EPT London £20k High Roller: Day 2, level 15, 16, 17 & 18 updates (5,000-10,000, ante 1,000)

October 03, 2010


12.45am: Vanessa Selbst takes chip lead into the final
We’re down to our final eight players, all of whom will take home at least £45,900. Tomorrow’s High Roller champ will pocket a huge £556,000, so let’s hope they all bring their big trousers tomorrow.

Vanesa Selbst started as chip leader, maintained that through most of the day – although both Nacho Barbero and Andrew Robl wrestled it away for a small time – and took out Amit Makhari to burst the bubble. The Team PokerStars pro has a huge 1,262,000 stack with Andrew Robl hot on her heels with 835,000.

The final table begins at 12 noon tomorrow. Join us then to see who wins the half-a-million pounds. — RD

ept london_high roller 2_vanessa selbst ko.jpg

Selbst has had her game face on all day, unfortunately for Makhija

12.30am: End of day chip counts
Play will resume at 12pm tomorrow, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst leads the way with 1,262,000. Full counts below:

Seat One – Matt Marafioti, PokerStars Player, 96,000
Seat Two – Pierre Neuville, Friend of PokerStars, 110,000
Seat Three – William Molson, 126,000
Seat Four – Andrew Robl, 835,000
Seat Five – Fabian Quoss, 605,000
Seat Six – Jani Sointula, 320,000
Seat Seven – Nacho Barbero, Team PokerStars Pro, 464,000
Seat Eight – Vanessa Selbst , Team PokerStars Pro, 1,262,000

Everyone still in is guaranteed £45,900, the winner will take home £556,000. — NW

12.24am: Makhija is the bubble boy
Vanessa Selbst open shoved the button with short stacks Amit Makhija and Matt Marafioti in the blinds. Makhija made the call.

Makhija: Q♣Q♦
Selbst: K♠9♦

Makhija streaked ahead with the Q♥10♠6♠ flop but running spades, 5♠ and 3♠, gace Selbst a king-high flush and a 1,262,000 stack to go into the final eight. Brutal beat for Makhija. — RD

ept london_high roller 2_amit makhija.jpg

Flopping top set not good enough tfor bubble boy Makhija

12.20am: Marafioti close to an explosion
Matt Marafioti is obviously a good player but he seems to be, ahem, quite emotional. I can’t say it’s a huge surprise given that most of the table, notably Vanessa Selbst, seem to be enjoying ribbing him.

“He doesn’t understand sarcasm,” said Selbst.

“No, I don’t understand maths either,” replied Marafioti who then basically challenged Selbst to a high stakes cash game.

Selbst, Robl and Quoss are finding it all hilarious as Marafioti fumes on. Selbst took 40,000 from Marafioti the next hand. He’s down to 100,000. He’s threatened to jump out of his bedroom window if he bubbles again (he bubbled the high roller in Monte Carlo). — RD

12.05am: Catch up time
Apologies again for the internet issues, we’re trying to get by on a dongle. Here’s a bit of a catch up of what went on whilst we were turning the internet on and off speaking to someone over the phone to try and fix it.

Juha Helppi’s exit: It had folded to Andrew Robl in the small blind and he slid out two towers of yellow 5k chips. Helppi counted down his chips and he had 137,000 back. He tanked for over five minutes. “This is so close,” he said, then adding “this is probably a bad call but I need a double up.”

Robl: A♠6♣
Helppi: K♣8♠

The board of 10♣Q♥4♠J♥4♥ no help for the Finn. — NW

11.58pm: Final nine
The final nine are as follows:

1 – Matt Marafioti
2 – Pierre Neuville
3 – Will Molson
4 – Andrew Robl
5 – Fabian Quoss
6 – Jani Sointula
7 – Nacho Barbero
8 – Vanessa Selbst
9 – Amit Makhija

