EPT London: Day 1a, level 4 updates

October 02, 2009


Live updates from day 1A, level four of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 150-300

4.31pm: Break time
Players are taking a 15 minutes break.

4.30pm: No, I expect you to…
Tristan Clemencon had opened, making it 775 pre-flop which three players called, including Keith Johnson in seat eight. German actor Joram Voelklein was in seat three, the big blind, and raised to 4,020. Clemencon mucked, so did the others, just Johnson remained to call Voelklein.

The flop came 8♥7♦7♠ . Both checked for a 5♠ on the turn. Now Voelklein bet 3,500. Johnson wears a green track top and pulled it up to his nose. His sun glasses hid the other half of his face. He called.

The river card came a 2♣. Voelklein threw in a yellow chips, a 5,000 bet. “I know exactly what you have,” he said. There’s no doubting it, there’s menace in his voice. But that may be the plan. “You will call,” he added, then: “And I will…” I didn’t get the last bit. It sounded scripted but brilliant.

Johnson took his glasses off. The player in seat four turned to Voelklein and quietly suggested he knew Voelklein’s hand. “You have no clue what I have,” said the monotone Voelklein. Standing close by even I was scared. Voelklein was now a Bond villain. The break had started and I now believed Voelklein would be using his 15 minutes to co-ordinate an attack on the world’s Ed Hardy reserves while others went outside to smoke. All that Johnson could do was pull faces and keep calm. It was possible he hadn’t heard a word of all this. Players were gathering and there was a lot of noise. Voelklein wasn’t finished though.

“I will help you,” he said. “I have either ace-king of jacks.” (Pause to let the reality sink in) “But I think I have jacks.”

Johnson shook his head. Was it Voelklein he didn’t believe or was it himself? Voelklein and the players next to him started to discuss the situation but the dealer shushed them. Johnson mucked. Voelklein showed J♥J♦.

4.20pm: Battle over the Channel
An early position limp from Roland de Wolfe saw the two blinds come along for the ride to see the A♣5♦Q♣. De Wolfe called for an ace before the flop down and then bet 300 after when checked to him. Only young Frenchman Tristan Clemencon called before the turn came Q♦ where he took over the initiative with a 1,200 bet. De Wolfe called quickly to see the A♦ river. Clemencon checked to face an over bet of 5,200 by De Wolfe. He went into the tank for a long while and reluctantly folded, flashing a queen to De Wolfe as he did. De Wolfe threw his cards over to Clemencon to have a look and he opened K♣4♣ for king high. England now has 64,000 chips and France 17,500.

4.05pm: Eastgate on the move
Peter Eastgate has been moved, sliding in next to Fatima Moreira de Melo directly opposite Darus Suharto who talks about his good natured displeasure at having Eastgate back and that he’s running bad. Not so bad that he can’t take the blinds and raise with a pre-flop re-raise of his own, his opponent folding A♦9♠ face up.

4pm: Boom boom in the building
As Boris Becker arrived to stop by each German player, Michel Abecassis just took down a nice sized pot on a board of Q♠8♣7♠5♣3♣. The EPT veteran made it 8,500 on the end getting one caller. Victor Ramdin decided no. The Frenchman turned over A♣7♣ for the nut flush. It had been that simple.

3.56pm: Giving a little back
There was an early position raise to 800 that Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate called from the button as the big blind. The flop came 9♣5♦J♥ and the EP player continued his aggression with a 1,550 bet that Eastgate raised to 3,800. The BB folded but EP called to the 8♥ turn where he check-called Eastgate’s 4,300 bet. If the board wasn’t scary enough the river came Q♥ and it was enough to kill the action as both players checked. EP tabled 10♦9♦ which was good for the pot. Eastgate down a bit to 58,000.

3:46pm–Walking Deeb

Though the exact circumstances of his demise are unclear, we’re just going to assume that the traction Shaun Deeb was hoping to pick up in Level 3 didn’t happen. Our spies just spotted him on the first floor of the Hilton Metropole, a long was from his seat on the third floor. And to call it “his seat” anymore just wouldn’t be correct, So long, Shaun.

3:34pm–Sandra Naujoks eliminated

Though her ability to bore through a person’s body with her eyes is a formidable weapon in street battles, German Team Pokerstars Pro Sandra Naujoks apparently isn’t as skilled in getting pocket kings to hold up against ace-paint. After getting short in the early going, she got her kings in against ace-jack. An ace on the flop and no king anywhere else sent her to the door.

We’re sending the medics over to her table to see about filling up the holes she left in her opponent’s face.

th_MG_2068_Neil Stoddart.jpg

3:30pm: Three down, six to go

With three levels behind us, we now head into the 150-300 level.

th_MG_3121_Neil Stoddart.jpg


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