Kagawa and Erin McNiff, all of whom are missing in action.

2.35pm: Glantz and the ladies
Matt Glantz, armed with pocket queens, has just eliminated both Sorel Mizzi and Humberto Brenes on the same hand. They all got it in pre-flop, the short-stacked Brenes with A♠Q♣, the shorter-stacked Mizzi with A♣9♥ but Glantz, who had them both covered, had Q♠Q♥. The flop brought back-door straight possibilities for Brenes, but all his calling for a jack didn’t bring it and Glantz took it down. We now have 19 players.

2.30pm: New level
And ever onward. We’re now playing 2,500-5,000 with a 500 ante. There are 21 players remaining. The target, remember, is a final table of eight by the end of the day.

These two are out front:

_MG_1375_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Adolpho Vaeza

_MG_1368_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ilari Sahamies


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