EPT London: Day 3, levels 20, 21 & 22 updates (10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante)

October 02, 2010


11.50pm: Play done for the day
It’s been a long day but the 128 who started have been whittled down to 24. Those 24 will return and noon tomorrow and will play down to the final table of eight. A full wrap and chip counts of the days play is on its way. Chance Kornuth appears to be overnight chip leader with 2,300,000. — NW

11.45pm: One two teddy does for Rheem
Despite being up with the chip leaders for most of the day Chino Rheem will not be coming back on day four. It was two hands in a row that did for him. In the first he lost around 550,000 to Rumit Somaiya, the latter made nines full on a 9♦6♥6♦7♣10♠ board, Rheem actually putting him on that exact hand before calling reluctantly calling off 180,000 on the river.

Then a couple of hands later, Artur Wasek raised from under the gun to 60,000 and Rheem announced all-in saying to Wasek it was around 450,000, everyone else got out the way and Wasek announced call, having started the hand with around 1,000,000. On their backs:

Rheem: A♥Q♥
Wasek: 3♣3♦

The board a decisive 3♠7♥7♠5♥J♦.

Rheem wished everyone else at the table good luck as he exited. — NW

11.40pm: Chino Rheem eliminated in 25th place
And with his exit we’re done for the day, details of his downfall coming right up. — NW

11.15pm: Juanda crushes Czuczor
Marton Czuczor was devastated by this one. With around 500,000 chips, he raised from the cut-off only for John Juanda to move all-in from the big blind. Juanda had Czuczor covered and got a call:

Czuczor: 9♦9♠
Juanda: A♦7♥

The flop was a devastating 10♦Q♥A♣ and the man from Hungary failed to improve to a set on the 4♠ turn or K♣ river. “Nice hand,” he said to Juanda as he left the table.

We now need to lose one more player tonight and then we’re done. — SY

11.10pm: Bichon busts another
Team PokerStars Pro Thomas Bichon has busted Mattias Lannermark, his A-9 outlasting the Swedish PokerStars qualifier’s K-8 when the flop came an emphatic Q-9-9. The 10 on the turn gave Lannermark an unlikely gutshot draw on the river, but nothing changed. — SY

11.05pm: Limp, call shove, double up
That’s what Fernando Brito just did against Allen Bari. The former limped from the small blind, Bari set Brito in for the latter’s last 278,000 and Brito called.

Bari: 9♥5♥
Brito: 3♣3♦

The board a safe one for Brito running out Q♣3♥5♣5♠A♣. — NW

11.03pm: Double up for Zito
His pocket sixes starting and staying ahead of Marton Czuczo’s A♦10♠ on the 6♥7♠K♣9♠K♥ board. – NW

11pm: That really has got to hurt
Claudio Cecchi can count himself to be a trifle unfortunate. He re-raised Per Ummer all-in for 231,000 more with pocket aces, and got a call from Ummer with his A♥J♣. The flop was a mild 3♦10♦6♠, and even the J♦ turn didn’t raise too many alarm bells. But the J♥ on the river certainly did. That runner-runner ended Cecchi’s tournament and sent Ummer up to around 1.3million. We’re down to 27. — SY

10.55pm: Back
Players are back to blinds of 10,000-20,000 with a 2,000 ante. — SY

10.37pm: Break time
The 28 remaining players are now on a 15-minute break. — NW

1036pm: Good day, Bruce
That’s the end of Bruce Atkinson. He got his last couple of hundred thousand in with pocket jacks but got outrun by Kyle Bowker’s A♦K♦. Atkinson headed for the cash desk to collect his £19,000 before snatching a microphone and giving the room a quick Elvis rendition. Seriously. — SY

10.35pm: Two exits
Thanks to PokerStars Dutch blogger Steven for catching the first hand and passing the details on.

Exit one: From the small blind Scott Palmer made it 41,000 only for big blind David Vamplew to make it 98,000 total. Palmer then moved all-in for 380,000 and Vamplew snap called. Palmer had A♠7♦, Vamplew 10♣10♠, the board a bullet-less J♦4♥J♥5♥Q♦. Meanwhile on another table…

Exit Two: Team PokerStars Pro Thomas Bichon got the action started by making it 36,000 from under the gun+1, Ben Vinson then moved all-in for around 350,000 from the small blind. This caused John O’Shea to dwell up in the big blind, O’Shea had Vinson covered but not by a great deal, he clearly had a pretty marginal decision. Eventually he announced call, and Bichon got out of the way.

