EPT London: Day 2, Level 11

October 04, 2009


Live updates from day 2, level 11 of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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EPT London Chip CountsLevel 10 live updates

Blinds: 800-1,600 (200 ante)

2.52pm: Level complete

Players are going on a 15-minute break.

2.45pm: One goes up, one goes down and one stays steady
Team PokerStars France Arnaud Mattern is the steady one. He started today with 129,000 and now sits with 150,000 for a nice gradual incline of a day so far.

His neighbor at the start of the day has never been known as being steady and is now bust. He turned up with no ID, got warnings from floor staff for splashing the pot and now he’s bust. Oh and his name is Luke “FullFlush” Schwartz.

Our player on the up is live and online sensation Yevgeniy Timoshenko who has just doubled-up to around 100,000. His pocket aces fared very well against an opponent’s ace-king.

2.36pm: More action accounts for Liu
Table 23, star of this morning’s “A Round With…” post, has continued to be action-packed. Eric Liu is out, Petter Peterson is crippled and Jeff Lisandro is up to 450,000. Here’s how a lot of that happened – and special thanks to David Williams who fleshed out all the details.

Liu made it 3,000 to start it off and Petterson called on the button. Lisandro, in the big blind, made it 7,500 and Liu now re-re-raised to 21,000. Petterson under-called all in, Lisandro then moved all in, and Liu also called for all his chips. They were three-way to the flop, with Liu and Petterson at risk.

Liu tabled pocket queens and was in great shape against two big slicks in the hands of Lisandro and Petterson. The flop too was pretty good, coming Q-J-5, with two diamonds. (Remember the diamonds. They’re important.) The turn was disastrous for Liu: 10♦, giving both his adversaries the straight. And when the river was a small, non-paired diamond, Liu was relegated to third place in the three-way coup.

Only Peterson had a diamond, so he won the small pot with his flush and tripled up. Lisandro, though, won the massive pot with his straight and Liu was ousted. Ouch.

2.35pm: Calling the floors
Jonas Kronwitter is all-in, but that’s just the start of it. By the end about 30 people and a pair of headphones would be involved, including eight players, a dealer and two tournament officials. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how it started. There was a raise in there somewhere by James Tomlin, then Kronwitter’s all-in and then a call by Luca Ascani that wasn’t quite enough. That’s when the problem started. Ascani had called Tomlin’s raise no noticing Kronwitter. Call the floor.

The account went something like this: Kronwitter had said “raise,” then “all-in.” He hadn’t pushed his chips in when Ascani called Tomlin. All this was explained to the first tournament official by the players and the dealer, when she could get a word in. Now the tournament official called the floor.

“He said all in?” asked director Gerard Serra of everyone. Then “you heard all-in?” to the dealer, who nodded. “Then you’re all-in,” he said to Kronwitter.

“I can..?” asked Ascani, making a hand gesture as if to take his chips back.

“No!” was the answer to that. Instead it was a call or fold choice for the Italian who would be calling for all of his chips. He passed, getting a valuable, if hard lesson, on the risks of listening to loud music.

“I had music on…” said Ascani, finally accepting his fate and reluctantly agreeing. Tomlin and Kronwitter had been waiting. Tomlin folded Q♣Q♠ face up. A big fold. Kronwitter turned his Q♥J♥ face up.

“If he’d called I would have been so p***ed off.” Said Kronwitter, referring to Ascani.

“Wow…wow…” said Tomlin, dealing with his own issues before justifying it: “He probably would have hit a flush.”

No comfort for Ascani. He looked ready to cry.

2.30pm: Lex Veldhuis eliminated
Dutch Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis, who started the day with 90,000, is out. the way he tells the tale, he lost a bunch of chips after raising, getting three-bet, and folding. Then he bluffed off 22,000. And then he tried a 35,000 squeeze play with queen-jack and ran right into pocket queens.

2.28pm: Raymond Wu watch

For those of you keeping up with Raymond Wu, he’s table just broke and he carried 140,000 to his new seat.

2.26pm: Michael Tureniec runs into a mess

Annette Obrestad just stuck it right to Swede. His pocket jacks ran into her ace-ten, and her ace-ten turned right into a straight. Ugly, but that’s how it happened. Tureniec is now out.

2.23pm:Ramdin joins tough table
Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin has just joined one of the toughest table of the room. Wanna read how it went just before he arrived? Read Howard Swains’ A Round with Table 23.

2.18pm:Pros hanging in there
Team PokerStars Netherlands Lex Veldhuis has just doubled his minute stack to a short stack. The action folded around to him on the button and he moved all in for 15,100 with Q♠3♦ and was called by Justin Smith in the big blind with A♣10♥. The board ran out 4♦J♠9♦K♥10♣ to make a straight for the Dutchman but he’s going to need more of that luck to get back in contention.

Another pro in need of more chips is Dave Ulliot who sits with 21,000. He just raised from the button but was forced to fold when the big blind moved put him all in.

2.09pm: Eating with the natives
Jerry Van Strydonck had not planned to return to the U.S. without having some of the local fish and chips. We’re happy to report that he has not had the time to get out and about because he is still fighting in this tournament.

His table (featuring chip leader Nikolai Senninger) is playing exceptionally slowly. So, he was able to finish almost his entire sizable meal within the span of four hands.

For those following Jerry, he’s sitting on about 115,000, well above the 85,000 average.

1.50pm: Juanda play a hand?
John Juanda opened for 4,200 from mid position and PokerStars qualifier Evan Parks called in the small blind. It was just the two of them for a flop of Q♣A♠A♥. Both checked that for a 5♣ turn. Parks checked to Juanda who made it 6,800 and then called that for a J♣ on the river. That was checked also, Parks showing Q♥J♥ for the pot.

1:38pm: Moving pictures

Watch EPT 6 London Day 2: Big field, big names, big cash on PokerStars.tv

1:30pm: Break and level jump
Players are on a 15-minute break and will come back to 800-1,600-200 blinds. That should start moving things along. While we’re waiting, a question: Would you let this man babysit your children?

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