EPT London: Day 1a, level 9 updates

October 02, 2009


Live updates from day 1A, level nine of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 500-1,000/100

11.20pm: Play has ended
The clock was stopped and all the tables played out the last four hands without any fireworks going off. Approximately 140 players will return at noon on Sunday to join any survivors from tomorrow. At the moment it seems PokerStars qualifier Mario Cordero is our end of day chip leader with 218,000.

It’s looks like tomorrow will be another jam packed day with around 300 more players who will repeat the same schedule as we had today. It all kicks off at noon again tomorrow and we hop you’ll join us once again.

11.05pm: Who’s not singing any more?
Unfortunately that would be Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske. There was a raise to 2,800 and a three-bet to 7,800 in front of him before he moved all in for 22,000. The initial raiser folded but the three-better called with 8♠8♣. Luske was in great shape with A♠A♥ but that all changed when the board ran 4♥4♦8♦Q♥4♣. The Dutchman’s aces, his heart and his hopes of winning all cracked in one go.

Passport winner Phil Byers talks about his tournament:

Watch EPT 6 London Day 1A: Phil Byers on PokerStars.tv

9.55pm: Nothing the Mattern here
Sida Yuen was, for a long time, the chip leader at his table and got there by pounding his opponents into submission. The problem with this tactic is that it can backfire on you if you don’t change down through the gears. He didn’t and now sits with 30,000 after Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern took most of the chips.

First up Yuen raised it up from early position and Mattern called from the button to see a K-9-2 flop with two clubs. Mattern called a bet and then called 5,800 on the 6♠ turn. The river came 10♦ and Yuen’s third barrel was for 5,800. Mattern called with 5♣6♣ and was right as Yuen could only muster ace-queen high.

A few hands later Yuen raised to 2,300 from the high-jack and Mattern called from the big blind along with the small blind. The flop came down 9♦6♥4♦ and Yuen bet 4,000 when checked to him. Only Mattern called before they both checked through the J♥ turn to see the 9♣ river. Mattern took up the betting mantle at this stage with a 24,000 bet that Yuen called. Mattern quickly revealed J♦9♠ for a full house and the pot as Yuen mucked.

10.37pm: Gone but not forgotten
One player has literally bolted from the room, or should that be vaulted? Former Italian gymnast and Olympic medallist Jury Chechi lost most of his stack in a big hand, leaving him with just 7,500. For whatever reason Chechi decided enough was enough and left the room. That was in level eight. It’s now level nine. No one has seen him since.

10.34pm: Nedellec bossing
It’s been a good day so far for the PokerStars ladies. Maria Mayrinck continues to prosper, but also Marion Nedellec now has about 130,000, which is a terrific stack for this time of day 1a.

10.30pm: Gonsalves a goner
Markus Gonsalves is out, the victim of Tristan Clemencon and a mighty 8♦10♦. Gonsalves opened from early position to 2,500 and the Frenchman called in the cut off. Roland de Wolfe came along from the small blind and they saw a flop of A♦Q♦5♠, which De Wolfe checked. Gonsalves bet 5,000 and Clemencon min-raised. Gonsalves was playing only another 6,000 and so after De Wolfe got out of the way (flashing pocket sevens to his neighbour), Gonsalves was reluctantly all in.

He was actually in front as he showed A♣J♠ and Clemencon had that suited ten high. The 4♦ turn was the clincher and Gonsalves is a goner.

10.20pm: Easy game sometimes
Roland de Wolfe is up to 120,000 now and part of that was due to a player making a badly timed bluff against him. De Wolfe raised it up from the high-jack and the player in question called from the big blind. He then check-called De Wolfe’s flop bet before both checked through the turn. The final board read 2♠K♣J♥4♥6♠ and when De Wolfe bet 12,300 on the river his opponent decided to make a raise to 25,000 leaving himself with just 8,000 behind. De Wolfe looked shocked at the raise but snap called with K♠6♦ to take the pot as his opponent could only declare ace high.

Meanwhile our video blogging caught up with Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker. here’s what he had to say:

Watch EPT 6 London Day 1A: Chris Moneymaker on PokerStars.tv

10:15pm: Break’s over boys
Players have returned, we’re now playing in the last level of the day. Here’s Alex Kravchenko…

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