Vinson: 8♠4♣
O’Shea: A♦Q♥

The final board read 3♣A♣J♥10♠Q♦ and Vinson headed to the rail. Bruce Atkinson is also out (details to come) and there are currently 28 players left. — NW

10.20pm: Another hit for Rheem
David Rheem is down to 1.1 million again after doubling up Rumit Somaiya. The latter had re-raised all-in and Rheem asked his familiar: “You want action?” He made the call, and was not impressed to see his A♥J♦ bested by Somaiya’s A♠Q♣. No undue nonsense on the 9♥6♣5♣5♠K♣ board, and Somaiya doubled up to just shy of 1million. — SY

10.12pm: Huntley hits the deck
Gordon Huntley is out, victim of Japanese high roller Masaaki Kagawa. They had seen a board of 4-3-J-K-4 and Kagawa’s Q-J was enough to take it. — SY

10.10pm: ‘I think I know where I’m at
From under the gun Chino Rheem, who is currently chip leader, raised to 38,000. It folded round to small blind Jamie Burland who was in the process of getting a massage. Burland asked ‘How much you playing,’ thinkng it was the player to Rheem’s left who had raised. Once he realised it was Rheem who had raised, Burland apologised and made the call from his stack of 650,000. The two of them saw a flop of 3♣A♦9♥. Burland checked it to Rheem who bet 46,000, call from Burland. On the K♦ turn Burland came out firing with a bet of 100,000. Rheem folded 7♣5♣ face up saying, ‘I think I know where I’m at,’ Burland pushed his hand forward and said to Rheem, ‘Pick one, they both hit,’ Rheem declined to see either card though. — NW

10.05pm: Brown takes one down
With the board reading 3♥6♠3♠2♣J♣ and a pot of around 170,000, Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown moved all-in for his last 130,000, his lone opponent was Robert Nulli who pretty much turbo mucked K♠Q♠ face up. — NW

10pm: Perrins screws Rivet
Matt Perrins four-bet Guillame Rivet all in with nothing more than 8-9 offsuit and got a call from the Frenchman holding A-Q suited. He didn’t really want that, but Perrins hit an 8 on the flop to bust Rivet and move up to 1.9million. Wow!

9.55pm:No joy for Juanda
John Juanda raised from under the gun, and that must of spelt danger to the rest of the table, who all fodled. Juanda showed A♥A♦ in disgust (well, more like in disappointment).

9.50pm: ‘I hate this hand’
David Rheem had re-raised Jamie Burland to 82,000 and then watched as the UKIPT Brighton winner moved all-in for 455,000 total.

“You want action?” Rheem asked.
“I don’t mind,” Burland replied.
“I hate this hand,”sighed Rheem, adding, “okay, you got it.”

With that, Rheem folded and Burland added a handy pot to his stack to him to more than 600,0000. — SY

9.45pm: Slowly slowly
Play has slowed here at The Hilton. A recent example: Kyle Bowker limped from the small blind and Per Ummer checked his option from the big. The flop of 7♦Q♣4♠ was checked through. A min bet of 16,000 from Bowker on the 8♦ turn was enough to force a fold from Ummer, who showed 4♦9♣ before mucking. There are currently 33 players left — NW

9.35pm: Levy now heavy…with chips
Henrik Tollefsen just shipped his last 150,000 or so to Steven Levy. Tollefsen moved all-in under the gun and Levy called from the small blind.

Levy: A♠A♣
Tollefsen: A♥J♥

The board of 10♥9♠2♣Q♠J♠ gave Tollesfen a sweat at least but he was sent to the cashiers desk to pick up his £17,000. Levy is now up to 1,250,000. — NW

9.30pm: Brown out
He’d been one of the headline acts for the past couple of days, but now Jamie Brown is out. He lost a chunk to Per Ummer in the hand described below, then got knocked off a big pot on the river by Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem… and now he’s out. And it was Ummer who did the damage.

Ummer open-raised to 40,000, Brown bumped it up to 100,000 and Ummer checked back on his cards once more before announcing he was all in. Brown made the call:

Ummer: K♠K♦
Brown: A♦Q♠

Brown was in a world of pain, and the 5♣8♠6♠Q♥5♦ board made sure he didn’t feel any better. So Brown departs, while Ummer moves up to 1.5million.– SY

9.20pm: Ummer wins a big pot
Per Ummer has had a great start to level 21, winning a sizeable pot at the expense of Jamie Brown. The latter raised from under the gun and Ummer looked him up from the big blind. Both players checked the A♠2♣6♠ flop, before Ummer fired out a bet of 85,000 on the 10♦ turn, Brown called. The river was the 10♠ and Ummer slid out a bet of 200,000. Brown grimaced, peered sideways at Ummer from underneath his grey hooded sweatshirt and mulled it over. Eventually he slid out the call. Ummer showed A♣10♣ and now has around 1,200,000, Brown is down to 700,000. — NW

