EPT London: Final table, level 28, 29 & 30 updates (60,000-120,000, 15,000 ante)

October 04, 2010


5.04pm: Break
That was the last action of the level. Players are now on a 15-minute break. — SY

5.03pm: Back at you
This was the role reversal of the hand below. This time David Vamplew made it 240,000 and John Juanda re-raised to 750,000. Now it was Vamplew’s turn to shove, and Juanda mucked quickly. — SY

5pm: Let him have it
After an uneventful spell John Juanda opened for 345,000 in the small blind which Vamplew raised to 755,000 from the big blind. Juanda then promptly moved all-in to which Vamplew instantly folded. — SB

4.50pm: Bowker gets a nice pot
John Juanda opened for 300,000 and Kyle Bowker made a small-sized three-bet to 745,000. Juanda called. The flop was 6♦Q♥4♦ and both checked. On the K♦ river Bowker checked then called Juanda’s 720,000. That put the wind up both of them and they both checked the 2♠ river. J♣10♥ for Juanda, a missed rivered straight, and Q♦8♣ for Bowker for flopped top pair.

Bowker is starting to creep back into it and is now second in chips behind Juanda, with 8.1million. — SY

4.44pm: To the flop
What looks like a big pot starts to brew between Juanda and Vamplew. Vamplew opened for 240,000 on the button which Juanda raised to 750,000 from the big blind. Vamplew called for a 4♣8♦9♣ flop. Here though Juanda bet 1.2 million, too rich for Vamplew, who passed. — SB

4.37pm: Small one for Bowker
David Vamplew raised and got a call from Kyle Bowker in the small blind. That was a little unusual and John Juanda got out of the way. The flop came 10♦3♠3♣ and Bowker put out 310,000 – Vamplew read danger and folded pretty quick. — SY

4.30pm: Juanda sneaks one
David Vamplew bet 240,000 and only John Juanda called. Both checked the A♠6♠K♦ flop and also the 4♣ turn. But on the 3♥ river Juanda bet 320,000 and that was good enough. — SY

4.25pm: Three to a flop
Bowker up to 6 million chips after a hand against Vamplew. Vamplew opened for 240 on the button which Bowker called from the small blind and Juanda from the big. On the flop of 4♠7♦8♠. Bowker bet 375,000, forcing out Juanda, but Vamplew called for a K♦ turn. Both checked, Bowker checking again on the A♣ river card. Vamplew bet 810,000 which sent Bowker into the tank. when he came out he called, showing J♥8♥ to the mild irritation of Vamplew, turning over 9♣6♣. — SB

4.15pm: Guess what? Vamplew v Juanda
Kyle Bowker is a virtual spectator right now as the two big stacks, John Juanda and David Vamplew, slug it out. Juanda made it 345,000 and Vamplew called. On the 3♥3♠J♥ flop Juanda made it 475,000 and Vamplew called. On the 7♣ turn Juanda continued his aggressive line, making it 1.2million. Again he got a call. The river was an intriguing J♦, and this time both slowed to a check.

Vamplew looked reluctant to show and mucked when Juanda turned over A♦3♥ for a full house. — SY

4.08pm: Vamplew and Juanda again
Vamplew opened for 240,000 on the button and Juanda called from the big blind. On a flop of 3♦5♦4♦ both checked for a turn card 3♠. Juanda bet 325,000 which Vamplew called for a 6♠ river. Juanda bet 1,050,000 and Vamplew called, showing 2♦2♣ to Juanda’s J♠10♠. Vamplew up to around 11 million now, Juanda down to 9 million. — SB

4pm: Artur Wasek busts in 4th for £240,000
The man-mountain from Poland has gone, rivered by John Juanda, who retakes the chip lead as a result.


