EPT London: Day 2, Level 13 updates

October 04, 2009


Live updates from day 2, level 13 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 1,200-2,400 (200 ante)

6.00pm: Julien didn’t Brecard out
Julien Brecard has got his tournament back on track with a double-up to 170,000. There was a raise from under-the-gun that he called from mid-position with 5♥6♥ to see a 4♥3♣Q♠ flop. UTG led out for 10,000 before Brecard moved all in for 70,000 but the call came with A♦Q♣. The turn came A♣ before the river 7♣ smacked Brecard right in the face to make his straight.

5.37pm: Ivo Donev as much
Justin Smith just doubled up through Ivo Donev. It all went in pre-flop, Smith holding 10♣10♥ to Donev’s A♠5♠. The board came: 6♦6♥2♦9♠K♦ giving Smith a new stack of 102,000.

5.30pm: Obsting it
James Obst looked devastated. In front of him were all of his chips, lined up to be counted and a board showing 8♠K♠Q♥7♠6♠ and a pair of kings. That was the winning hand, the losing one had already been mucked. So was Obst looking disappointed because it was his defeat? No, the kings were his and he’d just cracked aces and now sits with more than 300,000.

_MG_4874_Neil Stoddart.jpg

James Obst

5.27pm: On your Vespa Jesper
Jesper Houugard is another player to leave us just recently. He got his last 10,000 in with K-J and was called by the big blind with 10-8 and an 8 on the flop sealed the deal for the Dane.

Michael Grecco, his tablemate, informed me that most of the damage to Hougaard’s stack was done in a hand just previously. Hougaard had 8-8 and got it all in with a player holding 9-9 and neither player improved.

5.20pm: Stout accounts for Mortensen
Juan Carlos Mortensen is out. He was all in on a flop of 10♦2♥3♠ with K♥8♥, which is an unusual play even for the former world champion. Matt Stout had K♦K♣ and was in a pretty strong spot, you’d have to say, and he completed Mortensen’s elimination when the Q♣ came on the turn.

“What was the action there,” I asked Stout. “How did he get it all in on that flop?”
“Err,” Stout said. “He had, like, 100 chips.”

Aha. I guess the damage was done earlier.

That reduces the number of former world champs in the field to three: Jesus Ferguson and Peter Eastgate, who both have about 270,000 and are doing fine, and Huck Seed, who has about 180,000 but remains well afloat.

_MG_4850_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Peter Eastgate

Darus Suharto, who knows Eastgate well having made the WSOP final table alongside him last year, is also going great guns. He has 230,000.

5.17pm: The search for Maria
Team PokerStars Brazil Maria Mayrinck is the Maria I’m talking about and I caught up with her involved in a hand where she called a raise from a player in the high-jack while sitting in the big blind. The flop came A♠6♥2♣ and she check-called a 5,500 bet as well as a 14,000 on the K♣ turn. The river then came 8♥ and Mayrinck faced a 28,000 bet on the river. She had 70,200 behind and after some thought she let it go whilst flashing the A♦ and saying “So sick”. Her opponent showed her A♠J♠ and that made Mayrinck feel a little better as she said her kicker was a ten.

5.10pm: More for Milhomens
On a flop of 2♠3♠6♥ Evan Parks and Rui Milhomens both checked for a Q♥ turn. Milhomens is among the leaders right now thanks to a massive aces versus kings earlier today. Now he was check-calling Parks’s 6,500 bet. On the A♠ river he check-raised, making it 30,000 more to Parks’s 12,500. Parks thought for a while, then called. Milhomens’s stack continues to grow, his A♣2♣ better than Parks’s mucked hand.

5pm: Gerasimova double up
Lika Gerasimova opened for 5,200 from under the gun which was folded back to Piero Mormina in the big blind. He called for a 2♥J♦7♥ flop then checked. Gerasimova made it 6,000 before Mormina raised to 35,000. All-in from Gerasimova with 7♣7♦, called by Mormina with A♦J♥. A double up for the Russian after a 8♣ turn and 5♥ river.

4.55pm: Third time lucky
Three times in four hands J P Kelly moved his short stack over the line when it was folded around to him. When he pushed from the cut-off and high-jack he managed to steal the antes and blinds. The third time he pushed was from mid-position and he found a caller in the small blind that time with K♥Q♥. He would need to improve with his 8♥7♥ and he did just that with the 7♣Q♣7♠10♠J♣ board to double up to 51,000.

4.45.pm: It’s the man from the radio
In recent weeks PokerStars has been running a promotion with Talksport radio, offering one lucky UK listener the chance to play in EPT London alongside the station’s poker guru Matt ‘The Mute’ Wilson. Unfortunately the listener – Clive Gibbs from Leicester – fell late in day one. But Wilson is still going strong half way through day two. Our video blogging team caught up with him in the break…

Watch EPT 6 London Day 2: Talksport Radio’s Matt Wilson on PokerStars.tv

4.37pm: Players returning from break, chip counts updated

We did a long pass through the field at the end of the last level and updated as many of the players’ chip counts as we could find. You can find selected counts on our EPT London Chip Counts page. After that, check out how one of our correspondents has recently discovered a new way to humiliate himself in the feature piece: You know you make me Antoine Saout! (Sing that to the tune of the golden oldie “Shout!” and you’ll never stop doing it…kick your heels up Antoine Saout!”).

And here’s the recently doubled up Maria “maridu” Mayrinck.

_MG_4651_Neil Stoddart.jpg


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