Neuville is the shortish stack at the table. — RD

11.52pm: Down to nine
Fabian Quoss has just knocked out Dan Smith in what the German player called “a standard spot.” Quoss opened the button with pocket kings and Smith jammed from the big blind with ace-ten for 20 big blinds. No ace and Smith is out in tenth as Quoss chips up to 650,000. Matt Marafioti bubbled the High Roller in Monte Carlo – will he be able to shake that off? Table re-draw with you shortly as we go nine-handed. — RD

ept london_high roller 2_fabian quoss.jpg

Fabian Quoss knocked out Dan Smith in 10th

11.40pm: Break
The players have gone on break and it’s looking like we could be playing through this final level of the day (as opposed to getting two players knocked out). Chips counts are being gathered. — RD

11.38pm: The internet is dead
Someone has killed the internet. It’s been down for over half an hour but the main news is that Juha Helppi is out. Andrew Robl took his 137,000 stack to take it down to the final ten players. We’re trying to get things back on track here. Details to come when everything is back on form. — RD

10.50pm: The blind leading the blind
Dan Smith and Jani Sointula just played one of those blind versus blind pots that start off small but quickly escalate. Smith had limped from the small blind and Sointula took a free flop of 7♠5♠5♦. Smith bet 13,500 and Sointula called. To the K♠ turn, where Smith fired a second bullet, this time it cost 31,500 for Sointula to call , and call he did. The 8♣ fell on the river and Smith bet again, this time 76,500 and for the third street in a row Sointula made the call. Smith showed A♣5♥ and Sointula the turned flush of J♠2♠. — NW

10.47pm: Big stacks clash, no fireworks yet
The two biggest stacks by far are Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst and Andrew Robl, way clear of the chasing pack, the two of them just play a re-raised pot. Robl raised under the gun to 22,000 and from the button Selbst three-bet to 56,000. Robl tanked for a while before calling. The flop fell 5♠10♦A♥, Robl checked and Selbst bet 60,000, which was enough to make Robl fold. — NW

10.45pm: The end is nigh?
The tournament staff have confirmed that we’ll be playing until the end of level 18 (the tenth level of the day) or until we’re down to eight players. That gives us the best part of two hours to lose three players. The tables will combine with nine players left. — RD

10.40pm: Players return
The players are back in their seats and the chip counts put Andrew Robl and Vanessa Selbst neck and beck on 850,000. Will Molson, Juha Helppi and Amit Makhija are all below 200,000. Check the chip counts by clicking here. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000-8,000, ANTE 1,000

10.25pm: Break
That’s a 15-minute break. There are 11 players left here at the EPT London High Roller and with just eight places paying things have got very tense. Vanessa Selbst and Andrew Robl are both super stacked. Chip counts are being collected. — RD

10.23pm: Slowly does it
Action has slowed somewhat since Roberto Romanello’s exit, we’ve seen a few flops and turns, the occasional river, but no showdowns in a while. Still 11 left. — NW

10.20pm: Monster pot for Robl as Romanello crashes out
This was one of those pots where a silence descended upon the table and the rail. Big chips and a chance to go deep on the final were at stake. Barbero raised to 14,000 from the hi-jack and was called by Andrew Robl in the cut-off before Romanello moved all-in for 61,500 from the button.

Barbero seemed to want to kill the pot there and made a large raise to 155,000. Robl sat staring at the Team PokerStars Pro for some time before chopping out a call for the large isolating raise. Barbero made a suspiciously small 35,000 lead into the A♣K♥9♠. Robl made the call. The pot (main and side combined) was somewhere in the region of 450,000 at this point. Both players checked the 8♥ turn and the 10♣ river. Barbero showed Q♣Q♦ and Robl tabled A♦Q♠. It was enough to win the pot, sending Barbero to his feet with anguish while also knocking Romanello and his A♠J♠ out in the process.

Robl looks to have snuck into the chip lead with 740,000 – perhaps marginally ahead of Vanessa Selbst. — RD

ept london_high roller 2_andrew robl.jpg

Andrew Robl has plenty to be cheerful of

10.11pm: Selbst the raising machine
Vanessa Selbst has been raising a whole lot of hands here and is scooping a lot of pots. Andrew Robl gave consideration of a three-bet before thinking better of it and passed. Selbst tossed A♠A♦ onto their backs. That could have been some terrible timing. — RD

