EPT London: Day four, level 26 updates

October 06, 2009


Live updates from day four, level 25 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)

7.55pm: Ten left
Tobias Reinkemeier open shoved and was called by Vivek Rajkumar. It was as simple as that. J♦9♠ for Reinkemeier, 8♦8♠ for Rajkumar. The board: 2♠2♥Q♠3♦Q♣. Reinkemeier out in 11th place.

7.45: Aaron Gustavson and Martin Gudvangen clash in a big way
Chip leaders Aaron Gustavson and Martin Gudvangen saw a flop of 3♣3♠J♣. Gustavson, who has been known to bet a flop if he has a chance, led for 160,000 and got a call. On the 8♦ turn, Gustavson bet 130,000. Again, he got the call.

The river was the K♣. Gustavson thought for a moment and put out one million. It took just ten seconds before the call came…and it was the wrong one.

Gustavson held pocket jacks for the flopped jacks full.

7.41pm: Pressure poker from Rajkumar
Action folded around to Rui Milhomens in the small blind who completed before Vivek Rajkumar made it 150,000 to go from the big blind. Milhomens called to see the 2♣9♠10♥ flop where he check-called a 230,000 bet. A scary looking A♥ came on the turn and Milhomens checked again to face a 635,000 bet this time. He looked in real pain making his decision but ultimately folded leaving himself with 100,000. Rajumar up to 1,800,000.

7.33pm: Cullen exacts some revenge

Dominic Cullen moved all-in for his last 345,000 and Peter Eastgate, the man who just took most of Cullen’s chips, called.

Cullen: 9♣10♥
Eastgate: K♦J♣

This time it was the Englishman who hit the river to stay alive on a 4♠5♣Q♥2♦10♥. Cullen now is back close to the 800,000 mark.

7.24pm: Miracle, One Time Chip, Miracle

Peter Eastgate and Dominic Cullen got it all-in pre-flop for 1,130,000 apiece.

Cullen: A♦10♦
Eastgate: A♠J♣

The flop was a meaningless 6♥8♣2♥

And then disaster struck for Eastgate. The 10♠ fell on the river.

That’s when a chorus of Eastgate supporters played the PokerStars Blog One Time Chip. And sure enough…


The Eatsgate crew was jubilant, while Cullen’s crowd had to comfort their crippled man.

7.20pm: Benny Spindler eliminated

Benny Spindler moved in from the small blind with A♥K♦ and is called by Marty Smyth with Q♣Q♠. There’s just the board to deal: 6♦Q♥7♣6♣4♣. That was it for Spindler, out in 12th place.

7.10pm: Josef Samanek eliminated in 13th place for £23,000
The players returned from dinner and in one of the first hands back we lost Josef Samanek from the Czech Republic. He was the shortie of the table and you sensed he would make his move with any two – and sure enough he pushed for his last 430,000.

Aaron Gustavson liked his two cards and re-raised to one million straight – enough to chase everyone else off. On their backs:

Gustavson: A♠J♥
Samanek: 10♠3♦

The flop just about sealed Samanek’s exit, coming A♥5♠7♦, and the 6♥ turn and 2♦ river confirmed it.

We’re down to 12.

6.30pm: Eat and watch
They’re still eating, and you probably are too. So why not enjoy a video interview with PokerStars qualifier Aaron Gustavson, currently second in chips. You know the score – click on the little white triangle…

Watch EPT 6 London Day 4: Aaron Gustavson on PokerStars.tv

6pm: Dinner break counts

And that’s the dinner break. We’re out of here. The players will return in 60 minutes and look at these stacks in front of them.

Martin Gudvangen – 4,700,000
Aaron Gustavson – 4,430,000
Rui Milhomens – 1,650,000
Marty Smyth – 1,636,000
Dominic Cullen – 1,565,000
Karim Bennani – 1,555,000
Nikolai Senninger – 1,515,000
Raymond Wu – 1,210,000
Peter Eastgate – 1,050,000
Vivek Rajkumar – 860,000
Tobias Reinkemeier – 770,000
Benny Spindler – 540,000
Josef Samanek – 465,000

See you in an hour.

5.59pm–Dinner break

Players are on an hour dinner break.

5.50pm: Missed bet?
Nikolai Senninger, on the button, and Karim Bennani, in the big blind, get to a flop of 10♠5♣J♠. They check it. The turn is the 3♥ and Bennani bets 150,000, which Senninger calls. The river is 8♦ and Bennani checks. It’s obvious that Senninger is thinking about betting, but elects to check instead and is then shown A♦9♥, which is good. Senninger perhaps might have bet there, I’m sure he’s thinking. Perhaps not. He’s there not me. I’ll stop.

5.45pm: Milhomens doubles
Rui Milhomens has just doubled up to over 1,500,000 through German player Tobias Reinkemeier. Reinkemeier opened to 130,000 from the button before calling Milhomens’ 782,000 all in push from the small blind. Reinkemeier’s K♠Q♣ needed to come from behind as Milhomens opened A♦10♠. It failed to do so through the 7♣7♦9♥9♦6♠ board. Reinkemeier drops back to 660,000 after that loss.

5.39pm:Bennani adapting well to all-in bet
Rajkumar opened for 125,000 from the cut off and Bennani called for a flop of 3♣2♠4♦. Bennani checked before Rajkumar made it 94,000. Called. Both checked the 4♠ turn and on the 6♦ river Bennani moved all-in. There was nearly 900,000 in front of him which Rajkumar wanted counting. He passed though, Bennani showing A♦9♥.

5.30pm: Gudvangen takes one from Eastgate
On a flop of 4♦6♠4♠, Martin Gudvangen bet 145,000 and Peter Eastgate called. The World Champ wasn’t so keen on the 2♦ turn though, especially when Gudvangen bet 265,000. Eastgate folded.

_MG_6119_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Peter Eastgate

5.20pm: Blinds up
The blinds are up and and they didn’t take a break. That’s because there’s a dinner break coming up in 30 minutes. At the end of the last level a big hand played out, and I’m going to put it in here, because it’s easier:

Dealer v big blind
Aaron Gustavson raised from the button and then called Dominic Cullen’s three-bet to 175,000. Cullen led out on the K♥7♣6♦ flop for 130,000 and was called. He shut down on the next two streets though with checks on the 2♠ turn and 10♠ river. Gustavson checked behind on the turn but bet 460,000 on the river which was enough to make Cullen fold.

Martin Gudvangen is the chip leader at this stage.

_MG_5546_Neil Stoddart.jpg



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