EPT London: Day four, level 23 updates

October 06, 2009


Live updates from day four, level 23 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 12,000-24,000 (2,000 ante)

1.50pm: Break time
That’s the break. Play resumes in level 24 in around ten minutes.

1.49pm: No rush at the break
Wu opened for 62,000. The action was passed to Spindler who called from the button. The flop came: J♦4♠3♣. Wu made it 75,000 which Spindler called for a Q♠ on the turn. Wu checked and Spindler made it 112,000. Wu called. J♠ on the river now which Wu checked. Spindler made it 255,000 sending Wu into the tank, now well into the break. Wu called and braced himself for what Spindler was about to turn over: pocket aces. Less worried now Wu turned over king-jack to take the pot.

1.40pm: Flushed away
Andrew Lichtenberger opened raised from the hijack and was called by Rui Milhomens in the big blind to see a 8♥K♥3♥ flop. Milhomens check-called an 85,000 bet before moving all in after Lichtenberger bet 150,000 on the K♠ turn. Litchtenberger called all in with 10♥9♥ but was drawing dead to Rui Milhomens’s A♥10♥. Litchenberger was already up and shaking everyone’s hand as the inconsequential A♣ fell on the river. He leaves us in 20th place.

1.35pm: All done pre-flop
Raymond Wu made it 60,000 pre-flop which Vivek Rajkumar re-raised to 155,000. The aciton was folded back to Wu who also passed.

1.30pm: Wu in action
While others were busting out Raymond Wu opened for 61,000. Nikolai Senninger called from the cut off and saw a flop of Q♥10♣10♠. Wu checked, so too Senninger for a turn card 2♦. Wu checked again before Senninger made it 83,000. Wu called. They both checked the 2♥ river card and Wu took the pot, showing queen-eight to Senninger’s six-five.

A couple of hands later Peter Eastgate moved all-in for 533,000, getting no callers and Benny Spindler took down a small pot against Adam York with pocket deuces.

1.25pm: Jonathan Weekes eliminated
Jonathan Weekes had already been all-in three times today after starting with 272,000. The third time he pushed, it was after Josef Samanek came in for a raise to 50 and got a call from Tobias Reinkemeier. Weekes shoved out of the blinds and got a call from Samanek.

Weekes: A♦10♣
Samanek: 9♠9♦

The board ran out 6♠[K♦2♦5♣6♦ to eliminate Weekes in 21st place for £17,000.

_MG_5988_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Jonathan Weekes

1.20pm: Kenneth Hicks, USA, out in 22nd, earning £17,000
This is a fairly brutal way to get knocked out of a poker tournament. Aaron Gustavson raised to 48,000 from early position and his countryman Kenneth Hicks moved all in from late. It’s about 450,000 in total. Gustavson takes his time but finds a call, and yet he is in bad shape. The all in Hicks has 5♠5♣ and Gustavson has A♣5♦ but when the board runs out K♦9♠9♦6♥6♦, Gustavson’s ace plays on the double paired board and Hicks is done.

_MG_5999_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Kenneth Hicks

1.15pm: Theo Tran, USA, out in 23rd, earning £17,000
It was one of those all-in pre-flop confrontations that you read about all the time, but rarely get old. This time it was between Martin Gudvangen and Theo Tran.

Gudvangen: A♠K♠
Tran: J♣J♥

The flop came down 4♦J♥10♣. Tran uttered an expletive and walked briefly away from his seat. Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin said, “A queen!” The two word pep talk seemed to give Tran the slightest bit of hope. That was, unitl the 10♥ came on the turn. Another expletive from Tran.

“He has me covered right?” Tran asked.

While he was looking at his chips, the Q♣ rubbed it in on the turn.

It took quite a bit of counting to be sure, but Gudvangen’s 799,000 all-in bet was bigger than Tran’s remaining chips. Tran is out.

1.10pm: Seven figures
Peter Eastgate raised to 55,000 pre-flop before Nikolai Senninger re-raised to 134,000. Eastgate called for a flop of J♠8♣A♥. Senninger bet 152,000 which Eastgate flat called. On the turn card 6♦ Senninger made it another 400k to go, making this a seven figure pot. Eastgate quickly folded.

1.03pm: One down
Kenny Hicks moved all-in for 280,000. No takers. Then Martin Gudvangen tried the same for 400,000. Still no takers. Then after a Gudvangen pre-flop raise Philip Byers shoved for 272,000. Gudvangen asked how much and moved in himself, turning over 8♠8♥ to Byers’s A♦Q♣. The board ran out: 4♥9♦7♥6♣9♣ and Byers becomes the first elimination of the day.