10pm: Not on tilt and not playing much
Earlier we reported that Matt Marafioti and Pierre Neuville had been having a few skirmishes with the former saying he’d raise Neuville’s blind every time and Neuville saying he would call everytime. When we went from three tables to two, despite their table breaking, the poker gods had their little bit of fun and kept the two of them side by side. But Marafioti told me: “I’ve stopped raising his blind hours ago, in fact I haven’t been raising anybodies blind, I’ve played about three hands in the last two hours. — NW

9.50pm: Flopping sets for fun
Everytime Pierre Neuville gets to showdown he seems to have a monster hand and so it proved once more. In a blind on blind battle Neuville and William Molson saw a 9♣3♠K♦ flop, Neuville bet 18,000 and Molson called. On the 10♥ turn both players slowed down and checked. On the 4♠ river Neuville fired out a bet of 50,000 and Molson called. Neuville flipped 3♣3♦, Molson showed K♠ face up. — NW

9.45pm: Chips!
We’ve just done a full sweep of chips, which can be found here. Selbst is out in front with Barbero and Robl tussling for second place on the chip ladder at the moment. — RD

9.35pm: Showdown’s are like London buses
Yep, two came along right at the same time:

Table One: Roberto Romanello raised to 13,000 from under the gun and picked up two callers, Vanessa Selbst (hi-jack) and Nacho Babero (small blind). The flop fell 8♦3♣A♥ no one bit though and to a 2♦ turn they went. It was an apparent brick though as again all three players checked. On the 4♠ river Babero fired out 25,000, Romanello made a fairly swift call and Selbst, after a minutes or so thinking time made it 106,000 total. That was too rich for Babero who passed and now Romanello, like a primary school kid, had some reading time, starring at Selbst to try and get a flicker or anything that would help him make his mind up. Eventually he made the call and Selbst showed 5♠5♥, Romanello said, ‘Nice hand,’ and folded. Selbst now has about 720,000 and Romanello is down to about 80,000.

Table two: Fabian Quoss made it 13,000 from the hi-jack and was flat called by Dan Smith on the button. On the Q♣9♥10♣ flop Quoss led for 22,500. Smith considered his options and then moved all-in for 165,000 total. Quoss made a swift but somewhat reluctant call.

Smith: Q♦9♦
Quoss: K♥K♠

The turn and river of 2♦5♦ changed nothing and Smith doubled to around 370,000, Quoss is down to 220,000. — NW

9.33pm: Bullying Barbero has to let it go
Vanessa Selbst was the big stack that had to pass to Romanello’s shove. This time the shorter stack was Amit Makhija and Nacho Barbero the big. Makhija made it 16,000 from the small blind and Barbero raised to 35,000 before Makhija banged in a large raise to either 100,000 or all-in (he pushed a 100,000 stack of yellow chips across the line). Either way it was enough to make the Argentine pass. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ante 500

ept london_high roller 2_nacho barbero 2.jpg

Nacho Barbero is still driving the chip lead

9.25pm: Romanello on the march
Roberto Romanello has had to toss a couple of raises away to three-bets but he’s got that back and more after four-bet shoving from the button after Vanessa Selbst had three-bet from the big blind. — RD

9.20pm: The delightful dozen
We’re down to 12 players in the high rollers Shane Reihill the unlucky 13th place finisher. We didn’t catch his knockout but, as mentioned below, he was very short and needed to get his chips in. — NW

9.15pm: New chips for Neuville
Pierre Neuville is on an upward curve, just now he eliminated Clayton Maguire in 14th spot and now has around 230,000. Neuville raised under the gun to 13,000 and it folded all the way to Maguire in the big blind, who just flat called, leaving himself about 45,000 behind. Both players checked the 9♥8♥8♠ flop. On the 2♦ turn, Maguire bet 15,000 and Neuville called. The river was the 3♦ and Maguire moved all-in, Neuville called. Maguire showed pocket sixes, whilst Neuville had flopped a full house with 9♦9♣ to scoop the pot. Dan Smith who has about 162,500 said: “No one will believe me but I folded pocket eights. I think I might have won a big pot!” — NW

9.08pm: Robl wins a big one
Vanessa Selbst opened the pot to 13,000 from the cut-off picking up callers in Amit Makhaji on the cut-off and Andrew Robl in the small blind. Robl check-called a 26,000 bet from Selbst on the all club 8♣9♣2♣ flop before both players checked the 5♥ turn. Robl then led 32,000 into the 5♣ river. Selbst took some time to make the call but finally tossed the chips in only to be shown 9♠9♥ for a boat.

