EPT London: Final table, levels 31 32, & 33 updates (150,000-300,000)

October 04, 2010


10.55pm: David Vamplew wins EPT London for £900,000
After a marathon three hours and 14 minutes of heads-up play, in which the lead swung repeatedly from one to the other, David Vamplew finished off John Juanda to take the EPT London title and £900,000 first prize.

In the end, it was a simple hand. Juanda shoved for 3.4million and Vamplew called. It was a title-deciding showdown:

Juanda: K♦2♦
Vamplew: A♣3♥

Juanda was dominated in chips and now needed to catch to stay alive, but the flop came a devastating 3♠A♦10♠, giving Vamplew two pair. Juanda needed runner-runner to stay alive, but the 9♠ turn killed him off. The 6♠ river mattered not.

Juanda gets £545,000 for his second place.

A full wrap of today’s exciting final will be with you shortly. To review the payouts from the whole event, visit the payout page. — SY


EPT London winner David Vamplew

10.50pm: We have a winner
David Vamplew is the EPT London champion. Details on the final hand coming up. — MC

10.45pm: Juanda down to shoving stack
John Juanda is down to 11 big blinds after David Vamplew caught him bluff raising. Vamplew min-raised from the button and then c-bet for 775,000 on a 3♦7♥4♦ board. Juanda raised to 1.8 million and folded when Vamplew shoved. — MC

10.35pm More for Vamplew
John Juanda made it 600,000 and David Vamplew called to see a 8♣8♦K♦ flop. Vamplew then check-called Juanda’s 800,000 bet. Both checked the A♠ turn, but on the J♦ river Vamplew came to life and bet 1.8million to take the pot.

Right now Vamplew has around 18million to Juanda’s 7million. — SY

10.25pm: Vamplew edging ahead
David Vamplew has won the last four hands to edge further ahead of John Juanda. The last one he raised to 600 from the button and was called by Juanda to see a 3♣J♣6♠ flop before the American check-folded to a 725,000 bet. The previous three hands had been won with pre-flop raises or re-raises. — MC

10.15pm: And we’re back to even (again)
Ever felt like you could be stuck somewhere for quite a while? Welcome to our world. A pot for David Vamplew sends both players to level at around 12,500,000. John Juanda has raised to 600,000 and Vamplew called.

Both checked the 6♠4♦2♣ flop, while on the 7♦ turn Vamplew made it 775,000. Call. Finally, on the 5♠ river, Vamplew bet 1,950,000 and after thinking for a few moments, Juanda let it go.

Next hand Vamplew made it 600,000, Juanda made it 1.8million, Vamplew moved all in and… Juanda folded. — SY

10.10pm: Vamplew gets one through
David Vamplew hasn’t had much success leading from the BB on the turn after Juanda checked behind on the flop after being the pre-flop aggressor. The Juanda raise was 600,000 and the flop came 9♦9♠8♥. The turn came 4♥ and Juanda called Vamplew’s lead but folded to his 1.2 million bet on the 10♠ river. — MC

10.03pm: Queen good
Juan Juanda picks up another pot. He called David Zamplew’s 600,000 pre-flop and both checked the 3♣2♠5♦ flop. Juanda bet 900,000 at the Q♠ turn and got a call. On the 10♠ river, Juanda made it 1.5million, and after a little dwell Vamplew made the call. Juanda showed a queen and that was good for the pot. — SY

9.55pm: Vamplew lets one go on the river
David Vamplew folded to a John Juanda river bet after taking a stab on the turn. Juanda raised to 600,000 from the button and the Scot called before both checked the 3♥J♦Q♠ flop. The turn came 10♠ and Vamplew led for 675,000. Juanda looked like he was going to raise but chose the call option. The river came 4♠ and as we already know Vamplew chose the check-fold option. — MC

9.45pm: Knocking each other about
Neither player is making any headway right now – they’re taking it in turns to raise each other out of it pre-flop. — SY

9.38pm: Back underway
The first hand back saw David Vamplew raise to 600,000 but fold to a three-bet from John Juanda. — MC

9.35pm: Still not ready
The two players are having a private discussion. We’ll be under way again shortly. — SY

9.12pm: Break time
John Juanda probably needs a time out and he has it. Back in fifteen minutes. — MC

9.10pm: Nearly evens again
David Vamplew has hit another club flush to double-up but this time it was brutal for John Juanda as the chips went in on the turn when he was holding the nuts.

