EPT London: Day 3, level 15 cont., 16 & 17 updates (3,000-6,000, 500 ante)

October 02, 2010


3.18pm: The bathroom shuffle
As one tournament (the Ladies) is about to begin, the main event is on break for 15 minutes. — NW

3.15pm: Pay that man his money
You pay your money you take your chance. Excuse the horrible pun, but Chance Kornuth and Kayvan Payman just played a big pot and I couldn’t resist. It was an all-in pre-flop affair, Payman at risk for 89,500.

Kornuth: A♣K♦
Payman: J♥10♥

Flop: 7♥8♥3♠

Cue much giggling from Kornuth.

Turn: K♣

River: 9♥

Cue much ooh-ing from the table apart from one Phil Ivey whose expression barely changed. — NW

3.10pm: This is a Steicke-up
It’s happened again. You write about a player one minute and they’re gone the next. This time it was David Steicke suffering from the blog bok. Alex Gomes raised from the button before Steicke moved in from the small blind. Joel Nordkvist was in the big blind and called, turning over K♣K♠. Steicke needed an ace, showing A♠5♥.

The board ran 2♠9♣7♥2♥2♣ sending Steicke out with an EPT cheque. — SB

3.05pm: Mama mia!
Luca Falaschi is out in a nasty way – giving it the full Italian treatment after. He was all in with K♦K♠ and up against Wayne Scott’s A♥K♠, but an ace on the flop ended Falaschi’s tournament hopes. With that, the arms were sent-a-gesticulating-and-a-shrugging and we’re an Italian down. — SY

3pm: Two bust outs in one hand
Emanuele Rugini was all in for 45,000 before Gordon Huntley moved all-in over the top for around 120,000. But things didn’t stop there – Femi Fakinle also moved all-on for his last 35,000!

Fakinle: A♦K♥
Huntley: A♥Q♦
Rugini: A♣7♣

If you thought things could go wonky, you’d be right. The flop came 7♥4♦10♣ to shoot bottom man Rugini into the lead. The turn was 5♠ but the river was Q♣ giving the pot to Huntley, who knocked both Rugini and the unfortunate Fakinle out in one go. — SY


Gordon Huntley

2.55pm: Perrins bullies Bari
From the hi-jack Matt Perrins opened to 14,000 and was flat called by Steven Levy in the small blind. Then from the big blind Allan Bari popped it to 51,500 total. Perrins tanked, emerging from it with an all-in bet of 266,500 total. That was enough to scare off Levy (quickly) and Bari (not so quickly). Bari still has a mountain of chips in front of him, somewhere in the region of 670,000. — NW

2.50pm: Steicke-ing it to ’em
David Steicke is something of a foreign raider to EPT London. From Hong Kong, Steicke is making his first EPT cash, aside from a high roller payday during season five’s Grand Final, but has for years been a regular face in world poker with more than $1.7 million in prize money. He also has a never ending supply of sports memorabilia, and it’s the turn of Shanghai Polo club today.

He’s on around 220,000 following hands against Thomas Bichon and Joel Nordkvist.

In the first Bichon bet 14,000 which Steicke called from the small blind for a flop of 3♠8♦6♣. Steicke checked, then called Bichon’s bet of 21,000 for a 9♣ turn, checked for a 8♠ river. Both checked that, Steicke’s pocket deuces getting the better of Bichon’s ace-king.

Then, when Maasaki Kagawa opened for 15,000, Steicke called in the hi-jack before Nordkvist raised to 56,000 in the cut-off. Kagawa folded, leaving things to Steicke who think-called for a flop of J♥3♣Q♥. Steicke checked and Nordkvist lumped in 36,500. Steicke passed, keeping intact what he has in front of him. Nordkvist up to about the same, 220,000. — SB

