EPT London, Day 1A: Levels 3 & 4 (blinds 150-300)

September 29, 2010


4.45pm: Break time
It’s the second break of the day. We’re going to grind through nine levels today so we’ve still got plenty of play left. New post will be in around 5pm. — RD

4.35pm: Pims o’clock
Joep van den Bijgaart should be enjoying his position two to the left of big stack Pim de Goede. He isn’t. De Goede opened from the cut-off to 800 and Van Den Bijgaart three-bet to 2,775. De Goede decided that playing post flop poker was beneath him and slid a large stack of yellow 5,000 chips across the bet line instead. Van Den Bijgaart didn’t look thrilled and passed his hand leaving himself with a respectable 32,000. De Goede’s stack is looking quite formidable. — RD

4.30pm: Here’s to you, Mr Robinson
PokerStars qualifier Pim de Goede is the new chip leader on 155,000 and it’s partly thanks to Owen Robinson who is now out. Robinson opened to 750 to face a 2,250 three-bet from De Goede. He made it 8,000 to go and then called all-in for about 40,000 after De Goede shoved. Show down:

Robinson: A♥K♠
De Goede: K♦K♥

The board ran 7♠7♣7♦10♦Q♦ to see the Dutchman’s kings turn into a full-house. — RD

4.25pm: Hands together for a Zayonts
Allyn Shulman is out, with bets, calls and all sorts taking place on a board of J♣J♥5♥A♠K♣. Ultimately her Q♠Q♥ was no good against Jared Jaffee’s 5♦5♣.

Elsewhere Alexander Zayonts has also been sent to the rail, this time by Team PokerStars Pro Thomas Bichon, who now has 110,000. The board read A♣2♠7♦6♠A♥ and Bichon had bet enough to make it an all-or-nothing call for Zayonts. He lent over the table, agonising, then called. Bichon showed A♦K♣. Zayonts winced and turned over A♥Q♥, extending an arm towards Bichon to shake hands without looking at his face. — SB

4.20pm: News in brief
Roland de Wolfe might’ve used up all his run goodness after final tabling the WSOPE main event yesterday as he’s down to 7,000 already.

Jake Cody, the EPT & WPT champion, still has plenty of run good in the tank. He’s up to 58,000 after flopping a full house and getting the lot off an opponent. — MC

4.10pm: Veldhuis out
Lex Veldhuis is always a fun player to watch given his loose and wild style but we’ll all have to go without his play now. Veldhuis was up to 60,000 fairly early on but swiftly dropped to 40,000 and then down to 14,000. The Dutchman shoved for his final 8,000 on a 2♠5♣J♣9♠ board and was called by Jose Carlos Da Silva.

Da Silva: 8♥8♣
Veldhuis: 5♠3♠

A 9♣ on the river blanked Veldhuis who needed a five, three or spade to double back up to his starting stack. — RD

ept london_day 1a_lex veldhuis.jpg

Crazy Dutchman Lex Veldhuis couldn’t catch a much needed out

4.10pm: The Barrys
Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is one table along from fellow American and old time pro Barry Shulman. Greenstein just raised from the button and was called but folded to a donk-led bet on the flop. He’s going okay on 32,000.

Shulman is doing better as he’s up to 59,000. He was heads-up and called 2,300 bet on the turn of a A♦Q♦2♦5♣ board. The river came 8♥ and he called a 6,275 bet and showed A♥10♦ for the pot. –MC

4pm: Making his (Lanner)mark
Ivan Demidov opened the pot to 500 from middle position and was three-bet to 1,350 by Mattias Lannermark. Antoine Labat called in the cut-off and Demidov made up the 850 to make the call. Demidov checked the 2♠A♣10♦ flop before Lannermark took the chance to lead 2,650 into the middle. Labat min-raised to 6,300 forcing Demidov out of the pot. Lannermark made the call and check-called a further 6,900 on the Q♣ turn. Frenchman Labat then shoved the 7♠ river for 16,000 sending Lannermark deep into the tank.

He looked at his cards. He looked at his stack. He rubbed his head. He stood up. He sat down. He barely looks old enough to be playing but that’s beside the point because he made the call with Q♦10♠ for two-pair which was plenty more than Labat’s pocket sixes. Lannermark is up over 50,000. — RD

3.50pm: Where there’s a will there’s a Wilonofsky
On a flop of 7♦10♠6♣ Ben “Mozart” Wilonofsky was in action again, this time against Andrey Guliy. Wilonofsky bet 3,175 in the hi-jack which Guliy called from the cut off. The turn came 7♥. Wilonofsky checked and looked at Guliy’s stack, about 10k high. Guliy bet 3,000 and Wilonofsky raised to 25,000. Guliy called showing 7♣4♣ to Wilonofsky’s pocket queens. All looked good for Guliy until the Q♣ on the river.

“Wow,” said Guliy.

“Yeah,” said Wilonofsky, surprised, but having seen all this before.