Artur Wasek

Juanda had opened with a raise to 330,000 and Wasek moved all-in for around 1.3million. Juanda called. It was 5♦5♥ for Wasek, and he was in a race with Juanda’s A♠J♣. All was good on the 8♥4♥K♦ flop, and on the 3♦ turn, but the river was a cruel J♠, dumping Wasek to the rail in fourth, matching his finish at EPT Berlin back in March (€280,000)

Chips right now:
John Juanda 10.5million
David Vamplew 9.5million
Kyle Bowker 4million. — SY
3.55pm: Vamplew again (and again)
David Vamplew raised to 240,000 and only John Juanda called from the big blind. The flop was K♥2♣9♥ and Juanda checked. Vamplew reached for chips and Juanda mucked before he’d even counted them.

Next hand, Wasek opened to 250,000 and Vamplew re-raised with a mountain of chips – enough to put Wasek all-in. The man from Poland folded quickly. — SY

3.50pm: New leader
David Vamplew get involved in a hand together, Juanda opening for 280,000 which Vamplew called on the small blind for a flop of 9♠A♠A♥. Vamplew checked to Juanda who bet 325,000. Vamplew called for a 6♥ turn card and then checked it. Juanda bet 485,000 this time which Vamplew called for a 2♣ river card. Changing track Vamplew now bet, a big one around 1.2 million. Juanda folded before the dealer had chance to count them. With that hand Vamplew takes the chip lead. — SB

3.45pm: Back
Four-handed play has resumed. — SY

3.27pm: Break time
Players are on a 15 minute break. — SB

3.26pm: Vamplew flying
The level ends with Kyle Bowker folding to a bet from Vamplew on a flop of 9♦6♠Q♣. Vamplew is now second in chips, behind Juanda. The full counts can be found on the chip count page. — SB

Europe wins the Ryder Cup. Get in! Sorry to US readers! — SY

3.18pm: Kayvan Payman busts in 5th for £190,000
Big hand, this. Payman had been shoving a lot in recent orbits and did so once more here for 1,750,000. Kyle Bowker gave it a good deal of thought before making the call. But it wasn’t finished, as David Vamplew announced he was all-in as well, for more than 5.5million.

That covered Bowker, who gave it a little more thought then folded. So we were at showdown, and Payman was looking for a much-need triple up:

Payman: A♥4♥
Vamplew: Q♠Q♣

The flop came 4♦3♣6♥, giving Payman a pair but changing nothing. The turn was 5♣ opening up a straight chance for a split pot, but the river was 3♥. Payman is gone, and we’re down to four. — SY


Kayvan Payman

3.10pm: Kayvan can
Kayvan Payman moved all in behind a bet of 245,000 from John Juanda. Juanda tanked for a while but folded. — SB

3.02pm: Brito bites dust
Fernando Brito’s tournament finally comes to an end. After Kyle Bowker bet 220,000 Brito moved in for 380,000 holding A♥6♦. It was an easy decision for Bowker to call, showing J♦10♦. The board brought an up, then a down for Brito, coming as it did 4♥Q♥6♣10♠K♥. Brito out in sixth. — SB


Fernando Brito

2.58pm: Vamplew again
Kyle Bowker started this one off with a raise to 230,000 and only David Vamplew called. Both then checked the 10♣2♥2♣ flop, and on the 9♣ turn Vamplew check-called Bowker’s 225,000. Both then slowed to a check on the A♠ river. We could not make out all the cards, but we do know that Vamplew had a 10, and that was good enough for another pot. — SY

2.55pm: Both for Bowker
Two pots to Bowker, the first after re-raising a pre-flop bet of David Vamplew, the second a raise in the small blind and a fold from John Juanda in the big. — SB

2.50pm: Nice pot for Vamplew
John Juanda raised again to 265,000 and got calls from David Vamplew and from Artur Wasek. The flop came 7♣8♦2♠, Wasek checked, Juanda made it 570,000 and only Vamplew called. On the 4♣ turn, Juanda slowed down to a check and then folded when Vamplew made it 685,000. — SY.

2.40pm: Marchese out in seventh
Vamplew pushed all-in on the button and Marchese called all in on the small blind. Vamplew showed 10♦5♦ to Marchese’s A♦8♦.

