EPT London: Flight #1 finishes up

October 01, 2005

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It took another brutal beat to end the night. With only 13 players remaining, on the virtual money bubble, El Blondie himself limped in from the small blind with A6. Kirill Gerasimov checked his option with J7 suited in clubs. The flop came down with 866 with two clubs. They got all in and Gerasimov rivered the flush. That left us with twelve players.

Mark Teltsher (London) 232,200
J. Helness (Sweden) 190,200
Kirill Gerasimov (Russia) 175,100
David Shallow 133,700
Daniel Burke (USA) 116,000
Ram Vaswani (Great Britain) 89,500
I. Novak 66,800
Graham Clarkson (Scotland) 52,800
Anthony Girasou 47,800
R. Gryko 29,800
Jaime Ponte 23,500
Frank Callaghan 21,900

Flight #2 begins Saturday at 3pm London time. Keep it right here for all-day, all-night, all-morning coverage.


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