Juanda raised to 400,000 from the button and was called by Vamplew before both checked the Q♣4♥K♥ flop. The turn came J♣ and Vamplew led for 625,000 only to face a raise to 1,850,000. Vamplew thought through his options before moving all-in and Juanda snap-called with A♠10♥ for a straight. Vamplew tabled A♣6♣ for a flush draw and the river came 3♣ to make his flush. — MC

9.06pm: Juanda this time
David Vamplew made it 400,000 and John Juanda made the call. Both checked the A♠10♥4♥ flop and the 6♣ turn. But on the Q♥ river Juanda bet 600,000 and got a call. Juanda showed Q♦J♦ and the pair was good. — SY

9.03pm: Juanda raised off one
John Juanda raised to 400,000 from the button and was called by Davis Vamplew to go to the 7♣2♠8♣ flop. Vamplew did the old check-raise maneuver when Juanda c-bet for 600,000. The raise to 1.675 million was enough to force the American off his hand. — MC

8.55pm: Double up for Vamplew!
David Vamplew open-shoved with 9♣10♣ and was called by John Juanda with A♥5♠. He need to catch or the title and £900,000 was heading across to Juanda. The flop was a teasing 5♥2♣6♣, but it was not a club but the 10♠ which sent Vamplew into the lead, and the Q♦ river kept him there.

Juanda now has 15million to Vamplew’s 9million. On we go. — SY

8.50pm: In brief
The last three hands have seen two go to John Junada and one to David Vamplew. Vamplew moved all-in the first hand and took the blinds. The next hand Juanda raised and took the blinds and the third hand saw Juanda move all-in after a Vamplew min-raise. Vamplew let his hand go to stay hovering around the four million mark. — MC

8.45pm: Juanda turns the screw
John Juanda extends his lead after this one. He made it 425,000 and David Vamplew made the call. On the 3♦5♥10♥ flop Vamplew bet 575,000 and Juanda called. Then on the 2♥ turn Vamplew bet 1,275,000 and again Juanda called. They both checked the 3♣ river – and Juanda’s A♥2♠ was good for the pot.

He is now up to 20.4million, while Vamplew is down to 4.5million. This is getting tough for the young Scot. — SY

8.38pm: Soul reading
John Juanda had firmly taken control of this heads-up match once again. He raised from the button and then c-bet for 700,000 on the 6♠J♥A♠ flop. David Vamplew called pre-flop and on the flop before both checked the 8♠ turn. Things got really interesting on the 6♥ river as Vamplew check-raised Juanda’s 1.625 million bet up to 4.9 million. Juanda used his famous stare to look deep within Vamplew’s soul before moving all-in. Vamplew gave a resigned smile and folded to move back down to 6.2 million. — MC

8.30pm: Back to square one
Both players are now on 12.5million after John Juanda won a battle of wills. David Vamplew made it 400,000, Juanda re-raised to 1.2million, Vamplew made it 2.4 million – Juanda moved all-in…. and Vamplew folded. — SY

8.24pm: Two barrels enough
John Juanda raised from the button to 425,000 and David Vamplew defended to see a 7♠2♦6♣ flop. He check-called a 700,000 bet before check-folding to a 1.2 million bet on the 5♦ turn. — MC

8.18pm: Vamplew gets some back
David Vamplew made it 400,000 and John Juanda made the call. On the 8♣A♣3♣ flop, Juanda checked, Vamplew bet 525,000 then Juanda check-raised to 1.2million. Vamplew called. On the 2♥ turn Juanda checked then gave it up when Vamplew bet 1.2million more. — SY

8.12pm: Three in- a-row for JJ
John Juanda has won the last three hands in a row. Twice he raised from the button (400k & 425K) and both times David Vamplew called but check-folded to a flop bet. The hand in the middle Juanda received a walk. — MC

8.06pm: Big one for Vamplew
David Vamplew raised to 400,000 and John Juanda called. On the 4♦4♥K♣ flop, Juanda checked, Vamplew bet 375,000 and then Juanda raised it up to 800,000. Call. On the 5♣ turn Juanda made it a hefty 1,550,000 and Vamplew made the call. Things were getting big, but both suddenly slowed to a check on the 5♠ river.

Juanda showed 7♠6♣ for nothing more than 7 high – and Vamplew took the pot with J♥K♦. — SY

8pm: Back
Action is under way again, and David Vamplew took the first hand by three-betting John Juanda to 1.1million. — SY

6.45pm: Dinner Break
There will now a be a one hour dinner break before this match concludes. — MC

6.40pm: Vamplew fights back
David Vamplew;s stack is up to 11,650 million after refusing to be pushed around by John Juanda. He made his usual min-raise and Juanda called to go to the 2♦9♠6♥ flop. Vamplew c-bet for 340,000 only to face a raise to one million. He was having none of it though and got Juanda to fold when he made it 2,430 million.