1pm: Smyth power
Marty Smyth finds the three-bet, re-raising from the small blind after Senninger raises from late position. Smyth bumps the original 53,000 to 200,000 and picks it up.

12.55pm: Pre-flop
We have seen a grand total of one flop on the feature table, no turns and no rivers. That’s because there have been plenty of three-bets, most recently when Raymond Wu raised pre-flop and Nikolai Senninger reraised to 143,000. Wu couldn’t find the call.

12.50pm: Theo be warned
Chip leader Michael Berry wants his table and specifically Theo Tran that he is not to be messed with. When Tran raised from the button to 46,000 Berry re-raised to 146,000 from the small blind. Tran thought for a while and then folded his holding. Berry then flashed Tran pocket fours or six-four, not sure which as it was hard to see from my view point but it came accompanied with the words “Think about me before you raise me!”

12.45pm: Action begins at table three
It took more than an orbit, but we’ve seen a showdown at Table 3.

Josef Samanek came in for a standard raise and Tobias Reinkemeier called out of the small blind. The flop fell 9♥Q♦8♠. Both players checked. On the four of spades turned, Reinkemeier checked again and opened the door for an 80,000 bet from Samanek. On the river, 3♣, Reinkemeier woke up and bet out 230,000. Samanek took less than a minute of thinking before calling to see Reinkemeier’s A♥Q♥. Samanek mucked.

12.40pm: Berry raising
Michael Berry opened for 60,000 under the gun. Martin Gudvangen raised to 200,000 before Berry re-raised to 400,000 total, good enough to get a fold out of Gudvangen.

12.38pm: German on German action
Nikolai Senninger and Benny Spindler, the two big stacks, go up against one another pre-flop. Senninger makes it 53,000 pre-flop and Spindler, to his left, three-bets to 145,000. Everyone gets out the way, including Senninger when it makes it back to him. A precedent?

Here’s the line up for the televised table, by the way, with their starting stacks. They haven’t changed that much:

Table two

Seat 1: Nikolai Senninger, Germany, 1,587,000
Seat 2: Benny Spindler, Germany, 1,110,000
Seat 3: Karim Smires, France, 620,000
Seat 4: Marty Smyth, Northern Ireland, 719,000
Seat 5: Adam York, UK, 806,000
Seat 6: Peter Eastgate, Denmark, 988,000
Seat 7: Raymond Wu, Taiwan, 872,000
Seat 8: Vivek Rajkumar, USA, 1,196,000

12.33pm: For starters
Martin Gudvangen opened for 49,000 in the first hand of the day on table one. Rodrigo Caprioli called for a flop of 8♠4♥J♠. Caprioli fired in 61,000 to take the pot. In the next Kevin Schaffel opened, 48,000 which Theo Tran called, as did Dominic Cullen in the big blind. On a flop of 7♦8♣K♦. Cullen and Schaffel checked before Tran made it 60,000. A raise to 120,000 from Cullen put an end to that.

12.30pm: Eastgate again
For the third hand in a row, Peter Eastgate is involved pre-flop. He makes it 65,000 and this time he gets it through, even though Benny Spindler and Karim Smires seemed interested.

12.25pm: Smyth v Eastgate
Marty Smyth opens for 74,000 and Peter Eastgate calls. Benny Spindler gives up his big blind and the two of them see the first flop of the day. It’s A♥7♠6♠ and Smyth bets 150,000. Eastgate folds again.

12.20pm: Eastgate v Wu
It’s the first hand on the feature table and Peter Eastgate comes out firing. He raised to 61,000 from the cut off and Raymond Wu, on the button sets down a marker by re-raising to 145,000. That’s too rich for Eastgate, who lets it go.

12.15pm: And so, day four
We’re back. They’re back. You’re back. Welcome. Play is due to get under way momentarily on day four of EPT London. Everyone is now in the money (well, they are, not us or you), but it’s not all about making the final table. There are only eight spots around that hallowed slab of felt, and there are 24 players eyeing a spot. The next several hours will determine who winds up there.

Remember, chip counts are on the chip counts page and prizewinners are on the prizewinners page. It’s not rocket science.


At the moment, our leader is Michael Berry. He’s the target. Join us as they all try to reel him in.

_MG_5447_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Michael Berry


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