The pair shook hands. Wilonofsky up to 59,000. Guliy out. — SB

3.40pm: EPT London according to Sorel Mizzi
Sorel Mizzi is out of EPT London. We didn’t catch any of the hands he was in but thanks to his Facebook status updates we can recap in the words of Mizzi himself.

About an hour ago he posted “my ept london table can only be described as “ridiculous” lol. strangest pots I’ve ever seen. feel like I’m playn medium stakes play money sng”.

Then about 16 minutes ago he posted “Out … AK vs TT …. thats okay, now i can focus on my specialty, side events”.

Good luck in those side events, Mr. Mizzi. — MC

ept london_day 1a_sorel mizzi.jpg

Sorel Mizzi: his mug won’t be gracing the final table

3.35pm: The big cheese
Jim Collopy is playing today and we’re glad he found time to fit us in between his college economics class and coming runner-up to Gus Hansen in the WSOPE Heads-up event. The first two levels of the day saw his stack slide to just over 20,000 but he has recovered to 44,000 already in level three. We witnessed two of the hands that helped on his way up.

In hand number one he was heads-up versus Allen Cunningham and 3,000 had made it into the middle by the turn. The board read A♦6♠4♥9♦ and Collopy led for 2,100 from early position to force a fold from Cunningham.

In hand number two Collopy was heads-up versus India Storrar. The board read 7♦3♥A♠K♦ and Collopy checked from the SB and called a 1,500 bet from Storrar on the button. The river came J♦ and Collopy checked to face a 2,500 from Storrar whose hands were visibly shaking as she bet. Collopy thought for a while, smiled, and made the call. It was good as Storrar said she only had a three so the young American took the pot with his A♣9♦.

3.20pm: Steicke in the middle
With two levels played it’s all change on the tournament floor as new players choose now to make an appearance, among them Roland de Wolfe and Mats Gavatin.

Gavatin takes issue with the absence of all of his chips, with the blinds of two levels already subtracted. But if he thought he had problems there was always Jason Gray a table along to make his situation feel a bit better.

First there was a hand to play. Gilles Augustus opened for 525 in early position and Ben Wilonofsky, the first player I’ve ever noticed listening to Classical Music (Mozart) at an EPT, – the type of thing that in soccer cicles would get you the nickname “Classic” or “Mozart” – raised to 1,600 from the button, which Augustus called for a flop of A♦Q♥6♠ but then folded to Wilonofsky’s bet of 2,275.

At which point Peter Gould stood up from a nearby table to make his way out. To get there he had to shove past Gray who by now had had enough.

“I’m going mental,” he said. “It’s sending me mental.” He was referring to his seat that was perched on the main thoroughfare to the exit. Gould pushed past anyway but Gray was not done.

“It’s sending me mental,” he said again. “Every two minutes.”

“You’ve got chips though,” said a helpful David Steicke, sitting one table along. — SB

3.10pm: Check-raise for Collopy
Checking the river with the nuts* is always a tricky proposition as you’ve got to be fairly sure your opponent is going to bite. Jim Collopy just doubled through in that situation after check-shoving a 8♦9♥5♥7♥10♠ river with A♥Q♥ and getting a call. He doubled through to 44,000 in the process. — RD

* Yes, 6♥8♥ would give a straight flush but bar that miracle hand Collopy has the nuts.

3.05pm: Thorson owned a Boat, man
A hand that occurred earlier has come to our attention and it was a good’un and worth reporting. Barny Boatman came into this event full of confidence and form after finishing 13th at the recent WSOPE. He decided to try to bluff William Thorson, who himself is always full of confidence and on form in this hand.

Boatman raised to 300 from UTG before the button announced raise and threw in 400. He thought Boatman had limped but as he announced raise the new amount to play was 500. Both blinds (Thorson in BB) called but Boatman re-raised to 2,100 and was only called by Thorson. The flop came [k][j][3] and Thorson check-called a 2,000 bet from Boatman to see a [t] appear on the turn. Thorson check-called once more, this time for 7,000. The river came [4] and Boatman moved all-in for 17,000 when the Swede checked to him. Thorson called and said “Do you have something like four-five?”

Boatman didn’t have four-five but Thorson was half right as the Brit tabled [8][5] for a complete bluff. Thorson tabled [q][j] and took the big pot and scalp. Thorson started level three with 57,000. — MC

ept london_day 1a_barny boatman.jpg

This man was pwned by…

ept london_day 1a_william thorson.jpg

…this man!

2.50pm: Back into the throng
Players are returning to their seats and cards will be in the air shortly. Check our chip count page for names and notables by clicking on this handy little link. — RD

ept london_day 1a_vanessa rousso.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso is one of the many known players here for Day 1A

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT London (in order of cocktail sticks collected from last night’s press conference buffet): Rick Dacey (well in excess of 25), Simon Young (about twelve), Marc Convey (a very definite two) and Stephen Bartley (did not attend). Photos by Neil Stoddart and Mickey May.


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