EPT London: Day 2, Level 12 updates

October 04, 2009


Live updates from day 2, level 12 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 1,000-2,000 (200 ante)

4.25pm: End of the level

4.20pm: Information/hand dump
It’s the best kind of dump, there not being all that much competition. Anyhow:

Maria Mayrinck has doubled up: “I had ace-king against that scary Spaniard over there,” Mayrinck explained as Spaniard smiles and waves in a very un-scary manner. “He had A♣10♣ and the flop came Q-9-10, one spade, and I nearly threw up. But somehow I held. I’m up to 115,000.”

Obst, I did it again: “Why did you bet? Why did you do it again?” This was the Finnish player Harri Suni to James “Andy McLEOD” Obst, who bet 44,000 into a pot of close to 50,000 on a board of 7♠8♥Q♠9♦3♣. I call, said Suni, instantly, and showed 10♣8♣, which was good against Obst’s K♣10♦. “You either check fold or check raise there,” Suni continued, stacking up a total of about 330,000, dominating Obst’s shrivelling 55,000 stack.

Jesus wept: He didn’t actually. He won. It was a pot already around 70,000 and a board of 4♠7♥2♣10♣J♣. Alex Roumeliotis bet 28,000 and Chris Ferguson called. The Swede had pocket queens — Q♠Q♦ — but Ferguson had kings — K♠K♥. The better hand stayed good and Ferguson moved up to 270,000.

4.15pm: Three-betting the name of the game
As I watched a hand unfold on the flop Nick Gibson, who is part of the table in question, informed me that he’s not surprised these two are clashing. The two players in question are Chris Moorman and Christer Johansson and the flop is showing 3♣8♥K♥. Gibson informed me that Moorman is either raising or three-betting 75% of hands.

In this hand Moorman had opened with a raise from the high-jack and then called Johansson’s three-bet from the small blind. Johansson then check-raised Moorman’s 8,600 flop bet up to 22,000 sending the young Brit into the tank. He came out of the tank with a decision to move all in which was good enough to make Johansson fold. Moorman up to 120,000 now.

4.07pm: Marion Nedellec eliminated
And it wasn’t pretty. She got her final 27,000 in the middle on a Q♦7♠Q♠ flop. Holding Q♥6h] she expected to win, until she found herself up against 7♥7♦. Au revoir, Marion.

3.55pm: Fish floored
Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot was recently seen sneaking out of the tournament room. He was crippled early and now seems to have eaten his last maggot of EPT London.

3:52: Table of Death gives up the ghost
After maintaining the title of Table of Death all afternoon, Table 23 has broken and sent its players (among them chip leader Jeff Lisandro, David Williams, Darus Suharto, and Victor Ramdin) off to other environs. Suharto fared well in the last couple levels and is up to 215,000.

3:49pm: Yevgeniy Timoshenko has chips and a sandwich
2009 WCOOP champion Yevgeniy Timoshenko is munching on a panini and doing his best not to eat his chips, all 160,000 of them.

3.45pm: Thousand men charge
There’s a new force emerging: the Portuguese player Rui Milhomens. “I’ll write it down for you,” said a Portuguese friend of Milhomens when I asked his name. “It’s unusual even in Portugal. It means ‘a thousand men’.” It does; it also means 440,000 chips.

3.42pm: Up and down for Senninger
The overnight chip leader, Nikolai Senninger, was down to 180,000 at one point today, but it now back up to 360,000. It might have got worse: an opponent was all in against him with two pair, eights and queens, against Senninger’s top pair kings. But Senninger rivered a ten, matching his other hole card, to give him a better two pair and a 160,000 pot.

3.40pm: Yes he is
Kevin “ImaLuckSac” MacPhee has just taken care of the two short stacks at his table and now has a stack of around 180,000.

The first hand saw him raise up from second position before the small blind moved all in for around 20,000. MacPhee said “I can afford it” and made the call with J♦6♦. He was live against the SB’s A♣K♣ and the board ran 9♦2♣3♦Q♦9♠ to make a flush for Macphee.

The very next hand he raised from under-the-gun before a player in the cut off went all in for 11,100. Carlos Mortensen called from the big blind as did MacPhee. The flop came 8♦9♣8♠ and MacPhee bet 8♦9♣8♠ 12,000 when checked to him. His Spaniard neighbor gave him a “I hope you have a hand” type of look and folded. MacPhee did indeed have a hand with 7♥8♥ and it held up against his opponent’s A♠K♠K♥ 35,000 all in versus the 8♠8♣ of Andrew Lichtenberger. The board ran out 5♣3♣6♠9♠2♦. After that Brown was left with around 13,000. When play folded around to him in small blind he moved all in with 4♣Q♥ and was called by the big blind’s with Q♦10♦. The board, 10♥J♦K♠10♠6♠, did Brown no good and he headed out of the room.

Peter Hedlund to Alex Longobardi: “I thought you were Italian? You’re supposed to play and lose every hand. Come on. Wake up and be Italian.”

3.25pm: Sebastian Ruthenberg eliminated
Sebastian Ruthenberg is out, running ace-queen into Adam York’s sevens. Neither an ace nor queen through flop, turn and river – Auf Widersehen, Ruthenberg.

3.20pm: Lisandro wins again, Steve Sung not so much
Short-stacked Steve Sung put in his last 15,000 pre-flop cand got calls from Jeff Lisandro and David Williams. The latter two checked down a board of 3♠4♦6♣7♣3♣. Lisandro, who has recently taken off his trademark cap, turned over A♦A♠ for the win.

3.10pm: Gradual trimming
As they return for the third level of day two, the tournament board is showing that 234 players remain. The money bubble bursts at 104 and while it’s still unlikely that we’ll reach that stage today, there are consistent whispers that we might. Things have certainly picked up pace.

3.00pm: Level 12 about to begin
We’ll be back with more action in just about eight minutes. In the meantime, here’s a photo of French Team PokerStars Pro Marion Nedellec.

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