EPT London: Day 1a, level 7 updates

October 02, 2009


Live updates from day 1A, level seven of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 300-600/50

8.55pm: Sick call of the level
Michael Greco called me over to tell me about a sick call a player at his table made. The player in question was Max Heinzelmann and he had raised from under-the-gun and was called by a player in the next seat before a J-8-5 flop came down. Heinzelmann continued with a 3,500 bet that was raised up to 15,000 by his opponent. The call was made and then both players checked through the King turn. A queen fell on the river and the board had no possible flushes on it and when Heinzelmann checked again his opponent bet 47,000 which equated to his whole stack, This didn’t stop him making the call all in with 10-10 that was correct against his opponent’s busted straight draw with 7-9. A pretty sick call there for you tournament life. His reward; a shiny new stack worth around 130,000.

8.50pm: From the button
Andrew Chen limped from the button but Lawrie Inman made it 5,000 from the small blind. With the action back on Chen he re-raised to 55,000. Inman made “argh,” and “wow,” noises. To call would be for everything. Chen also had just 3,500 left behind. Inman passed. He seemed able to breathe better after doing so. Chen showed him the A♦.

8.48pm: Tension Building
Some tension has arisen between Chris Moorman and an unmanned player. Moorman raised from early position and was called by the player in question before a 2♠4♥5♣ board came down. Moorman continued with a bet before being raised up. It seemed as if Moorman had only been thinking for a minute before his opponent called the clock on him. The dealer concurred with player to the annoyance of Moorman who took all of his one minute thinking time before folding.

Two hands later Moorman was on the big blind and the same unnamed player raised to 2,500, a considerable raise seeing the big blind was only 600. Moorman shook his head and laughed along with Luke Schwartz who was at the same table. Moorman looked down at his cards and seemed frustrated that he didn’t have a holding to defend. Moorman only has 21,000 so he doesn’t really have the chips for a creative vendetta.

8.32pm: “I never have ace-queen there”
Roland de Wolfe was sitting in the button and when faced with a raise he three-bet only to be faced with a four-bet to 6,5000. No stopping De Wolfe though who out in one more raise to 17,000 which prompted his opponent to go into the tank. De Wolfe starting nattering in his ear and one of the things he said more than once was “I’ll show you”. His opponent seemed happy with this arrangement and folded. De Wolfe opened K♦K♥ and was shown A♣K♦ by his opponent. “Good fold” added De Wolfe “I never have ace-queen there, I always have you beat” he continued.

8.20pm: Just say no
No hand to report but Dennis Bejedal now has Fatima Moreira de Melo trying snuss for the first time, the miniature tea bag of tobacco based joy that’s inserted between the gum and upper lip. It’s not long before Peter Eastgate is trying it too. The results aren’t in yet.

“Lemony,” said De Melo.
“Isn’t it like cigarettes?” asked their mother, Darus Suharto, laughing.
“Oh yeah, it’s nicotine,” said Bejedal. “But it’s much healthier.” And that made it alright.

8:12pm–Coren hates tens

From the files of Vicky Coren’s Twitter account:

“Grr. Just doubled up a guy with two tens (all in pre flop, I had AJ). I can’t win with tens and I can’t win against them…”

8:00pm–Digestion commence

With the dinner break now behind us, the Main Event Day 1A players are back for another three levels of play.

For what it’s worth, we ate across the street from the building where Alexander Fleming is said to have discovered penicillin. We are hoping there is not a correlation between the two.

To help us forget about the possibility we’ll need antibiotics before midnight, here’s a picture of Fatima Moreira de Melo.

th_MG_1958_Neil Stoddart.jpg


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