2.45pm: Ivey, Ivey, Ivey, Ivey
Yeah that’s four Ivey’s for a man who just made quads and he got paid… handsomely. I only saw the river action but with the board reading 7♦Q♦10♣10♥Q♣ Ivey bet 100,000, into a pot of around 190,000, leaving himself 70,000 back. Kayvan Payman, his lone opponent, called. Ivey fastrolled 10♠10♦, Payman who is down to 65,000 nodded and mucked. ‘No one ever believes Ivey,’ commented one observer. — NW

2.35pm: Ainsworth out of the door
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is out. First he was crippled by David Rheem – a player raised, Ainsworth re-raised to 43,000 and Rheem moved all-in for 130,000. Call. “Have you got a pair?” asked Rheem, turning over 6♥6♦. The answer was no, Ainsworth revealing A♠K♦. The board ran 5♠J♦10♥J♣3♠ and Ainsworth lost the huge race to leave him with just 3,500 chips. Rheem shot up to 175,000.

Next hand, Team PokerStars Pro Joep van den Bijgaart open-raised to 13,500 from under the gun and Ainsworth put the rest of his chips in the middle. The Dutchman showed 8♣8♦ and Ainsworth revealed K♦J♣, adding: “I bet I manage to win this race!” But he didn’t as the board ran 4♥2♦4♠A♣Q♠. — SY

2.30pm: John Juanda doubles up
We had a feeling there might be fireworks at the table of toughness and so it proved, I missed exactly how it went in, but what is undisputable is that Beeny Spindler (under the gun +1) and John Juanda (small blind) had got a boatload of chips in pre-flop. As the TV cameras zoomed in, it was established that Juanda was the at risk player, all-in for 290,000. Juanda is rightly recognised as one of the best players in the world and he’s particularly well known for being a strong pre-flop player. So you just know that when he gets a boatload of big blinds in before the flop, he’s generally going to have the best of it and so it proved.

Juanda: K♥K♣
Spindler: A♣10♠

The board bricked out (for Spindler) running out J♥9♣2♣4♣Q♦. Juanda now has over 600,000, Spindler is down to around 70,000. — NW

2.25pm: The good and the bad
Two all-in hands, two different results. In the first Chino Rheem doubled up with A♠9♥ on a board of 9♠6♥6♠5♣J♠, getting the better of his opponent’s pocket fours. Then Michel Abecassis moved all-in, with A♥J♥ against John O’Shea’s A♠9♣. Abecassis seemed to see it coming, resigned to a board of J♦Q♦9♦9♥4♦. — SB

2.20pm: Table of toughness
There are some very tough players left in the main event but table four is probably the toughest right now. Sharing that table are Marty Smyth, Jamie Brown, David Vamplew, John Juanda, Rob Akery and Benny Spindler. ‘Horrible playing with you, Sir,’ might be the phrase. — NW

2.15pm: Sheringham lets one slip
Bruce Atkinson put a dent in Teddy Sheringham’s growing pile. He had raised on the button and then called a re-raise from Sheringham in the big blind. On the A♥9♣10♠ flop Sheringham checked and Atkinson quickly moved all-in for around 111,000. Sheringham gave it a long, hard, think but chose to fold. He’s down to 350,000. — SY

2.10pm: Bichon muscling up, Fernadez out
Team PokerStars Pro Thomas Bichon is up to 400,000 and taking no prisoners at his tough table. He and David Steicke saw a 5♦Q♦8♦ flop, Steicke checked then called Bichon’s 39,000. On the 2♦ turn, Steicke again checked – and after a minute or so Bichon slapped down 37,000 over the line with an emphatic thump. Steicke mucked quickly.


