EPT London: Final table, level 30 updates

October 07, 2009


Live updates from day four, level 30 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ante)

4pm: That’s the break
That’s it for another level. The next, level 31, will begin after a 15 minute break.

3.55pm: Massive pot, massive hands, double up for Senninger
Martin Gudvangen and Nikolai Senninger get heads up to a flop, Senninger having raised and Gudvangen calling. The flop comes K♣Q♦K♥ and after Gudvangen checks, Senninger bets 275,000. The Norwegian now finds a check-raise and makes it 735,000 and Senninger calls, which seems suspicious, at least to us in idiots’ row the media room.

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Anyhow, the turn is 4♠ and both players check and the river is 5♣, which Gudvangen checks again. Senninger moves all in for his last 2m and change and Gudvangen makes a reluctant call. Senninger show pocket queens, for the flopped house, and Gudvangen has pain etched across his face as he shows Q-J and is beaten.

3.50pm: Mercier on the whole London experience

Watch EPT 6 London Day 5: Jason Mercier on PokerStars.tv

3.45pm: Senninger doubles
After Dominic Cullen moves all in pre-flop and takes the blinds, the other short stack Nikolai Senninger also gets involved. It’s folded to Martin Gudvangen in the small blind and he moves all in, instantly called by Senninger. It’s the German who’s under threat: he only has 1,235,000, which is a mere nibble from Gudvangen’s stack. Senninger has A♣8♠ and Gudvangen has 6♦10♥. Senninger is made to sweat on the river, when Gudvangen has picked up a straight draw. But it misses and he doubles to about 2,500,000.

3.40pm: Four bet!
Gus and Gud — that’s Aaron Gustavson and Martin Gudvangen — go to war pre-flop. Gudvangen raises to 230,000 and Gustavson reraises to 590,000. Gudvangen simply four-bets to 915,000 and that’s the end of that.

3.35pm: Eastgate in the lead
Peter Eastgate (Denmark) Team PokerStars PRO Nordics — 7,460,000
Aaron Gustavson (USA) PokerStars qualifier — 6,760,000
Martin Gudvangen (Norway) PokerStars qualifier — 4,895,000
Nikolai Senninger (Germany) — 1,570,000
Dominic Cullen (UK) PokerStars player — 1,570,000

3.30pm: Rui Milhomens out in sixth, earning £124,000
On the very next hand after Wu’s elimination, we lose another player. It’s Rui Milhomens, and he becomes the latest victim of Peter Eastgate, who assumes the chip lead. Here’s how it played out: Milhomens raised to 230,000 and Eastgate shoved all in, covering Milhomens. The Portuguese dwelled for a while but eventually called all in, for a while but eventually called all in, for his last 2,175,000. They showed their hands: Eastgate had A♦10♠ and Milhomens 8♠8♦. Eastgate waited until the final furlong to win the race, spiking a ten on the river. Milhomes is gone.

3.25pm: Raymond Wu out in seventh, earning £87,000
The Team PokerStars Asi Pro Raymond Wu had allowed himself to get mighty short and shoved pre-flop for his last 650,000, about six big blinds. Aaron Gustavson called from his vast stack and he was ahead. Wu showed Q♣10♥ and Gustavson had K♣6♣ and he was further ahead when the board came K♥8♥5♦. It was all over by the 5♣ turn.

3.15pm: Eastgate again
Eastgate bet a flop of 9♣A♦4♦ which Milhomens called. They both checked the 6♠ turn before a J♣ river card. Milhomens made it 240,000, which Eastgate passed pretty fast.

3.10pm: All pre-flop
Gustavson opens for 200,000. Eastage re-raises to 630,000, good for the pot.

3.05pm: Many faces of Eastgate
Eastgate makes it 240,000 pre-flop. Dominic Cullen moves all-in for 1,490,000, making it 1,250,000 to call. Eastgate pulls all sorts of faces for a while but eventually folds.

2.55pm: More blind on blind action
Rui Milhomens raises 230,000 from the small blind and Martin Gudvangen calls in the big. The flop comes 2♣5♠10♣ and both players check. The turn is the 7♥ and Milhomens checked. Gudvangen bets 305,000 and Milhomens calls. The river is the K♣ and again Milhomes checks, prompting a 620,000 bet. Milhomens calls again and Gudvangen shows 10-8 for second pair. It’s good for the 2,380,000 pot.


2.50pm: Eastgate given taste of his own medicine
In a battle of the blinds, Peter Eastgate and Rui Milhomens see a flop of Q♣6♥10♣. Eastgate bets 140,000 but Milhomens reraises and Eastgate gives it up, tail between his legs.

2.41pm: Chips at the break
Aaron Gustavson (USA) PokerStars qualifier — 7140000
Peter Eastgate (Denmark) Team PokerStars PRO Nordics — 3970000
Martin Gudvangen (Norway) PokerStars qualifier — 3955000
Rui Milhomens (Portugal) — 2740000
Nikolai Senninger (Germany) — 1485000
Dominic Cullen (UK) PokerStars player — 1450000
Raymond Wu (Taiwan) Team Pokerstars PRO Asia — 1430000

2.40pm: Break time
Players are on their 15 minute break and we’re gathering chip counts, which will appear here imminently.

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