Marchese was covered and the flop put him behind, landing as it did J♥5♣2♣. The turn 4♣[ and river 6♦ sent Marchese to the rail and leaves Vamplew with 3.8 million. — SB

2.32pm: What’s up Wasek?
Wasek folds ace-queen faced up in the big blind after Vamplew moved all-in for 2.1 million. Vamplew keeps British hopes alive. — SB

2.28pm: Double up for Brito
Fernando Brito was on the big blind and Kyle Bowker asked how much he had behind. It was not a lot. Bowker then raised to 220,000 and it was folded around to Brito who thought for a moment and then moved all-in for around 360,000. Bowker insta-called. Bowker showed A♦4♠ and Brito had K♠10♣.

The flop changed nothing, coming 8♠J♦4♥, but the turn was 10♦ giving Brito the lead, where he stayed on the 8♥ river. Brito up to 800,000. — SY

2.25pm: Easy Artur
Liberated by a double up Wasek opened for 225,000 from the button which Bowker called on the big blind for a flop of J♠5♣K♦. Bowker then bet 240,000 prompting Wasek to fold. — SB

2.20pm: Double up for Wasek
Artur Wasek doubled through Tom Marchese. Kyle Bowker started it off with a raise to 220,000 before Marchese moved all-in for 2.7million. Then Wasek woke up with a hand and moved all-in himself for around 1.3million. Bowker got out of the way and we had a showdown:

Wasek: Q♠Q♣
Marchese: J♠J♣

The flop was 7♦5♠4♥ and the 8♥ on the turn opened a possibility of a straight on the board to split the pot. But the river was 9♦ and Wasek doubled to around 2.7million. Marchese is down to 1.6million. — SY

2.15pm: Wasek hit
John Juanda opened for 270,000 which Artur Waske called for a flop of K♣J♥8♥. Wasek checked to Juanda who bet 335,000. Wasek called for a 8♠ turn but folded to Juanda’s bet of 575,000. — SB


Artur Wasek

2.11pm: Action without flops
First hand back from the break and John Juanda got a walk in the big blind. Next Kyle Bowker raised to take the blinds and antes, and then Juanda raised from the button to 230,000 to take the loot.

Next we had an all-in, from Kayvan Payman for just shy of one million, but he got no takers. — SY

2.08pm: We’re back
Play resumes in level 29 with blinds at 50,000-100,000 with a 10,000 ante.

1.47pm: Break
That’s the end of level 28. We’re on a 15-minute break. — SY

1.45pm: Huge pot for Juanda
John Juanda has taken a massive pot off David Vamplew. He open-raised and got a call from the young Scot. On the 5♠J♦3♥ flop, Juanda bet 270,000 and Vamplew made the call. On the K♣ turn, Juanda made it 560,000 and got another call from Vamplew. Finally, on the 7♠ river, Juanda bet a hefty 1.25million. Once more Vamplew called for a huge showdown:

Vamplew: K♥Q♥ for the turned top pair
Juanda: 5♦5♣ for flopped set

With that, Juanda moves up to around 9.5million while Vamplew slips to 1.8million. — SY

1.40pm: Ummer out
Per Ummer, down to 485,000 chips, moved all-in from the small blind and was called in a flash by Artur Wasek in the big blind. Ummer turned over 5♦3♠ to Wasek’s A♥Q♠.


Per Ummer

The board ran Q♥7♠8♦10♠2♦ sending Ummer to the rail in eighth place, collecting £66,800. — SB

1.35pm: I see no flops
John Juanda raises twice in a row and takes the blinds and antes. Then Kayvan Payman moves all-in for around a million, and he, too, takes the blinds and antes. — SY

1.31pm: Wasek at a canter
Wasek moves all-in for around 1.1 million. No takers though. Wasek makes his horse noise and lives on. — SB

1.30pm: And Ummer shoves
You kind of knew that Per Ummer would be shoving at the next opportunity. Sure enough, it was folded around to him in the small blind, for around 350,000, and Artur Wasek folded his big blind.

Two hands later and Ummer open-shoved from the cut-off – again it got through. — SY

1.25pm: Ummer and Argh-ing
Action as Tom Marchese moves all-in with A♥10♠ for around 1.3 million on the button. Two seats along was Per Ummer in the big blind who also moved in, covering Marchese, and showing K♠Q♦.