Nacho Barbero’s chip lead is going. He’s got close to 700,000 and is still getting ribbed about his ace-queen seven-bet shove that got there against ace-king . — RD

8.57pm: Romanello dodges bullets
Roberto Romanello opened the pot from early posiotn and was raised by Barbero from the button. The Welshman passed and Barbero flashed pocket aces to the table. — RD

8.50pm: Reihill crippled by call
Shane Reihill apologised to the table for taking a long time to decide whether to call or not on a K♠8♥Q♥3♣6♣ board. Selbst’s 84,000 bet would leave Reihill with just 20,000 if he called and found he was behind, and that’s exactly what happened. Reihill showed A♠Q♣ to Selbst’s top pair with K♣9♠.

A couple of hands later he doubled up with K♥5♥ against Nacho Barbero’s A♣K♣. He’s still short on 45,000. — RD

ept london_high roller 2_shane reihill.jpg

Reihill has an uphill struggle ahead of him to make the final table

8.45pm: Action!
We’re down to 14 so that means there’s been some exits so who’s busted? Well Andrew Feldman is out, Nacho Barbero his assassin. Roberto Romanello filled us in: “Andrew raised, Vanessa (Selbst) flat called, then Nacho re-raised. Andrew then four-bet to 65,000, Nacho shoved and Andrew called.’ Feldman had ace-king to Barbero’s pocket aces and Romanello estimated that Feldman began the hand with about 220,000. Barbero now has about 590,000.

Also out the door is Peter Jetten who’s ace-queen lost out to Jani Sointula’s pocket nines he’s now up to 280,000. And Sam Iola is out no details on that one I’m afraid.
— NW

8.37pm: Wow!
Somehow Clayton Maguire still has chips despite having a set of kings, when Andrew Robl had a set of aces. The final board was 7♥A♥J♣K♥Q♠ and Robl now has about 380,000, Maguire is left with 60,000. After the hand a shortstacked Peter Jetten said he’d folded ten-seven, “I’d have trebled up in dramatic fashion,” he said. “That would’ve definitely made the blogs,” added Robl, “If you’d have won the tournament you’d be known as the luckbox who cracked aces and kings with ten-seven. “– NW

8.29pm: Tough break for Iola
Sam Iola open shoved for 80,000 and that action seemed to inflict physical pain to Andrew Feldman in the cut-off. He spent an age staring at his cards and at other players’ stacks before finally mucking. The action passed to Nacho Barbero in the big blind who looked at the pot and made the 75,000 call.

Iola: J♦J♥
Barbero: K♣J♣

It was a great spot for Iola to double up in but a grim 2♣4♣5♦Q♣J♥ board gave him a set and Barbero the flush. Iola shook hands with all the remaining players. Barbero is up to nearly 500,000. — RD

8.20pm: Saout is out
Dan Smith made it 12,000 to go from early position and Antoine Saout then moved all-in for 60,500 total. Pierre Neuville dwelled up in the big blind, but eventually folded. Smith made the call:

Smith: 10♦10♥
Saout: A♣Q♣

The board ran out 7♥7♦J♥9♦K♦ giving Smith the pot, he now has about 185,000. — NW

8.15pm: Back from the break and coloured up
The high rollers are back from the break. Current top three looks exactly like this: Vanessa Selbst, 625,000, Jose Barbero, 390,000, Fabian Quoss, 366,000. So that’s two Team PokerStars pros out in front. Those in the chasing pack include Andrew Robl and Andrew Feldman. The black 100 chips have been removed from play. — NW

ept london_high roller 2_vanessa selbst dinner break.jpg

Vanessa Selbst leads the field into the final 18

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT London (in order of Thai food ordered during dinner break): Rick Dacey (Chicken, chilli and spring onion stir fry) and NIck Wright (Two point rice). Photos by Neil Stoddart and Mickey May.


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