EPT London: Day three, level 21 updates

October 05, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 21 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 8,000-16,000 (2,000 ante)

9.10pm: Break time
Another 15 minute break. This, we’re told, will be the last level fo the day regardless of how many players remain. But play will stop if we hit the magic number of 24 remaining.

9.07pm: Woods wooden
Andrew Lichtenberger opened the pot with a raise to 40,000 before Darren Woods three-bet to 130,000. Theo Tran was in the next seat along and took a long time to come to a decision to fold. Lichtenberger asked how much Woods had left and when he found out it was 180,000 he put him all in and received a call. Lichtenberger tabled J♥J♦ and Woods opened A♥K♦ and the board came 3♥3♣2♣8♠4♣ to send the pot Lichtenberger’s way to put him up to 1,100,000 chips. Woods on the other hand is felted.

9.05pm: A new award
Tournament Director Thomas Kremser is standing alongside Michael Greco’s table. He suggests to Greco that there should be some kind of short stack trophy and that he would win it. Every event. “I’m mean…” he says, before trailing off into laughter.
Greco agreed it was amazing.”I’ve cashed in four EPTs,” he said “but never had a big stack.”

“But then, you don’t know how to play a big stack,” joked Kremser.

“I don’t!” agreed Greco. “I’ve had a big stack once. It was a £10 rebuy!”

He was down, then he went down even more, but now he’s up, more than 200,000 at the break for Greco.

9pm: Berry gives some back
Michael Berry and Marty Smyth got to a flop of 9♠K♣2♣ and Berry bet 50,000. Smyth called. The turn was 10♥ and Berry this time bet what looked like 25,000, which Smyth called. The river was J♣ and Berry bet 140,000, which again Smyth called. Berry showed J♣J♥ and Smyth’s A♠K♥ won.

8.45pm: Greco finds aces and is still sick
Michael Greco moved all in under-the-gun and it was folded to Darren Woods on the button. “How much?” Woods asked. “It’s under 100,” Greco said, as if threatening Woods.

Woods thought about it for a moment and moved all in. The blinds got out the way. “You’re all in?” Greco said. “That’s so sick. I wish I had more chips. So sick.” He showed pockcket aces, ahead of Woods’ K♦Q♥. There was a king on the turn but otherwise Greco’s short-stack was never in threat of disappearing. He doubled again, to about 160,000. “That’s so sick,” he said.

_MG_5050_Neil Stoddart.jpg

He’s been through a lot so deserves a picture – Michael Greco, yesterday, in happier times

8.40pm: Greco watch
Michael Greco open shoved for 64,000, two off the button. Andrew Lichtenberger then starting thinking in the small blind. This spelled trouble. “I think I’ve run into a monster,” said Greco, trying to keep his spirits up. Lichtenberger raised to 125,000 and it was soon showdown time. A♥3♥ for Lichtenberger, A♦3♣ for Greco. The board ran: 2♦2♥7♣10♥ “Come on, no!” 4♠.

“That would have been so sick,” said Greco. “I haven’t had an ace in four hours.”

8.30pm: Berry bludgeoning through the field
Michael Berry is now freerolling close to two million in chips, the tournament leader at this stage. He just won a whopper. Folded to him on the button, Berry raised to 35,000 and Martin Gudvangen, in the small blind, made it 107,000. The big blind folded and Berry announced a re-re-raise, but it was only a min-re-re-raise, which encouraged Gudvangen to move all in for about 1.1m. The stacks on that table are huge, including both Gudvangen and Berry’s, but the Norwegian had the bigger of the two of them.

Only that can explain the agony that was now wrought on Berry’s face: this was a decision for his tournament life. Eventually he called and tabled pocket kings, which were ahead of Gudvangen’s A♠Q♠. The flop had another king on it and Berry was home dry.

His all in was 956,000; there were a few blinds and antes in there, so he’s up to about 1.8m.

8.29pm: Gibson’s chips Nicked
One of remaining British players, Nick Gibson has been eliminated. He pushed all in for his final 240,000 with A-J and was looked up by Eric Haik in the big blind with A-Q. The board was no help for Nick and he headed to the payout desk. He did tell me a player in mid-position almost called with ace-ten and that may have forced out Haik. What will be will be. Haik up to 1,180,000 now.

8.25pm: Suharto slain
Darus Suharto is gone. He lost almost all of his chips when he flopped two pair and Rodrigo Caprioli’s top pair, flush- and straight-draw hit one of its multiple outs. Then he got his last 41,000 in pre-flop against that same man Caprioli. Suharto had queen-ten; Caprioli had king queen and when a king flopped, it was all out for Suharto.

Caprioli’s charge continues and he is up to close to 1.5m.

Tweet from Suharto: Here’s how he lost that pot, in his own 140 characters:

Lost 1.6M pot. I raise with 8c7c, BB call, flop 8sTs7c, he checked raise me for 160k with 400k behind, I shoved. He had Ts9s, n 6 on turn

8.15pm: Return of the miracle of Greco
Raymond Wu opened for 36,000 on the button. Michael Greco moved in from the small blind and began pleading with Michael Berry to fold on the big, soon chanting “fold, fold, fold…” Berry obliged, showing 3♥4♦. Wu turned over 10♠6♥ while Greco had a chance with J♣9♦. The board ran out: Q♣7♥9♠6♠Q♥. Greco was delighted. He fights on!

8.10pm: The miracle of Greco
At the same table Michael Greco, who cashed in Barcelona a few weeks ago, is in critical condition. What’s more he’s on the big blind, 16,000 of his stack at risk, 30,000 left behind. Michael Berry raised from under the gun to 40,000. The action was folded until eventually it came back to Greco who looked at his cards and then winced as if his back was playing up. Everyone seemed ready for him to call but not Greco. “I have deuce-three!” he protested, folding his cards. There are 37 left. If Greco is able to bust anywhere above 36th it will stand as one of the greatest comebacks of all time.

8.05pm: Martin’s Gudvangen angel
Martin Gudvangen made it 30,000 pre-flop which Darren Woods raised 50,000 more from the small blind. Gudvangen called for a flop of A♥6♦2♥. Woods now made it 122,000 which looked likely to force Gudvangen out until he announced all-in, sliding his big block of chips forward. Woods grinned and passed. Gudvangen flashed six-three.

8.04pm: Insert semi-clever, irreverent headline here–Chris Ferguson out
It’s been too many times when the man known as “Jesus” was eliminated from an event. Suffice it to say, in a raise, re-raise, all-in, call situation versus Andrew Lichtenberger, Ferguson was on the wrong end of it. All-in pre-flop, Ferguson held ace-jack and made two pair by the river, but it was academic. Lichtenberger hed Q♣Q♦, flopped a set, and sent Ferguson out in 37th place.

7.55pm: Germans
The end-of-last-level chip counts have arrived and there’s a distinct Germanic flavour to the top spots. Nikolai Senninger is out front with Benny Spindler behind. What is this, Dortmund?

_MG_5358_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Benny Spindler

7.50pm: More
We’re now into level 21 and there are 37 players left. That means we need to lose 13 more until we’re at the day’s close.

So, we have 37 photos from which to choose our level opener, and I’m going for this one of a menacing Peter Eastgate. The World Champ is still in this one, by the way:

_MG_5160_Neil Stoddart.jpg



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