EPT London: Day two begins

September 27, 2007

Hello all and welcome back to London for the third day of action and the official day two of the PokerStars.com European Poker Tour (EPT) event from the Grosvenor Victoria Casino.

Day two: the calm before the storm

A total of 142 players made it through their respective day ones, and we’re likely to play down to somewhere near the money tonight. That begins after the 33rd player departs, so we might not quite make it all that way; we’re playing eight one-hour levels.

Leading the way into day two was Nicolas Levi, from France, followed by Daniel Mangas, of Spain, and Tony Phillips, a home-town hope. But lurking menacingly behind them, in the distinctive Team PokerStars livery, was Chris Moneymaker.

And the day couldn’t have started any better for the former World Series champion. Less than half an hour in, while us hacks were still getting our first cup of coffee, Moneymaker found a hand.

Well, it wasn’t much of a hand — pocket twos — but when another flopped, he managed to prise all of Age Spets’ 50,000-odd chips into the middle. Spets had aces and was walking out the door, barely pausing to see a fourth deuce river to make Moneymaker quads.

Moneymaker went into the chip lead with about 130,000.

So, with talk of Moneymaker, here’s a reminder of the money they’re hoping to make:

1st — £611,520
2nd — £346,528
3rd — £203,840
4th — £152,880
5th — £124,342
6th — £97,843
7th — £77,459
8th — £57,075

9th-10th — £34,652
11th-12th — £28,537
13th-14th — £22,422
15th-16th — £16,307
17th-24th — £12,230
25th-32nd — £8,153


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