Thomas Bichon

Soon after, Leo Fernandez, who had been crippled earlier by Steicke, was finished off by Bichon. Fernandez bet, Bichon re-raised by enough to put the Argentinian all-in – call. Fernandez had pocket sixes and was up against the Frenchman’s A♣10♣. The flop was 9♠J♣4♥ – so far, so good for Fernandez – but the 8♥ turn and Q♦ river gave Bichon a runner-runner straight. — SY

2.05pm: Kravchenko hooked
Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko just lost around 135,000 to Gabriel Alarie in a button versus hi-jack encounter. Kravchenko held A♣Q♦, Alarie J♠J♦, the board running out 4♥7♣10♣J♣A♠. Kravchenko has around 240,000 after that loss. — NW

2pm: And we’re back
The break is over and we’re now back to new blinds of 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante. — SY

1.46pm: Break
That’s the end of level 16 and players are now on a 15-minute break. We’re losing people thick and fast and will be updating the payout page just as soon as we can. — SY

1.45pm: Sheringham on fire
Not literally, obviously (although it is rather warm in here), but Teddy Sheringham is sitting on around 450,000. He started today with about 150,000, so there’s been some goalmouth action somewhere along the line for the former England soccer star. We’ll grab hold of him to find out the details. — SY

1.43pm: Jelinek gone
No details, but the UK’s Steve Jelinek has been seen wandering towards the cash desk telling a chum: “I’m out.” We gather, therefore, that he’s, er, out. — SY

1.41pm: Peaking too soon
Robert Akery opened from early position for 11,000 which Benny Spindler raised to 27,000. Jamie Brown then raised to 58,000 from the button while David Vamplew kept things going with a raise to 119,000. Fold, fold, fold. — SB

1.40pm: Brown down but far from out
Artur Wasek just doubled through Jamie Brown. Overnight chip leader David Vamplew got the action started by raising to 11,000 from under the gun, next to act Wasek called as did big blind Brown. All three players checked the J♠9♦8♠ flop. On the 9♠ turn Brown led for 21,000, Vamplew folded and Wasek quickly moved all-in for 97,000 total and Brown made the call. Wasek showed A♠7♠ and Brown 10♥7♦. The river an inconsequential 5♥. Brown still has a healthy stack of around 400,000. — NW

1.37pm: Ainsworth eliminates Evans
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth is up to around 150,000 after eliminating Nicky Evans. The latter was short stacked and got the last of his chips in with pocket eights against Ainsworth’s K♠Q♠. The board of 3♥K♥Q♥5♥2♦ giving Ainsworth two pair. — NW

1.35pm: Cracking the Cody
Just as Levy was seeing off Max Steinberg, Jake Cody had moved all-in, getting called by Tomas McNamara. As they waited for the TV cameras Cody showed A♠10♣ to McNamara’s 5♦5♣ and Cody was dispatched the rail on a 5♠2♣7♦K♥7♣ board. — SB

1.33pm: Levy’s banks bursting
Another dwelling hand involving Stephen Levy, this time featuring the swansong of Max Steinberg. Steinberg had opened for 15,500 in middle position which Levy raised to 40,000 form the button. With the action back on Steinberg he shuffled chips around a bit before arranging them into attack formation and pushing them forward, an all in worth 93,500 more.

This figure swirled in Levy’s head for a while; three times he asked the dealer how much. Three times the dealer told him. After much agonising, he called, turning over K♦4♣, some way ahead of Steinberg’s 10♥9♦.

The turn came 2♦, the river 5♠. Steinberg got up from his chair, shook Levy’s hand and set a course for the rail. Levy up — SB

1.30pm: Fernandez loses monster
Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez lost a monster pot, calling David Steicke’s all in with pocket nines, up against the high-rolling Australian’s A♥K♥. The board ran K♠A♠6♠J♣6♣ and Fernandez was left with around 50,000 while Steicke doubled up to 350,000. — SY

1.25pm: Bad time to walk into aces
Kimmo Kurko is out. Konstantin Bucherl raised to 12,000 and was called by Barkatul Mohammed before Kurko shoved in the small blind – only for Allen Bari to re-shove from the big blind! The other two got out of the way and Bari turned over pocket aces, crushing Kurko’s A♦J♣. No help on the board, and we’re another man down. — SY

1.20pm: Persaud perishes
I didn’t catch the hand but Nik Persaud is out, word has it he had [9][7] and ran into EPT Tallinn winner Kevin Stani’s pocket jacks. — NW

1.15pm: Spindler ships one
On a 6♠9♣2♥9♠ board Artur Wasek bet 16,000 into a pot of 28,000 and Benny Spindler made the call. Action slowed on the 4♣ river with both players settling for a free showdown. It was a showdown that Spindler won with A♦8♦ his ace-high ahead of Wasek’s K♦10♦. – NW

1.10pm: Levy not dry
Time is ticking on and the figure on the clock beneath players remaining is down to 112. It was 116 when Cherif Zacca and Steven Levy began their hand.