6.35pm: Juanda folds!
For what must be the first time, John Juanda folds pre-flop to a raise from David Vamplew. — SY

6.32pm: Juanda re-opens lead
John Juanda is back up to 15.1 million chips after taking David Vamplew off a hand on the turn of a K♦J♣4♥10♣ board. Juanda initially raised from the button and called a three-bet to 865,000. Vamplew led for 910,000 on the flop then check-folded to a 1.35 million bet on the turn. — MC

6.20pm: Juanda aggression
David Vamplew bet 320,000 pre-flop, only for John Juanda to come over the top and make it 1million. Vamplew called calmly. On the 4♣K♠7♠ flop, Juanda bet a hefty 1,550,000 and that was too much for Vamplew. — SY

6.16pm: Two small ones for Juanda
John Juanda has taken two small pots off David Vamplew whilst out of position. He called two min-raises and both times the flop was checked before Juanda led on the turn. Both times Vamplew let his hand go, — MC

6.12pm: Vamplew again
David Vamplew raised to 320,000 and John Juanda called. Both checked the K♥Q♦5♦ flop, and on the K♦ turn Vamplew called Juanda’s 410,000 bet. Both then checked the 7♣ river – and Vamplew’s 8♣5♣ for a pair was good for the pot. — SY

6.06pm: One each
On the first David Vamplew made it 320,000 and John Juanda called. Juanda then check-called 350,000 on the 7♥2♣J♠ flop, and on the 2♦ turn Juanda seized the initiative and bet 500,000, forcing a fold from Vamplew.

Next hand Juanda raised to 350,000, then folded when Vamplew re-raised to 940,000. — SY


PokerStars EPT London heads-up action

6.03pm: Juanda trips up
A heads-up cooler of a hand just occurred to see David Vamplew double up to 13.2 million and take the chip lead. Juanda raised to 360,000 from the button and was called by Vamplew before the flop came J♠J♦7♠. Juanda c-bet for 525,000 and then made it 2.5 million when Vamplew made it 1.33 million. Vamplew moved all-in with J♥10♥ and Juanda called with J♣2♥ for a worse set of trips. The 5♠Q♦ turn and river changed not a thing to send the monster pot the way of the young Brit. Game well and truly on. — MC

5.57pm: One for Juanda
David Vamplew made it 320,000 and John Juanda called. The flop came 4♠2♣J♣ and both checked. On the 6♦ turn Juanda check-called Vamplew’s 350,000, then both slowed to a check on the 3♥ river. Juanda showed A♠3♣ and the rivered pair was better than Vamplew’s 10♥7♦ for nothing. — SY

5.53pm: Free card costs Juanda
John Juanda raised to 250,000 from the button and David Vamplew called to see a 2♦3♥10♦ flop where the action went check-check. The turn came 8♦ and and Vamplew led for 420,000. Call. The river came 4♥ and Vamplew had a 970,000 bet paid off and took the pot down with J♥8♣. Juanda mucked to move down to 17.7 million, still well ahead of his opponent’s 7,285 million. — MC

5.45pm: One back for Vamplew
David Vamplew made it 320,000 and John Juanda called. The flop was 3♠3♣10♣ and Juanda check-called Vamplew’s 340,000. Juanda also check-called Vamplew’s meaty 740,000 bet on the J♠ turn. FInally, Juanda checked the K♦ river and then folded quickly when Vamplew moved all-in. — SY

5.40pm: Max pressure on the first hand
The first hand of heads-up play saw John Juanda apply maximum pressure to increase his lead. He called a 320,000 button raise from David Vamplew to see a K♠5♦3♦ flop. The Scot c-bet for 340,000 and then called Juada’s raise to 1,180,000. The turn came 8♣ and Juanda moved all-in to force a quick fold from Vamplew. Juanda up to around 21 million now. — MC

5.31pm: Kyle Bowker busts in 3rd place for £300,000
John Juanda was his slayer and, to be honest, it wasn’t pretty. A bit like an executioner with his axe not getting a clean cut to the neck, chopping a few times before the bloodied skull eventually fell into the basket.

Bowker had raised to 350,000 before Juanda made it 1million, a much bigger three-bet than we’d been used to. Bowker wasn’t going anywhere, raising once more to around 2.5million. Juanda’s response was to move all-in. Bowker did not insta-call, perhaps fearing the worst. But call he did to see a showdown:

Juanda: 10♣10♥
Bowker: J♠J♥

It was a lovely spot for Bowker. But note the club in Juanda’s hand. The flop came 5♣Q♣2♣, giving Juanda the flush draw. A suckout like that would be horrible – but that’s what happened on the 3♣ turn. The river was a meaningless 8♣.

Bowker was crestfallen, but he can be proud of his showing here in London. We’re now heads-up, and Juanda has a monster chip lead over David Vamplew, 19,660,000 to 5,595,000.

We’re on a short break before heads-up play begins. — SY


Kyle Bowker

5.28pm: Juanda hand
Kyle Bowker opened for 380,000 in the small blind which John Juanda called for a K♦2♣8♣ flop. Bowker bet 425,000 which Juanda called for a J♣ on the turn. Bowker checked this time before Juanda bet 650,000, enough to force Bowker to pass. — SB

5.23pm: We’re back
Play resumes in the EPT London Main Event. We’re into level 31 with blinds at 80,000-160,000 with a 20,000 ante.


David Vamplew

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of last train home tonight): Simon Young (11pm to Ipswich Junction), Stephen Bartley (11.50pm to Whitstable), and Marc Convey (Tube strike).

Photos (c) Neil Stoddart and Mickey May


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