The flop came 10♦9♦6♠ and the turn card 6♦ gave Ummer a whole raft of outs – any diamond, jack, queen or king being good to eliminate Marchese. But the river came 6♥, doubling the NAPT winner and leaving Ummer close to rock bottom. — SB

1.17pm: No shove, shocker
Artur Wasek open-raised to 225,000 and faced a re-raised from John Juanda to 500,000. Wasek liked his hand enough to call, but not shove. Both then checked down the A-5-Q-10-A – Wasek showed pocket nines, but Juanda had pocket jacks to take the pot. — SY

1.15pm: Bright for Brito
The consensus was that Fernando Brito only had all-in or fold options open to him but he just raised to 260,000 pre-flop – about a third of his stack – but got no takers, picking up the blinds — SB

1.10pm: Short-stacks in a row
Fernando Brito, Per Ummer, Artur Wasek and Kayvan Payman are the short-stacks sitting in a row. The big stacks know that they can open-raise and will effectively be forcing the others to play for all their stacks.

David Vamplew min-raised to 160,000 and the shorties all folded – apart from Payman, who shoved for just shy of a million. Vamplew’s cunning plan had failed, and he folded. — SY

1.07pm: To the turn
John Juanda opened for 180,000 which David Vamplew called for a flop of 2♣8♥5♦. Juanda checked and Vamplew bet 380,000, using the new green chips worth 100,000. Juanda called for a turn card 10♦. Again Juanda checked leaving Vamplew to bet 625,000. No good for Juanda, who folded. — SB


John Juanda in action

1.03pm: Vamplew’s pot
John Juanda made it 180,000 only for David Vamplew to re-raise to 395,000. Juanda had no interest in continuing, and folded. — SY

1pm: Wasek is here!
Artur Wasek wakes up with a hand and puts in a raise to 255,000, his first bit of aggression at this final table. Everyone recognises that, and promptly gets out of the big man’s way. Remember you can keep an eye on running chip counts here. — SY

12.58pm: First for Bowker
The first raise and take for Kyle Bowker, 190,000 pre-flop which goes uncontested. — SB


The new look feature table

12.55pm: Like a Habitat show room
A nice new set for the feature table, all beige and blue. Very nice. See for yourself on EPTLive.com. — SB

12.50pm: Ummer all-in
Tom Marchese open-raised from the button for 165,000. Fernando Brito passed in the small blind, but Per Ummer – a James Bond villain, truly – moved all-in for around 1.1million. That was too much for Marchese, and the NAPT Venetian winner got out of the way. — SY

12.45pm: Marchese all-in
John Juanda opened for 185,000 before Tom Marchese moved all in from the small blind for around 1.3 million. Juanda considered it, but eventually folded. — SB

12.35pm: Away we go
And we’ve started. Good luck to the players, good luck to us on the Blog, good luck to you for reading. — SY

12.25pm: Slight delay
Don’t worry, you’re not missing a thing. Play has still not yet started. We don’t think it will be long. — SY

11.55am: The final countdown
OK, a completely cheesy little headline (unless you are a fan of the cheesy little rock group, Europe) but it sums up what we’re about today. Eight players remain, they’ll sit down at noon and smack each other about until one is left. That bruised, but elated sole survivor will find himself £900,000 richer. That, folks, is a considerable amount of money, and indeed probably necessary to get a taxi in chaotic London today because the London Underground trains are on strike.

Our two big stacks are Kyle Bowker and John Juanda – you may have heard of the latter before now. But as we always say, it’s anyone’s game. PokerStars Blog is rooting for everyone, but particularly Poland’s Artur Wasek because he is huge and scares the hell out of us.

While we wait, here’s a lovely group shot of all the dealing staff who have done such an excellent job here in London all week… — SY


EPT London dealers

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of number group dealer photos infiltrated): Simon Young (1 – right at the back, pulling silly face), Stephen Bartley (0), and Marc Convey (0)

Photos (c) Neil Stoddart and Mickey May


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