Zacca opened for 12,500 from the hi-jack, which Levy raised to 30,000 from the button. Zacca called for a flop of K♦A♠K♥. Zacca checked to Levy who bet 42,000. Zacca called. Both players then checked the turn card 9♥ for a J♣ on the river. Zacca bet 47,500 which Levy then raised to 165,000 total.

While this is quick to read it took about five minutes to play out. Then another five minutes passed by as Zacca tanked, eventually folding an A♥ face up. He’s down to 290,000 while Levy moves up to around 650,000. — SB

1.06pm: All-in and calls
Bish, bash, bosh, all-in and call is a cry that can be heard frequently and loudly right now. I caught two in quick succession. In the first Chance Kornuth was all-in for 224,500 and had 5♠5♣ in front of him, Team PokerStars pro Arnaud Mattern the caller with 10♣10♠ the board was hey presto for Kornuth as it ran out A♥2♠9♥5♦K♥. Mattern is down to around 70,000.

In the second Robin Keston’s pocket eights lost out to Peyman Luth’s A♦J♦ when the latter flopped a jack to eliminate Keston. — NW

1.05pm: Negreanu out
Shortly after the hand below, Daniel Negreanu bust, shoving with K-3 and getting called by pocket sevens. A seven on the river just rubbed it, and the Canadian has now registered for the High Roller tournament, which you can follow right here. — SY


Daniel Negreanu gets the bad news

1pm: Negreanu takes a hit as well
Fintan Gavin was all-in with pocket aces and up against Daniel Negreanu’s pocket queens. Negreanu was drawing thin enough, but it got worse when another player revealed he had folded a queen. “I can make a straight,” chirruped the Team PokerStars Pro – except another play revealed he’d folded a nine. It was looking grim.
In the event, the board ran 2♠9♣J♦7♦3♥ and Gavin doubled up to 170,000, leaving Negreanu with only 38,000. — SY

12.55pm: Kravchenko takes a hit
He started the day as one of the big stacks but Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko lost a a hefty 138,000 when getting Patrick Carron all-in. Kravchenko had pocket jacks and was up against Carron’s A♥K♥ – and the flop was an emphatic A♣A♠4♥, followed by a Q♦ turn and 3♠ river. Kravchenko is on 380,000. — SY

12.50pm: Another gone
There’s been a steady flurry of exits. Steffen Lameli is the latest, pushing with Q♣10♣ and getting called by John Hall with pocket eights. Lameli let out a yelp when the flop came K♣8♠3♥ to give Hall a set, and the 4♥ turn and 6♦ river made zero difference. — SY

12.45pm: JP Kelly out
Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly was all-in with pocket eights against David Steicke’s aces. Kelly was in bad shape but an eight on the flop shot him into the lead. All good for a double up, then, until an ace fell on the river, sending Kelly’s 89,000 to Steicke. — SY

12.40pm: It’s a flip
So said Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken as he waited for the TV cameras to arrive. He was all-in and at risk with 6♥6♣ Jason Wheeler the would be assassin with A♠K♥. The dealer made it quick and painless though as the flop was 4♥K♣9♥. The J♠8♠ turn and river were no help for the Dutchman. — NW

12.35pm: Low rolling
What do you get if you lump together a TV camera, a nearby seat in the high roller, and a short stacked Team Pro? Daniel Negreanu all-in is what you get.

Negreanu, who plans to play the high roller once out of the main event, moved in for what seemed liked 70,000 in early position.