9.15pm: Back in action
The dinner break is over, and now the players are back in action. We have 37 left and we’re heading to 24 before calling it a night. Blinds are now 8.000-16,000 with a 2,000 running ante. — SY

7.45pm: What? Dinner?
Even though we will be playing down to only 24 players tonight, and there are just 37 left, it has been decided we have to take a 90-minute dinner break. While your humble bloggers would have been happy to slog it out to the end, it seems one or two of the players were in need of pie and mash.

We’ll be back at 9.20pm. — SY

7.40pm: Sal Bon gone
PokerStars Blog’s favourite pink-jumper-wearing Team PokerStars Pro Salvatore Bonavena is out, getting his last 250,000 all-in with 10♣10♦ but running into the K♠K♥ of Keven Stammen. No surprises came on the 3♠K♣A♣5♥Q♦ board, and the last remaining EPT champion in the field leaves the arena with £17,000.

Still no double EPT champion, then. — SY

7.35pm: Perrins makes a tough fold
I joined the action to see a J♣A♣K♦ board and two active players contesting a pot. First to act the small blind – Guillaume Rivet – checked to Matt Perrins who was on the button. Perrins bet 30,500 and was called by Rivet. The two of them saw the K♥ peel off on the turn. This time Rivet decided to lead and settled on a bet of 62,000. Perrins made the call. The river was the K♣ and Rivet moved all-in for just over 500,000 into a pot that was around 275,000. Perrins thought for perhaps a minute before folding the A♦ face up. Despite losing that pot he’s made progress in this level and has around 1,100,000. — NW

7.25pm: Levy plays it cool
Steven Levy took a big pot off Benjamin Vinson. The pair of them saw a Q♣A♠4♣ flop, and with around 100,000 in the middle already, Levy checked then called Vinson’s 82,000 bet. On the 3♥ turn, Levy checked again and this time Vinson made it 126,000. Levy studied his own stack, thought for a moment or so, then announced calmly that he was all-in. It would be around 200,000 more for Vinson, but he thought better of it and mucked.

With that, Levy inched up to 800,000 while Vinson slipped to 400,000. — SY

7.20pm: Burland still going
Sole remaining UKIPT champion Jamie Burland is still going strong, he told me he had around 550,000. He’s not got the kindest of table draws, having John Juanda for company, still Juanda is on his immediate right so it could be worse. — NW

7.15pm: Click it back then click it back some more
John O’Shea (hi-jack) and Thomas Bichon (small blind) got involved in a pre-flop raising war, each taking it in turn to ‘click it back’ a few times before the inevitable all-in. Both players started the hand with 600,000 so there was plenty of room to ‘click’. Both players though held pocket aces and chopped the pot. — NW

6.55pm: Dangerous double up
To be fair there are a good few players left here, but one of those the others did not want to see double up is John Juanda. That’s what just happened when, on a 5♥8♠Q♠ flop, he faced a bet from Erik Van Dijk and moved all-in over the top for around 275,000 total.

The Dutchman dwelled for a moment or two then made a reluctant call – and found he was a critical pip behind:

Juanda: Q♣J♣
Van Dijk: Q♥10♥

The 3♠ turn and K♦ river changed nothing, and Juanda rockets to 550,000, leaving Van Dijk with just 150,000. — SY

6.45pm: Go Joe
Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem just won a big pot and now has a stack that is pushing 800,000. Hachem, Kevin Eyster and Per Ummer all saw a flop of 10♣7♦8♣ and Hachem and Eyster got it all-in, with Hachem covering Eyster.

Eyster: 10♠7♠
Hachem: 6♦9♦

Quite the cooler, the turn and river were 8♥3♣, Ummer said that he folded an overpair to the heavy flop action. — NW

6.30pm: And again
Players are returning to level 20 with blinds at 6,000-12,000 and a 1,000 ante. Big names towards the top of the charts are Jamie Brown, Per Ummer, John Hall, while David Rheem takes top spot with around 1.5million.

This is what Team PokerStars Pro Thomas Bichon looks like. He’s got around 850,000. — SY


Thomas Bichon

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of London West End shows seen in a lifetime): Nick Wright (0), Stephen Bartley (0) and Simon Young (0)

Photos (c) Neil Stoddart and Mickey May


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