When the action reached Luca Falaschi, Negreanu encouraged him to “gamble”, but sighting all the TV shows he’d watched, that featured Negreanu preaching good solid poker, Falaschi folded. It was left to Nicolas Katz in the big blind to decide Negreanu’s fate.

“How much?” asked Katz.

“It’s a lot buddy,” said Negreanu, adding the optimistic claim that it was in the region of 172,000. The reality was a little different.

“54,600…” said the dealer. Negreanu didn’t believe him and counted them himself, the dealer checked again. “64,600.”

With that sorted Katz called, turning over A♥Q♦. Negreanu showed K♥J♣.

“Ok, I have a chance,” said Negreanu. “I just need a king, or a jack.”

“Otherwise good luck in the high roller,” said Christophe de Meulder, helpfully.

The board ran K♦7♦Q♣7♥8♦. Negreanu has doubled up to more than 100,000, although he’s being blinded away in the high roller. — SB

12.30pm: Quick break
That’s the end of level 15. There is a quick five-minute break and color up. — SY

12.26pm: Sarwer out
Jeff Sarwer’s day is done. He got all in with A♣3♦ but was behind Joshua Tekesky’s A♠10♦. He never caught up. — SY

12.25pm: Stani defends
Matt Perrins opened with a raise to 9,000 and was called by John O’Shea on the button before Kevin Stani, the EPT Tallinn winner, raised it to 26,000 from the big blind. Perrins mucked quickly but O’Shea made the call. The flop came 3♣Q♠9♦ and Stani’s 35,000 bet was enough to take the pot.

12.20pm: Cody aggression
It’s been quite a year for Jake Cody. After winning EPT Deauville back in January, he followed it with a win at WPT London last month. He’s faring well here, too. On one of the first hands of the day he opened for 9,500. It was passed around, including from Phil Ivey on the button, until only Robert Nulli called from the big blind.

On the 5♥8♥5♦ flop, Nulli checked, Cody made it 13,500 and then Nulli re-raised to 32,500. Cody was having none of it, making it 30,000 on top – and that was enough to take the pot. — SY

12.15pm: First hand, first exit
The post bubble carnage didn’t take long to start. On the first hand of the day Tommy Westerlund moved in for his last 29,100 from under the gun +1. It folded round to overnight chip leader David Vamplew in the small blind and he asked for a count of the big blinds Artur Wasek’s stack. The dealer estimated it to be around 180,000 and Vamplew slid out a tower of yellow 5k chips. Wasek got out the way and to showdown they went.

Westerlund: 4♣4♠
Vaamplew: A♦J♠

The board ran out Q♣3♣9♣J♦7♠ and Vamplew turned a jack to pad his stack further. Westerlund was the first to head to the cashier’s desk to collect £7,500. — NW

12.01pm: Nearly ready
There’s a clattering of chips as the bags are opened and stacks rebuilt. We’ll be under way again shortly. — SY

11.30am: Money, money, money….
… must be funny, in a rich man’s world. Aha-aaahhhaaaaa. Yes, folks, it’s an excuse to sing an Abba song. Why? Because today really is about the money, and someone will be well on their way to being rich. Or richer.

Everyone left in the main event (128 of ’em), which we’re covering right here, is now in the cash, guaranteed £7,500. But that’s nothing compared to the £900,000 the winner will get.

Also today, the start of the £20,000 High Roller, a four (yes, four) day, deep-stacked extravaganza for very good rich players only. Marc Convey will be covering that one over on this High Roller category link.

So, strap on your seatbelts, dig out your ABBA CDs, and join us for the ride. As my Italian PokerStars Blog colleague Matteo said this morning: “Mama mia, it’s going to be good.” * — SY

* He did not say that.

ept london_day 2_david vamplew.jpg

Main event chip leader: David Vamplew

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of smartness): Stephen Bartley (shirt and tie, unbelievably), Simon Young (PokerStars shirt, obviously), and Nick Wright (no idea, he’s not here yet). Photos courtesy of Neil Stoddart and Mickey May.


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